Ultimate Guide: How to Use Webcam as Security Camera?


Lets face it. Security cameras are generally expensive, and only some are ready to spend a few hundred bucks just to have them. While they can boost the security of our homes, some people may prefer a cheaper alternative, such as using their webcam for the job.

But can you use your webcam as an alternative security camera? Let’s delve deeper into how to use webcam as a security camera and whether it is the best move for you.

webcam as security camera

Software to Turn Your Webcam as Security Camera

To turn a webcam with camera into a security camera, you need the proper software to make this possible. Below are some of the software we recommend you use:

1. iSpy

This open-source software is compatible with most cameras, even IP- and USB-based cameras. It can capture audio recordings using any kind of microphone. Since it has a web interface, you can access your cameras remotely. Furthermore, it has numerous plugins that you can use to customize your webcam security cam further.

2. Yawcam

Yamcam is a free conversion software that lets you use webcam as security camera. It has a simple interface with several advanced surveillance features and is best run on a Windows laptop. You can even access your webcam remotely and view video footage online. You can even encrypt the videos to help prevent unauthorized access.

3. Security Spy

Security Spy is the best software to help you set up a video surveillance system for your home or office if you are a Mac user. It can even integrate web cam security camera into its system. Security Spy also features AI-powered smart motion detection. You can even customize it to lessen false-positive detections by deciding when to trigger notifications and recording.


4. Agent DVR

Agent DVR is an open-source conversion tool that allows you to use PC camera as security camera. The best thing about it is it doesn’t need a port forwarding to work which eliminates the need for a router. Instead, you can access the captured video footage from your tablet or desktop. It also has several motion detectors to recognize and track objects or activities.


5. Contacam

This lightweight webcam-to-security converter consumes fewer resources than the previous tools. You can even install and use it on outdated PCs or laptops. You can even configure it to send you a daily video summary through email. Moreover, it has motion detection and can run on any Windows PC that has Windows 7 operating system or newer.

How to Turn Your Webcam into a Wireless Camera?

Once you have downloaded any of the software mentioned above, the next step is to install and configure it on your computer. If you are curious about how to use webcam as security camera, then you should carefully follow these steps:

Step 1: Set Up the Wireless Transmitter

Connect the wireless transmitter to your computer via USB. Next, install any required drivers or software. Follow the instructions to pair the transmitter with the receiver.

Step 2: Prepare Your Webcam

Connect the webcam to your computer using the USB cable. Ensure it's recognized and functioning. Then, adjust the camera settings for optimal video quality.

Step 3: Connect the Wireless Receiver

Connect the receiver to your wireless device. Install necessary apps or software for video feed reception.

Step 4: Power Your Setup

Connect the power source to the wireless transmitter. You must ensure both transmitter and receiver have power.

Step 5: Test the Connection

Open the app or software on your wireless device. Check if the wireless video feed from your webcam is streaming. Finally, make adjustments for better connection quality as needed.

Pros & Cons of Using Webcams as CCTV

Using your webcam with camera as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) may be practical. However, if you use webcam for security camera, there are bound to be advantages and disadvantages.



● Webcams are often more affordable than traditional CCTV cameras.

● Easy access to live footage through connected devices.

● Simple DIY setup without professional assistance.

● Webcams can be repurposed for multiple uses beyond security.



● Webcams may lack advanced security features.

● Video quality may vary depending on the webcam.

● Webcams can be more susceptible to hacking.

● Some webcams may have a shorter surveillance range.

Webcam Security Camera Alternatives

Instead of using a webcam for surveillance, we highly recommend using a reliable security camera. They may be more expensive, but their multiple features and overall performance compensate for the cost. Below are some of the budget-friendly security cameras that you should try out:

eufy SoloCam S340

eufy SoloCam S340

The eufy SoloCamS340 is a wireless outdoor security camera with a dual-lens and an ultra-clear 3K resolution. It has a solar panel that charges the device, so you won’t have to replace batteries or take it occasionally for charging.

This security camera has zero blindspots since it can pan 360 degrees and has 8x zoom. Additionally, it has an AI-powered tracking feature that its manufacturer says has 95% alert accuracy. It also comes with an 8GB SD card for storing video footage.

Moreover, the camera’s facial recognition software can alert you or send you a notification when it detects an unfamiliar face. If you need the Solocam S340 to be connected to the Internet and save its footage on the cloud, you also need to grab a Homebase 3.

eufyCam S220

eufyCam S220

This affordable security camera is a standalone unit you can use for home surveillance. It records on a sharp 2K video and has infrared night vision. The camera’s field of view of 135 degrees can easily cover lawns or backyards. It also supports both Alexa and Google Assistant.

The eufyCam S220 also has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand rain and outdoor elements. It is powered by two batteries lasting up to 180 days on a single charge. Furthermore, it has human detection technology that can identify the shape and movement of people.

You can also customize it and assign detection zones where the AI focuses on tracking activities and alerting you if anything is amiss. It also has a built-in spotlight that illuminates the area once it detects unusual motion. Finally, its 16GB eMMC can store up to 3 months of video recording.


Turning your webcam into a security camera is reasonable, especially if you want to repurpose it. They can also serve as surveillance tools with the help of a few software which can upgrade their capabilities to some extent.

However, we cannot stress enough that there is no replacing security cameras when it comes to surveillance. They are designed to surveil your home using more precise imaging and motion detection features that webcams don’t have. Investing even in the most affordable security camera is way better than using a webcam on the long run.


What is the Difference between a Webcam and a Security Camera?

A webcam’s primary design is for video communication and live streaming. They often have built-in microphones and are usually compact. On the other hand, security cameras are designed for surveillance purposes and equipped with advanced features such as night vision and motion detection. Some outdoor security cameras can store footage on SD cards and even the cloud.

Can I Use My Phone Camera as a Security Camera?

Yes, you can use your phone’s camera as a security camera by using dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices. These apps usually add remote viewing and motion detection to your phone’s camera. However, there are a few drawbacks to repurposing your phone in this manner. Smartphones only have a few hours of battery life and tend to heat up quickly when taking videos.

Can Any Webcam Be Used as a Security Camera?

You can technically use any webcam as a security camera, especially using the right software or tool. However, not all webcams are optimized for surveillance purposes. Some outdated camera models have a very low resolution that isn’t great for monitoring your home or office. Webcams are also not designed to operate for extended periods.

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