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Explore eufy home security systems, featuring a range of security cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, and more to keep your home safe and secure.


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  • eufy Home Security Systems: Advanced Surveillance & Peace of Mind

    Home security systems with camera provide homeowners with increased safety, peace of mind, and protection against intruders and potential threats by employing a combination of surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, alarm systems and smart door lock. Enhance the security with eufy's best security systems for home. Designed to deliver comprehensive security and a sense of tranquility, eufy offers an array of standout features and benefits that set them apart from the rest.

    Experience the power of eufy home surveillance systems from SoloCam S340, Floodlight Camera E340, to Indoor Cam S350, etc, they are equipped with 180-day long battery life or solar charging capabilities that ensure a continuous power supply, eliminating the hassle of frequent battery changes. What's more, our home monitoring system takes security to new heights with up to 360° pan and tilt coverage, 2K or 4K full HD resolution, smart AI detection and lighting, etc that deter intruders.

    Our new cellular security camera, the 4G Cam S330, excels even with weak Wi-Fi signals. It’s perfect for homes and remote areas without Wi-Fi. Solar power ensures it runs continuously and sustainably. With 4K resolution and 360-degree coverage, it captures clear and wide views.

    Additionally, you can also opt for our baby monitor security devices, featuring a large 5' 720p display, pan and tilt capabilities, and instant alerts, to keep a close eye on your little ones. For enhanced front door monitoring and access control, check out our video doorbells and door locks system integrating a 2K HD camera, doorbell, and a smart lock.

    A home security system isn't complete without an alarm system in place. The eufy alarm system is easy to install and helps monitor for break-ins and unusual motions, notifying you immediately. With it, you can sleep well and feel secure whether you're at home, away, or on vacation. And don't forget our SmartTrack Link, which provides added security for your belongings with features like Apple Find My compatibility and instant left-behind alerts.

    With eufy security systems, you can enjoy reliable protection, easy installation, and peaceful monitoring. No need to worry about monthly fees, as eufy's monitored home security systems offer on-device storage and complete transparency. Safeguard your home with confidence and enjoy the convenience and innovation that eufy security cameras bring to the world of home security.

  • FAQs about Home Security System

    How much are home security systems?

    The cost of smart home security systems can vary depending on various factors such as the type of system, features, and provider. Generally, prices can range from a few hundred dollars for basic DIY residential security systems to several thousand dollars for more advanced professionally installed smart security systems with camera. Additionally, there may be monthly fees for monitoring services. Check out eufy's affordable but high-quality in home security systems from cameras to smart locks to meet your security needs without any monthly fees.

    How do home security systems work?

    Home security systems work by using various security accessories to keep your home safe including various door/window sensors, motion detectors, and cameras. When a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to a control panel, which activates alarms and alerts you or a monitoring center, helping to scare away intruders and lets you know if there is a potential threat.

    What are the best home security systems?

    For the best home security systems, eufy offers top-notch options. With a range of advanced features and reliable performance, eufy has a standout lineup from Floodlight Cams and solar-powered eufyCams to baby monitors and video smart lock systems. These affordable security systems offer features such as long battery life, high-resolution video, AI detection, color night vision, and easy installation, etc. Overall, eufy allows you to enjoy comprehensive security, peace of mind, and convenience.

    Is it worth paying for a home security system?

    Home security systems are quite effective at stopping burglars; a U.S. burglary happens every 13 seconds, and homes without security systems are more likely to be targeted. The presence of a system can significantly deter criminals, offering you peace of mind and protecting your valuables.

    While the initial cost of a home security system might seem high, they often lead to savings on homeowners' insurance—some insurers offer lower premiums to homes with security systems. Overall, the benefits of enhanced safety and potential insurance discounts make these systems a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

    What is the difference between CCTV and security system?

    CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) systems consist mainly of cameras placed strategically to record and monitor specific areas like entrances and secure rooms. These cameras can show live footage on a monitor or smartphone and save the recordings for later review. However, they mostly alert you to incidents after they happen, as they need someone to watch the footage to respond to any incidents.

    On the other hand, a full security system includes not just cameras but also additional features like door and window sensors, and detectors for smoke, heat, and flooding. This setup not only records incidents but also actively alerts you with alarms when something unusual happens, allowing for immediate action. This makes a security system proactive in preventing and responding to potential threats, whereas a CCTV system alone is more reactive, providing evidence after the fact.