3 Best Travel Security Camera in 2024

Ever leaving your hotel room but a scary voice whispers about your valuables back in the room? We've all been there because no fancy hotel lock can quieten that worry.

The days of flimsy hotel locks and crossed fingers are gone. 2024 is the year of travel security cameras, your pocket-sized hero setting you stress-free of hotel room paranoia. These are portable, battery-powered, and easy-to-install security cameras committed to being your perfect travel buddies.

The problem is which one to go with since the market is flooded with many travel security camera options. We have got you covered for this, too. Continue reading this article to know which features to look for and our top recommendations for Eufy travel security cameras for your hotel room.

Is it legal to Put a Security Camera in your Hotel Room?

If you are considering placing a security camera in your hotel room, you must go through federal and state laws to check the legal status. Individuals are protected from unwarranted searches through the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This emphasizes the right to privacy.

Insatalling a hidden camera without consent in someone's private space can violate their constitutional rights. Laws regarding audio and video recording vary by state; some require consent from all parties, while others require only one party's consent.

Another layer to the legal status is the hotel policies. Reputable hotels typically have stringent regulations to safeguard guest privacy, expressly prohibiting the use of cameras or recording devices in rooms without explicit consent. Violating these policies can result in severe consequences, including eviction and potential legal action.

Moreover, hotels have their security systems, but they are for general monitoring. They do not invade any guests' privacy. To avoid inconvenience, go through federal and state laws and adhere to the hotel policies. Communicate and clear your confusion with hotel management to clear your mind further.

What Features to Look for in a Travel Security Camera?

Traveling is fun, but it can be more fun when you know all your belongings are safe and secure. For this reason, people often carry a travel security camera along them. They are different from the regular security camera in many ways. Let's look at some features you must consider when buying a travel security camera.

  1. Portability: It is one of the most important features to consider when buying a travel security camera. You must choose a camera you can easily carry and install. All this without compromising on its durability and video quality.
  2. Video Audio Quality: A travel security camera should be portable but, at the same time, must have good audio-video quality. You must check the camera’s resolution, frame rate, field of view, audio sensitivity, etc. All these factors are important so you don’t have to compromise your security while traveling.
  3. Wireless Connectivity: This is another important feature that lets you assess your footage remotely without cables and wires.
  4. Battery-Powered:You must carry your travel security camera wherever you go. Go for battery-powered options. Besides this, ensure the battery life is long enough for your needs.
  5. Record Time: A good travel security camera has a motion-activated feature that records when a motion is detected. This makes you stress-free from recording hours of footage you don’t need.
  6. Storage:Almost all travel security cameras have built-in storage. You can also consider getting a security camera with a microSD card slot if you want to expand storage capacity anytime.

Top 3 Travel Security Camera Recommendations

Following are our tried and tested travel security camera recommendations. These options are reliable and reasonably priced. Let’s look at what they are offering to you.

eufyCam S221

Meet EufyCam S221, your perfect travel partner ensuring your security wherever you go. It gives you an unparalleled experience with its high-tech advanced features. These features are aligned to meet your travel needs. It is your 24/7 tiny travel superhero that ensures you travel without any stress.


Alt Text: eufycam-S221-travel-cam

Key Features

Let’s take a look at some of its key features.

  1. Crystal Clear Security: EufyCam S221, with its 2K resolution, ensures crystal clear security even in your temporary home. You do not need to squint your eyes to catch any detail.
  2. Long-Lasting Battery:You do not need to worry about carrying tangled wires and cables while traveling. It has a long-lasting battery that runs for a whopping 1-year just on a single charge. You can explore without battery anxiety and enjoy your time to the fullest.
  3. Night Vision:Even when the sun sets, and the room is dark, it catches all the minor details. All thanks to its advanced Sony sensor. It lets you watch everything, even in low-light conditions.
  4. Easy to Carry: Since Eufy S221 is battery-powered, it saves you from all the wiring hassles. This makes it very easy to carry. Plus, it is very lightweight, making it a more travel-friendly option.
  5. One-Time Purchase: Unlike hotel fees, this travel security camera is a one-time purchase with no hidden subscription charges.

Eufy SoloCam S220

You can bid farewell to your hotel room paranoia and meet Eufy SoloCam S220. It is your stress-free travel partner. This tiny tech superhero is on a mission to keep your belongings on a watch, safe and secure so you can wander around without any worries. It offers a blend of advanced features that are perfectly aligned with your travel needs.




Key Features:

Let’s take a look at some of its key features.

  1. Clear Picture Day or Night:It offers a clear picture no matter the day or night. Its infrared LEDs and a super-wide aperture let you see everything crystal clear. It is your watchman who keeps an eye on your belongings while you wander around.
  2. Easy to Carry:This camera is known for its simplicity, making it your perfect travel partner. It is a wire-free and super-small model, making it easy to carry around. You can take it anywhere: on your balcony, by the pool, or tucked secretly in your hotel room.
  3. AI technology:Eufy SoloCam S220 is smarter than your ordinary camera. It has an integrated AI-technology. This AI tech alerts you when someone approaches, whether it's someone from the family, a courier guy, or someone strange. The best part is it works with HomeBase 3 for facial recognition.
  4. One-Time Purchase: This travel security camera is your one-time purchase. There are no hidden costs, monthly bills, or subscriptions.
  5. Long-Lasting Battery: It has a long-lasting battery that suits your travel needs. It allows you to go anywhere without any worries about your camera running out of battery.

EufyCam S210

If you love to travel around, but the fear of getting your stuff back in the hotel room missing spoils the fun, then do not worry. Meet EufyCam S210. It is your tech superhero with all the right features to be your next travel buddy. This pocket-sized travel security camera keeps your stuff safe when you are sipping lemonade on a faraway beach.



Key Features

Let’s take a look at some of its key features.

  1. Crystal Clear Coverage:EufyCam S210 has 1080p HD resolution, ensuring your eye watches every minor detail. All the happenings will be directly live-streamed straight to your phone. It gives you the convenience to watch your room anywhere, anytime.
  2. Long-Lasting Battery:You can say goodbye to those tangled messes of travel chargers. This camera runs for a straight 180 days on a single charge. You can now have fun with peace of mind knowing that this tech hero is keeping an eye on your belongings.
  3. Night Vision: This travel security camera ensures you do not miss anything, even when it is dark. Its amazing night vision technology ensures that even those dark corners are not missed.
  4. Smart AI technology:It has an integrated AI technology that makes it a smart travel security camera. Its human detection technology only alerts you when someone is approaching. It even differentiates whether it’s someone you know, a strange person, or someone from hotel staff.
  5. Weatherproof Warrior:If, by chance, it faces any tough weather conditions such as extreme rain or snow. Even then, you do not need to worry as it has an IP67 weatherproof rating. So whether you’re trekking through rainforests or enjoying beaches, this travel buddy will face it all.

Tips on Securing Your Hotel Room Without a Security Camera

There are a few safety measures that you can take besides installing a security camera to keep your belongings safe. They are as follows.

  1. Utilize the Hotels’ Safe: Most hotels offer their guests a safe, which is a storage for their valuables. You can trust it to secure your belongings like jewelry, cash, passport, etc. Ensure the safe is in working condition by locking and unlocking it a few times.
  2. Hiding your Valuables:Don’t worry if you do not have an in-room safe facility. You can keep your valuables safe and secure by keeping them out of sight. You can lock them in your suitcase or hide them in some discreet locations. Always ensure you do not leave your valuables, such as your laptop, passport, jewelry, etc., unattended in your hotel room.
  3. Travel Insurance: If you are traveling with expensive jewelry or electronics, then you should consider travel insurance. It will cover any damage, loss, or theft of your belongings. Travel insurance gives you the peace of mind to explore with confidence. Ensure you go through the insurance policies beforehand to know what is covered and the claiming process.
  4. Room Location: The hotel rooms near elevators or staff areas are often highly monitored. It would be ideal to get a room near elevators or staff areas. This will ensure that the area surrounding your room is highly monitored and safe.
  5. Portable Door Lock: You can carry a portable door lock to the hotel. These are compact and easy to use, adding an extra layer of protection to your room. It’s a simple and effective way to feel secure, especially in unfamiliar surroundings.
  6. Portable Smart Alarms and Motion Sensors: They detect unwanted motion and alert you by ringing an alarm. They act as an additional security barrier to your hotel room.


So that is it. These were our top travel security camera recommendations to set you free from hotel-room paranoia. With advanced AI technology, a long-lasting battery, no wiring hassle, and weather resistance, these Eufy security cameras are your perfect travel buddy.

These cameras capture every frame with clarity With these pocket-sized superheroes, your hotel room becomes a safe vault, your belongings are safeguarded, and your adventures are stress-free. We hope this guide helped you. Travel smart, safe, and with confidence with these travel security cameras. Happy traveling!


  1. Is using a portable security camera legal while traveling in every country?

It is always important to check the local laws with regard to recording privacy and camera usage before traveling to a particular place. This will help you avoid any legal issues that may arise due to violation of the local laws. Always follow local laws and notify hotel staff to avoid any legal complications.

  1. Can these cameras function without Wi-Fi?

Local storage and playback are available without Wi-Fi, but remote viewing requires Internet access. Consider alternative security measures if Wi-Fi is not available.

  1. Are they easy to set up and use?

When looking for security cameras, prioritize simple app interfaces, minimal steps, and voice command options. Ensure that intuitive design and clear instructions are provided to make security stress-free.

  1. What should I do if my camera gets stolen?

By encrypting stored footage, most cameras ensure your valuable footage stays safe and secure. However, it's always a good idea to consider cloud storage backups for added peace of mind. This provides an extra layer of security and ensures that even if your camera is compromised, your footage will remain protected.

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