Outdoor Light with Camera

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  • eufy’s Outdoor Light With Camera: Illuminate and Secure

    An outdoor light with a camera is a multifunctional device that combines a traditional outdoor light fixture with a built-in surveillance camera. It provides both illumination for outdoor spaces and the ability to capture video footage of the surroundings. These devices are commonly used for security and monitoring purposes, allowing users to remotely view live or recorded video from the camera using a smartphone or other connected device.

    eufy is offering the most advanced collection of outdoor security lights with cameras for enhanced security and surveillance. Featuring a resolution of as high as 2K, our cameras deliver impressive video quality when recording and live-streaming footage, effectively capturing any detail in unparalleled clarity and crispness. Moreover, with motion-activated floodlights that reach 3000 lumens or higher in brightness, full-color recordings are made possible even during nighttime and intruders are deterred before they can pose any threat to your properties. But eufy’s outdoor light fixtures with cameras deserve more mention. For example, our outdoor security lights and cameras are equipped with cutting-edge AI technologies that can automatically detect, lock, and track, and human detection technology ensures that only human visitors are taken seriously. Furthermore, our outdoor security lights with WiFi cameras have zero hidden costs, meaning we do not charge monthly fees for our light cameras. In short, eufy’s outdoor security cameras with lights are ideal choices for safety-conscious homeowners. Come browse our collection of advanced outside lights with cameras and enhance your property's protection today!

  • FAQ

    How far can an outdoor light with cameras see?

    The visibility range of an outdoor camera with lights can vary widely based on factors like camera resolution, lens quality, ambient lighting, and weather conditions and so on. Generally, these devices can capture clear details within a range of 20 to 50 feet, with some advanced models extending to 100 feet or even more.

    Where can I place porch light cameras?

    There are a variety of places where you can install your porch light with cameras. Below are some candidates for placement:
    Above the Front Door: This is a common location, providing a clear view of anyone approaching the entrance. It also helps capture facial details for identification.
    Near Garage Doors: If you have a side entrance or a garage, placing a porch light security camera near these areas can provide additional coverage and deter unauthorized access.
    Backyard Entrances: Install cameras near back doors to monitor access points that may not be as visible from the street.
    Exterior Staircases: If your porch or property has staircases, consider installing cameras to monitor these areas for safety and security.
    Side Yards and Pathways: Exterior light with cameras along the sides of your home can monitor pathways and potential blind spots. This helps ensure comprehensive coverage.

    Can outdoor light cameras work without WiFi?

    Yes, while most outdoor wall lights with cameras rely on a WiFi connection to transmit recorded video and data. However, there are also models offering local storage options like SD cards or internal storage, allowing them to record video locally even without WiFi. eufy has many outdoor lights with cameras supporting local storage via built-in eMMC, enabling recording even without WiFi connections.