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Vacuum, Mop, and Steam: All-in-one design for complete floor cleaning.

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  • Harness the Sanitizing Power of Steam With eufy Steam Mops

    A steam mop is a cleaning device that uses heated water vapor to sanitize and clean floors. It produces steam through a water reservoir, which is then released onto the surface through a mop head or nozzle, loosening dirt, grime, and bacteria alike. It is an eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning method for various surfaces in the home.
    eufy boasts a superior collection of floor steamer mops to make your floors gleam again. Being essentially vacuum steam mop combos, our cordless steam mops allow you to vacuum and mop with steam at the same time, saving half of the cleaning time while tripling the cleaning efficiency. This enables you to clean up wet and dry messes all in one go. Moreover, the Eco-Clean Ozone feature of our steam mops further enhances the cleaning effect by producing aqueous ozone that eliminates germs and bacteria while posing no risk to children and pets. But the features of eufy’s steam mops go on. Thanks to the SteamWave technology, stains are removed in an instant, while the Triple Self-Cleaning System guarantees the tidiness of these smart living steam mops themselves. Furthermore, with up to 45 mins of running time and less than 65dB of noise, eufy’s steam mops make your cleaning process uninterrupted and undisturbing.

  • FAQ

    Can you use a steam mop on hardwood floors?

    Yes, you can use a steam mop on hardwood floors if your hardwood floors are sealed and finished to enjoy an efficient and really nice cleaning result. However, don't use the steam mop on unprotected hardwood floors as excess moisture can cause damage. You can also take a look at eufy robot vacuums for hardwood floors .

    What floors can you use a steam mop on?

    Steam mops are generally designed to be used on hard, sealed surfaces, including:
    Tile: Ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles are commonly cleaned with steam cleaner for tile floors.
    Vinyl: Vinyl flooring that is sealed or waterproof can be cleaned with a steam mop for vinyl floors.
    Stone: Sealed natural stone floors like granite and marble can be cleaned with a steam mop too.
    Hardwood: It is also ok to steam mop hardwood floors using a quality hardwood floor steam cleaner with the appropriate modes.
    Laminate: You can also clean laminate floors with a steam mop for laminate floors.

    Can you put vinegar in a steam mop?

    Using vinegar in a steam mop is not recommended by most manufacturers. The acidity of vinegar can damage the mop's internal components over time, resulting in reduced performance and even safety problems. If you are worried about the cleaning effect, it's better to sweep or vacuum your floors before using the steam mop. Or, invest in quality steam mops such as eufy’s powerful vacuum mops.

    Do steam mops clean grout?

    Yes, steam mops are generally effective for cleaning grout, as the steam can help loosen dirt and grime. However, their efficiency can vary depending on the steam mop's power and the severity of the grout staining. Check out eufy’s various high suction power steam mops like the 16800Pa MACH V1 Ultra (STEAM VERSION) to effectively clean your tile surface and grouts for a streak-free and disinfected environment.