Self-Emptying & Self-Cleaning Vacuums

Explore eufy's advanced robot vacuum mops for efficient cleaning. Enjoy the smart robot vacuums that clean themselves. Shop now!
  • Enjoy Effortless Cleaning with Self Emptying Robot Vacuums

    Self emptying robot vacuums are equipped with a dirt disposal system that automatically empties the collected dust and debris into a bag, eliminating the need for manual emptying, and making cleaning more efficient and hassle-free.
    eufy S1 Pro provide you with cutting-edge UniClean™ Station, the one station for hassle-free self-cleaning system.
    And the game-chaning eufy X10 Omni provides you with Self-Emptying, Self-Washing, Self-Refilling, and Self-Drying features to set you free from floor cleaning chores.
    What’s more, eufy's robot vacuum self empty models support App control and seamless working with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to enjoy smart cleaning with ease by voice control. So check our range of robot vacuum and mop self empty models to discover the perfect cleaning companion that will keep your floors clean and give you more time to enjoy the things you love.

  • FAQ about Self Emptying Robot Vacuum

    Is self emptying worth it in robot vacuum?

    Yes it is. A robot vacuum that empties itself offers significant convenience and maintenance advantages. For one thing, the self dumping robot vacuums eliminate the tedious task of manually emptying the vacuum's dustbin, saving you time and effort. For another thing, they usually hold several weeks' worth of debris, reducing the frequency of emptying and ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions, which is particularly beneficial for those with busy lifestyles or large homes.

    How often do I need to clean robot vacuum?

    For a regular robot vacuum, it's better to empty its dustbin after every cleaning session, at least once every two or three cycles. However, some modern robot vacuums with docking stations can hold up to several weeks of debris, intelligently recognize when the dustbin is full and automatically empty it into the base station. For them, you'll only need to empty the base station at around several weeks even months.

    What is the best self-emptying & self-cleaning robot vacuum?

    The best self-cleaning & self-emptrying robot vacuums must be of ones with cutting-edge technologies. eufy S1 Pro provide you with UniClean™ Station, the one station for hassle-free self-cleaning system.