Security Cameras Without Wi-Fi

No Wi-Fi? No Problem! Discover eufy's security cameras that work without Wi-Fi for uninterrupted monitoring.

security cameras without wifi

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security cameras without wifi\28 Item(s) Found
  • Non WiFi Security Cameras: Reliable Monitoring with eufy

    Security cameras without WiFi aim to provide continuous monitoring and surveillance in areas where Wi-Fi connectivity is unavailable or limited, making them ideal for remote locations and places with no Internet access. Experience security without boundaries with eufy's innovative no wifi security cameras - the perfect solution for those seeking hassle-free monitoring without Wi-Fi constraints.

    Thanks to 4G LTE connectivity, our cellular cameras including the latest 4G Cam S330 don't need WiFi allowing you to install them anywhere, with no cords or wires needed. Rain, dust, and extreme temperatures won't be a problem with a certified IP65 rating, ensuring unwavering protection. What's more, the compatibility with multiple carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon also sets our security cameras without WiFi or internet apart, and these cellular security cameras no WiFi even come with a prepaid 4G LTE cellular SIM card for 100MB of free data within 7 days. Don't worry. No contracts, no activation, or hidden fees, but additional data can be conveniently purchased if you need it.

    Furthermore, our eufy 4G Cam S330 delivers impeccable 4K color precision with the help of Starlight Sensor, guaranteeing 24/7 clear and detailed surveillance. And the broad 130° field of view, 344°of pan and 70° of tilt captures more of your surroundings, leaving no blind spots for enhanced property protection. Additionally, built-in AI reduces false alarms by up to 95%, ensuring that only crucial alerts reach you. And you can also communicate via 2-way audio and track the camera's position with the integrated GPS for added convenience. Lastly, with 8 GB or more of local storage, there's no need for cloud subscriptions for our home security cameras without WiFi, granting free and easy remote access to review all your recordings. So embrace the ultimate flexibility and reliability with eufy WiFi free security cameras and redefine your surveillance experience.

  • FAQ

    What security cameras work without wifi?

    Security cameras that work without WiFi include those using 4G LTE connectivity like eufy's non WiFi security cameras, and most wired security cameras with built-in storage or connected to a DVR. These security cameras no wifi can be installed anywhere, and operate independently of the Internet, providing continuous monitoring and reliable surveillance in areas with limited or no WiFi access.

    What is the difference between Wi-Fi security cameras and wifi free security cameras?

    The main difference between Wi-Fi security cameras and WiFi-free security cameras is their reliance on Internet connectivity.
    WiFi security cameras require a Wi-Fi network to function and transmit data, while surveillance cameras without WiFi, also known as cellular security cameras or wired cameras, operate without internet access. Indoor or outdoor security cameras without WiFi use other means, such as 4G LTE or ethernet connections, for remote access and surveillance, making them ideal for areas with no or limited Wi-Fi coverage.

    Do you have to pay a monthly fee for a security camera without wifi or internet?

    No, you don't have to pay a monthly fee for security cameras that don't require internet or WiFi. These cameras typically use other methods, such as local storage or cellular connectivity, for data storage and remote access, eliminating the need for cloud subscriptions or ongoing fees.