Doorbell Chimes

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Doorbell Chimes: Chime Box & Kits

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  • Enjoy Unrivaled Security & Convenience with eufy Doorbell Chimes

    Doorbell chimes provide homeowners with a convenient and audible alert when someone approaches the front door, enhancing security and enabling communication with visitors. eufy integrates doorbell chime box systems with security cameras, making them a game-changer in home security by offering top-notch security features and unrivaled convenience.
    With a crystal-clear 2K image and advanced HDR, you can trust our video doorbell cameras that not only capture every detail in high quality but also come with intelligent AI technology to ensure you only receive relevant alerts when humans approach, eliminating false notifications from other objects. So you can avoid missing deliveries or visitors as the real-time two-way audio of our smart door ringer systems allow you to communicate directly with anyone at your front door. Another point that sets eufy's modern doorbell chimes apart is no worries about complicated wiring during installation. Our electronic doorbell chime sets can be completed in minutes with the sleek and slim design blending seamlessly onto any doorframe. Additionally, the electric doorbell chime offers eight fun and holiday-themed ringtones with adjustable volume levels, allowing you to personalize your experience. Furthermore, unlike other systems, eufy's electric chimes are one-time purchases with no hidden costs, making them not just reliable but also budget-friendly. What's more, rest assured that your data is safe with local storage and advanced encryption. So embrace the convenience, security, and peace of mind that eufy doorbell kits bring to your doorstep. With a perfect combination of advanced technology and user-friendly features, there's no doubt these doorbell boxes are the ultimate choice for safeguarding your home and loved ones.

  • FAQ

    What video doorbell works with the existing chime?

    A video doorbell that works with an existing chime should be compatible with traditional mechanical or digital chime systems. Look for sleek and easy-to-fit video doorbell chime replacements that specifically mention compatibility with your existing chimes in their product specifications to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

    Where do you put a doorbell chime?

    The doorbell chime unit should be placed in a central location within your home, ideally in a family room or another area where it can be easily heard by all residents. In larger houses or homes with multiple doorbells, it's common to have more than one chime unit to ensure everyone can hear the doorbell ring, regardless of their location.

    How does doorbell chimes get power?

    Doorbell chimes typically get their power from a low-voltage transformer, which is connected to the home's electrical system and converts the standard 120-volt household power to a lower voltage, usually between 8 to 24 volts. This lower voltage is then used to power the chime doorbell camera system, allowing it to produce the familiar chime or ringing sound when the doorbell button is pressed.

    What is the difference between a doorbell and a chime?

    A doorbell and a chime are two components of a doorbell system, but they serve different functions. Simply speaking, the doorbell is the button outside your house that visitors press, while the door chime is the device inside your house that makes a sound when the doorbell is pressed. So, when someone comes to your door and presses the doorbell, it sends a signal to the chime inside your house, and that's when you hear the sound that tells you someone is at the door.