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Discover eufy battery operated doorbells, offering easy installation, reliable monitoring, and advanced features for enhanced front door security.

Battery Operated Doorbell

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  • eufy Battery Video Doorbell: Smart, Wireless Security

    Battery operated doorbell cameras provide easy installation and portability without the need for complicated wiring, making them perfect for any home and space even though traditional wired setups are not practical or feasible. Eufy battery doorbells are the epitome of convenience and cutting-edge technology, offering an unrivaled level of home security that will leave you feeling confident and protected.
    Imagine a crisp 1080p grade view of anyone approaching your front door, captured with advanced WDR for color-accurate, head-to-toe images - that's what eufy's basic battery powered doorbell cameras deliver. But it doesn't stop there! The real game-changer is the extraordinary 120-day front door security via a low-power wireless connection between the doorbell and Wi-Fi chime. It's security without boundaries, all from a single charge. Moreover, you can take the security up a notch with our popular battery doorbell cameras boasting a built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens, providing 2.5x clarity for picture-perfect resolution and sharp details of approaching visitors. Plus, enjoy the convenience of dual power options - half a year of coverage from one charge or continuous power via a wired connection. What’s more, if you crave even more advanced features, we also have battery video doorbell options working with Homebase 3 and feature dual-cam technology and motion detection, along with Delivery Guard™ for reliable alerts. And with 2K resolution with HDR, expect nothing less than crystal-clear video quality.
    Above all, installation is a breeze for any option, and your data is securely stored locally, meaning no Cloud Backup fees. So embrace the ultimate flexibility and reliability with the best battery operated doorbells of eufy. Elevate your home security to a whole new level with these smart and powerful video doorbell cameras. Your peace of mind awaits!

  • FAQs about Battery Doorbell Cameras

    How does a battery-operated doorbell work?

    A battery operated video doorbell uses its internal rechargeable battery to power its operation. When motion is detected, the camera records video and sends real-time alerts wirelessly to a connected device like a smartphone. The camera's battery needs periodic recharging every several months to keep it functioning properly. eufy battery powered video doorbells offer convenient and portable home security with long battery life and optional wired power, making them suitable for various spaces and homes.

    How long does video doorbell battery last?

    The battery life of a video doorbell battery powered can vary depending on the specific model and usage. On average, video doorbell batteries can last anywhere from one month to six months before requiring a recharge. Check out eufy's collection of battery operated wireless doorbell cameras featuring a 120-day or 180-day battery life to embrace seamless protection and convenience.

    How long does it take to charge the eufy battery doorbell?

    This depends on the charger you're using and the battery capacity of your battery powered smart doorbell. Generally, the 1080P or 2K wireless battery doorbells use a 5000mah or 6500mah battery which may take about 6 hours for a full charge if you use a 5V/1A USB charger, while about 3 hours if using 5V/2A chargers.