7 Ways to Level Up Your Garage Door Security & Stop Burglars Cold

Your garage is not just a gateway; instead, it is your house's first line of defense. According to some recent studies, around 9% of break-ins happen through garage doors. Burglars’ eyes see your garage as a treasure island, and your beloved belongings become their loot. But it shouldn’t be possible on your watch.

In 2024, you need to level up your garage door security game. You must take control and transform your vulnerable garage into a well-secure fortress.

Don’t worry, it is not about expensive gadgets. Instead, it is about some savvy hacks and some amazing under-budget Eufy garage security gadgets. Continue reading this article to learn about garage door security.

Common Garage Security Risks

We’re sure you want to transform your garage into a safe and secure place for your belongings. If you want to do so, here are some of the most common garage security risks you should know.

  • Unsecured garage doors: The most common security risk to your garage is leaving them unlocked or open. It is like an open invitation to burglars.
  • Poor lighting: A dark garage allows burglars to hide in the shadows and break into your garage.
  • Unsecured windows:Garage windows without proper locks can give easy access to burglars to your garage.
  • Visible windows:A garage window or door that makes your belongings visible attracts burglars to break in.
  • Bad landscaping:Dense shrubs, bushes, and overgrown plants near your garage entry points are ideal for burglars to hide.
  • No security system:Often, people don’t integrate a home security system with their garage. Leaving your garage isolated increases security risks.
  • Missing remote controls: People often lose their garage door openers remote, increasing the security risk to their garage.
  • No maintenance: Not looking after your garage leads to malfunctions and increased security risks.

Weaknesses in Traditional Garage Door Designs

With the rise in garage break-ins, the traditional garage door system doesn't work. It is due to some weaknesses in their designs. Let's look at them:

  • Inadequate, simple, and outdated locking mechanisms let intruders manipulate them easily.
  • They are usually built using weak materials, making forced entries easier.
  • Exposed hinges and hardware make it easy for intruders to tamper or remove.
  • Old garage door designs have windows that are not reinforced, giving another access point to intruders.

7 Ways to Level Up Your Garage Door Security

By now, you may have understood the importance of garage door security. So, let's explore the top 7 ways to upgrade your garage door security.

1.Install some Lights

A garage left in darkness, can be an entry point for unwelcoming guests like burglars. But imagine a burglar stepping toward your garage. Suddenly, a bright floodlight puts them in the spotlight and sends a shiver down their spine. This tells the importance of motion sensor lights in safeguarding your garage.

Motion sensor garage security lights turn on automatically when any movement is detected in your garage. They give the intruder a hard time hiding in shadows and breaking into your house.

The garage door and windows will be perfect for installing these security lights. These are a few of those spots that will make the potential intruder think twice before breaking into your house. These lights are handy for those with a garage detached from their home.


You can check out Eufy Solar Wall Light Cam S120. It allows you to enjoy wall lights and outdoor security cameras altogether. This dual function illuminates your backyard and keeps it secure with motion-activated security.

2.Secure Home Entrance from the Garage

If your garage is attached to your home, even after all the fancy stuff, remember the basic stuff - locks. You're still unsafe if the main door between your garage and house is not locked properly. Losing a few tools and pieces of equipment isn’t that much risk. But the risk is greater if the burglar gets access to the rest of your house.

To begin with, make sure your door is properly locked first. Consider using smart locks to add an extra layer of protection to the door. Smart locks use the latest technology to protect your homes. Such as remote access, multiple unlocking methods, and integration with smart home systems.

We recommend using the Eufy Smart Lock C220. It allows you to control it from anywhere through the Eufy Security App. Besides this, it has 6 ways to unlock it and a self-learning AI technology. This smart lock is currently on a black Friday sale. Must check it out!


3.Cover the Windows

Theives are like curious cats. They like to peek before they can break in. This sneak peek helps them decide if it is worth breaking into or not by seeing the valuables within your garage or house. That’s why keeping your garage windows in a mystery box is recommended. Here are a few tips on how you can block the sneak peeks:

  • Using Tinted Security Films:You can easily tint your garage windows using an easy-to-stick-on layer. It lets light come in but keeps all those curious eyes out.
  • Using Blinds or Curtains: This is the most simple and classic way to secure your garage windows. But you need to make sure that they do not remain open all day.
  • Using Translucent Windows:This option is for those who can’t compromise on the sunlight. It lets sunlight come through but blurs out the inside view of your garage.

4.Close the Door

This might seem obvious, but surprisingly, leaving garage doors open is very common. An open garage is a neon welcome sign for burglars, giving them the easiest access to your cars and belongings.

Studies have proved that closing your garage door decreases burglary risk by half. In fact, a homeowner's community in Arizona enforced a closed garage door policy. It resulted in a whopping 50% decrease in break-ins. It emphasizes enough on the importance of keeping your garage door closed.

If you keep forgetting about it, consider some smart solutions. You can install automatic garage door closers, garage door security sensors, or even automatic locks.

5.Check Landscaping

We’re sure that all those fancy locks and motion-sensor lights can do wonders to secure your garage. But there is one natural defense system that you shouldn’t forget about. It is right outside your door - your landscaping. Here’s how you can ensure that your landscaping is all right to secure your garage.

  • Remove those Shrub Shields: Though shrubs and tall vegetation look cool, they act as a shield for burglars. Make sure to get rid of those tall trees and dense shrubs near the entry point so that it doesn’t block the view of your garage from the street.
  • Plant Thorny Bushes: To secure your garage, you can plant some thorny bushes and shrubs near your garage entry points. We are sure no burglar would want to cuddle those spiky plants to break in.

6.Install a Security Camera

According to studies, the mere presence of a security camera cuts your break-in risk by half. Let’s look at some features showing how investing in a good garage security camera can be worthwhile.

  • Motion Sensor Camera:These cameras alert you in real-time whenever any motion is detected in your garage. This helps you take timely action.
  • Crystal Clear Footage:You can easily access clear HD footage of your garage anytime. In case of any incident, this footage acts as solid proof.
  • Spotlight Camera:Some cameras have a built-in spotlight that detects motion and sheds light. This helps to scare the potential intruder away from breaking in.
  • Doorbell Camera:Many houseowners have started to use these cameras. They alert the owners whenever someone comes near the door. You can use these to keep your garage safe.

We recommend using Eufy- Garage Control Cam 120 for your garage security solution. It gives you a real-time 2K HD view by connecting it with the Eufy Security App. Besides this, it is a very reasonable security camera with easy installation and AI technology. This technology differentiates between people and other things so that one can remain free of false alarms.



When it comes to garage door security, regular maintenance is of utmost importance. Just like your car needs a tune-up, your garage door also needs maintenance to stay strong and secure. Make sure to look for the following parameters:

  • Smooth operation: Listen for unusual noises like squeaking or scraping, watch for any jerky movements, and test for automatic opener functionality.
  • Structural check:Check door panels for dents or cracks. Check for loose or missing screws. Make sure all springs are intact.
  • Hardware check:Check all cables and pulleys. Verify the photo eyes and safety sensors are aligned.
  • Lubrication:Apply lubricants to hinges and tracks to reduce friction.

This simple yet consistent maintenance not only increases the life of your garage door but also makes sure that it provides ultimate safety.

Why Invest in Garage Door Security?

Homeowners often overlook garage security as an extra expense, leaving their garages unsecured. But it later costs them their peace of mind and causes them to lose their valuable belongings. Here’s why it is worth considering investing in your garage security.

  • Shield for your valuables: Your garage houses your beloved bikes, cars, tools, etc. Investing in garage door security systems will make sure that these remain safe and secure in their place.
  • Extra security to your house: Often, the garage door acts as an entry point to your entire home. Ensuring garage door security adds an extra layer to your main house security.
  • Deters the potential burglars:Studies have shown that just the mere presence of a security system in your garage reduces the risk of break-in by half.
  • Lower your insurance costs:Sometimes, insurance companies offer discounts for houses with good security systems. So investing in garage door extra security will save you money in the long run.
  • Good resale value:A secure garage and a home with a good security system attracts buyers. Hence, a good garage door security system increases house resale value.
  • Control and convenience: The latest garage security system has features like remote monitoring and control. It lets you easily open or close your garage from your smartphone.


So that’s it. With these tips and tricks, you will not only upgrade your garage door security but also your peace of mind. You’ll sleep soundly, knowing your tools, bikes, and belongings are safe and secure, like treasure in a vault.

Remember the fact that even the smartest burglar hates hard work. Applying the 7 tips in this article will transform your garage into a safe vault.

Don’t forget to check out the Eufy products mentioned above for your garage door security. Coming under the most reasonable budget and providing high-end features, Eufy is your go-to solution for your garage door security.


  1. Which is safer, a smart garage door opener or a traditional one?

A smart garage door opener is considered a safer option. It uses advanced encryption and authentication methods compared to traditional ones relying on fixed codes. Besides this, a smart garage door opener has more advanced features like remote monitoring, smart alerts, etc.

  1. I live on rent. Can I still work on improving my garage door security?

Yes, there are various renter-friendly options to make your garage more secure, such as using portable door sensors, window films, and smart doorbells. Before making any permanent modifications, make sure to consult with your landlord.

  1. I'm on a tight budget. What are the most affordable tips?

You can begin by taking simple yet effective measures, such as consistently closing your doors, using curtains to conceal valuables, and installing a door sensor. Our guide highlights eufy products that are reasonably priced. You can check them out here.

  1. Are security cameras a worthy investment for my garage security?

Yes, security cameras have proved to be most effective in securing your garage and belongings. You can opt for any outdoor camera to install in your garage. You can check out eufy garage cam, a motion-activated model with clear night vision.

  1. Is it a good idea to upgrade my garage door for improved security?

If your garage door is old or damaged, replacing it with a better model with built-in security features can be a worthwhile investment. Especially if it's compatible with your garage door opener.

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