Night Vision Cameras

A night vision camera is an advanced surveillance device designed to capture clear and detailed images or videos in low-light or dark environments. Find the best night vision cameras from eufy.

Night Vision Security Camera

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Night Vision Security Camera\50 Item(s) Found
  • Stay Secure Day and Night With eufy Night Vision Security Camera

    Equipped with infrared illuminators and high-quality sensors, eufy night vision cameras can detect and record activities during nighttime and enhance the security of your home.

    eufy features an advanced collection of the best night vision security cameras system to meet your security needs. Our wired and wireless night vision security cameras boast up to 2K full HD images, catching every visual detail with unmatched sharpness and clarity. Moreover, endowed with full-color night vision, these HD security cameras with night vision capture nighttime activity with exceptional vividness. But eufy’s superiority is manifest in far more aspects. In fact, some of our night vision cameras have 360° Pan and Tilt features and long range lighting, making blind as well as dark spots a thing of the past. Furthermore, almost all of these long range night vision security cameras are water-resistant due to their IP65 or higher waterproof rating, ensuring normal operation even on rainy days. In short, eufy night vision cameras redefine the concept of home security. Come browse eufy’s collection of night vision security camera systems and upgrade your home security today!

  • FAQ

    What is the price of night vision security cameras?

    The price of night security cameras varies based on factors such as brand, resolution, connectivity options and so on. Generally speaking, you can get a good night vision surveillance camera at around $100 to $300 even though there are more expensive ones providing newer and more advanced features.

    Do night vision cameras need light?

    This depends on the type of the night vision camera.
    Infrared night vision cameras: Infrared night vision cameras do not require visible light to capture images in low-light or dark environments. Instead, they utilize infrared (IR) technology to detect and record images and videos. These cameras have built-in IR LEDs that emit infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye but is detected by the camera's sensor, thus seeing in the dark.
    Color night vision cameras: On the other hand, color night vision security cameras do need light to capture color images in low-light or dark environments. They contain powerful sensors that are super sensitive to light, producing colored footage.

    What is the best outdoor security camera system with night vision?

    The best outdoor night vision camera can vary based on individual needs and preferences. Generally speaking, the best night vision surveillance cameras should have high resolution, colored night vision, weather resistance and so on. Given this, the eufy outdoor security cameras, which boast up to 2K resolution, clear and colored night vision and IP67 waterproof rating, could be your best choice.

    What makes a good night vision camera?

    The criteria for a good night vision camera may vary. But in general terms, cameras with the following features have the best chance of being good home security cameras with night vision:
    High-resolution video: They should have at least 1080p or 2K resolution, which provides clear and detailed footage.
    Colored night vision: They should have colored night vision technology to capture colored images in low-light conditions.
    Weather resistance: For outdoor night vision cameras, they should be able to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
    So, if you want a good night vision camera, opt for an HD weatherproof security camera with night vision to get the most out of your investment.