Smart Boxes

eufy SmartDrop secures your parcels in a large box, keeping deliveries safe.

Smart Box

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  • Security Camera
  • Video Doorbell
  • Smart Lock
  • Camera with Lights
  • SmartTracker
  • Pet
  • Smart Box
  • Alarm System


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  • Front Door
  • Yards
  • Garage
  • Indoors
  • Kids' Rooms
  • Away from Home

Power Options

  • Solar
  • Battery
  • Wired
  • FAQ

    Do you need smart delivery boxes?

    Yes, you do. A smart delivery boxe helps to safeguard your deliveries from theft, damage, and the elements. If you frequently receive packages and are concerned about the security of those items when they are delivered to your home, especially if you are not present to receive them, eufy smart delivery box can be a valuable investment.

    How do smart delivery boxes work?

    They typically feature a tamper-proof locking system that ensures the safety of your items. Some smart delivery boxes, like the eufy Smart Box, may also include built-in cameras for added security, allowing you to monitor your deliveries remotely. Notifications can be sent to your smartphone when the box is opened, so you're always aware of the status of your deliveries.