Prime Day Security Camera Deals 2024

Prime Day is just around the corner. Now is the time to choose the best Prime Day security camera deals and safeguard your home while enjoying your summer vacation.

This article provides information on Prime Day security camera deals, helping customers find the best offers. Known for their advanced features, privacy focus, and affordability, eufy security cameras are a great choice.

This guide will explain why eufy is a top option, recommend the best models, and offer tips on preparing for Prime Day to secure the best deals.

prime day security camera deals

Prime Day Security Camera Deals: What You Need to Know

Prime Day is an annual Amazon sale offering huge discounts on a wide range of products, including home security cameras. eufy, known for its security systems, features all of their security cameras models at significant discounts during this event. Not only on Amazon, but also its official website.

Why Choose eufy Security Cameras?

Here are a few reasons that make eufy security cameras special:

  • Privacy & Security: eufy cameras support local video footage storage, so your personal data remains private.
  • No Monthly Fees: users don't need to pay extra monthly fees to access their videos stored on the cloud, which is a significant benefit compared to other brands.
  • High-Quality Performance: eufy cameras deliver crystal clear video quality, reliable motion detection, and seamless integration with other home devices for top-tier performance.

eufy Prime Day Camera Deals: What to Expect

Unlike Amazon, eufy isn’t waiting until July 16 to kick things off. Our version of Prime Day Deals has already started on the official eufy website.

  • July 9th - July 14th: Sign up as a Eufy member (no fees!) to purchase a gift card. With a gift card, you have the chance to transform $200 into $320. So, have your shopping list ready!
  • July 15th - July 21st: This is the time to grab our best discounts of the year and enjoy the shopping frenzy.

eufy prime day security camera deals

  • July 22nd - July 31st: Finally, don’t miss our limited-time clearance sale! Plus, cashback is on, making it an even better deal.

What eufy Prime Day Security Camera Deals Look Like

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, eufy Prime Day camera deals present a great opportunity to save big on your purchases. Now, let’s take a look at the best discounts on highly-rated Eufy home security cameras:

Security Camera

Best for

Prime Day Discounts

eufycam S330 4-cam Kit


$250 OFF

SoloCam S340


$60 OFF

4G LTE Cam S330


$75 OFF

Floodlight Camera E340


$70 OFF

Indoor Cam S350


$40 OFF

In addition to these fantastic deals, we also offer Prime Day-exclusive discounts on more eufy security products, including video doorbells and smart locks. So, be sure to add the ones you need to your shopping list!

Best eufy Security Cameras to Look Out For on Prime Day

eufyCam S330 - Save $250

eufyCam S330 (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit


  • Regular Price: $799.99
  • Prime Day Price: $549.99


  • Resolution: Detailed footage in 4K clarity.
  • Battery life: Up to 1 year with solar panel solution for entire life
  • AI Detection: Face, Human, Vehicle, Pet
  • Local Storage: Built-in 16GB EMMC.
  • Field of View: 135°.
  • Monthly Fee: No
  • PTZ: 8x Zoom.
  • Spotlight and Anti-theft: Contains spotlight and security alarm features.


  • Long-lasting: Solar panels provide continuous power, and energy will not end.
  • Advanced AI: Detection for a lot of different
  • No Recurring Costs: save money on the long run.

eufy SoloCam S340 - Save $60

eufy SoloCam S340


  • Regular Price: $199.99
  • Prime Day Price: $139.99


  • Resolution: Sharp, in 3K video
  • Battery Life:3 months or always on (with built-in solar panel).
  • AI Detection:Face, human, and Vehicle detection.
  • Local Storage: Built-in 8GB EMMC.
  • Field of View: 135°.
  • PTZ: Yes, 360-degree coverage
  • Monthly Fee: No
  • Spotlight: Yes


  • Environmentally friendly:Solar power can be used to power it up to reduce electricity usage.
  • Accurate Notifications:The AI can be trusted to detect effectively.
  • Reliable: Designed to work in any environment with a weatherproof construction.

eufy 4G Cam S330 - Save $75

eufy 4G Cam S330 


  • Regular Price: $249.99
  • Prime Day Price: $174.99


  • Resolution: 4K
  • Battery Life: 3 months or infinite power with a built-in solar panel.
  • AI Detection: Face and Human Detection
  • Local Storage: Built-in 8GB EMMC.
  • Field of View:130°.
  • PTZ:Yes, 360-degree coverage
  • Monthly Fee: No
  • Spotlight: Yes


  • Flexible:Works where there is no Internet connectivity or in remote locations.
  • Dependable: Records in complete darkness for years.
  • Uninterrupted Service: Solar panel provides continuous power.

eufy Floodlight Camera E340 - Save $70

eufy Floodlight Camera E340


  • Regular Price: $219.99
  • Prime Day Price: $149.99


  • Video Resolution: 3K
  • Floodlights: Motion-activated smart lights
  • AI Detection:Person/ Animal Distinguishing
  • Local Storage: Built-in 16GB EMMC.
  • Field of View: 135°.
  • PTZ:Yes, 360-degree coverage
  • Monthly Fee: No
  • Spotlight: Yes


  • Deterrant: Bright lights can deter intruders.
  • High-Quality Footage: Having a clear video can enable you to identify the intruder.
  • Signature Alerts: Enhances the reliability of alerts with AI detection.

eufy Indoor Cam S350 - Save $40


  • Regular Price: $129.99
  • Prime Day Price: $89.99


  • Resolution: 4K clarity for in-home surveillance
  • Face detection: AI detection - Recognizes faces and sounds
  • Two-way Audio: Talk to people through the camera.
  • Local Storage:Built-in 16GB EMMC.
  • Field of View:130°.
  • PTZ:Yes, 360-degree coverage
  • Monthly Fee: No


  • Detailed Monitoring:Great for overseeing kids or pets.
  • Interactive: Talk and listen to the camera.
  • Safe: Local Storage safeguards against data security.

How to Prepare for Prime Day

  • Join Amazon Prime: Any deal or sale you see exists with only one caveat - you must be signed up for Prime to take advantage of it.
  • Create a wishlist: Wishlist some cameras you are eyeing from eufy so they are easy to find later.
  • Use alerts: Apps or browser extensions to let you know when the deals come up live.
  • Budget Planning: Plan your budget so you only spend what is necessary.

How to Find the Best Deals

  • Early-bird access: You will frequently find early-bird deals on eufy's official website that can match or even exceed the discounts Amazon offers on Amazon Prime Day.
  • Tools for Price Comparison: Use tools to compare prices across different platforms.
  • Check reviews:Read about the best and worst features to make an informed purchase.

Prime Day eufy Security Camera Deals on eufy Official Website

If you prefer to skip the Amazon rush, eufy's website routinely hosts Prime Day sales early at these same discounts. This offering will provide free two-day shipping and a more seamless shopping experience and does not require one to have an Amazon Prime membership.


How is eufy any better than other brands?

eufy sets itself apart by providing local storage solutions that guarantee privacy and no repeated subscription costs, as well as offering great security solutions at very competitive price points.

Are there any subscription fees for eufy security cameras?

eufy cameras do not require monthly subscription fees for cloud storage or additional features.

How do eufy cameras handle data privacy?

eufy cameras offer local storage options, meaning your data stays secure and private without cloud storage.

Which eufy camera is best for outdoor use?

The eufy SoloCam S340 and Floodlight Camera E340 are excellent choices for outdoor use due to their weatherproof design and advanced features.

Can I get eufy Prime Day deals without an Amazon Prime membership?

Yes, eufy often provides early access to Prime Day deals on their official website, which is accessible without an Amazon Prime membership.

When does eufy’s early Prime Day sale start?

eufy’s early Prime Day sale typically starts a few days before Amazon Prime Day. Keep an eye on their website for exact dates and details.


Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to upgrade your home security with eufy's top-notch cameras. eufy offers reliable, high-quality options for both outdoor and indoor monitoring, prioritizing privacy without requiring ongoing subscription fees.

Besides shopping on Amazon, you can also visit eufy’s official website for early access to secure the best Prime Day security camera deals.

eufy prime day deals 2024

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