4 Best Construction Site Security Cameras

construction site security cameras

Are you also afraid of intruders and looters on construction sites? Well, your concern is valid.  According to the National Equipment Register (NER) report, the estimated annual loss due to construction site theft is $1 billion in equipment alone. Plus, the average cost of each piece of equipment stolen is approximately $30,000.

The alarming situation has led to significant project delays and financial losses for the construction site owners. The construction site security camera has become the go-to option to overcome these challenges and protect valuable equipment. A well-planned security system not only helps deter burglars but also ensures the efficiency of the construction process.  

What is a Construction Site Security Camera?

A security camera monitors and safeguards construction sites from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. These cameras are designed to withstand the construction site's dust, vibrations, and harsh environment. Their main goal is to provide real-time video and audio security to the on-site managers to monitor the security and safety of the construction area.

In case of theft or emergency, construction site security cameras give leverage for playback and recording of the video for later review. Motion detection and night vision make it much easier to spot any suspicious activity much more clearly. You can monitor live and record video from anywhere worldwide with remote access.

Types Of Construction Site Monitoring Cameras

types of construction site security cameras

Numerous types of cameras are used for construction site security monitoring. Let’s look at the most common types of construction site security cameras.

1.Panoramic Camera

A panoramic camera is a camera that can produce wide-angle shots, with the possibility of making 360-degree shots. It consists of a specific lens and multiple sensors to capture the desired 360-degree image without any blind spot. This camera is handy for construction site surveillance because the view is much larger, so fewer cameras are required. The only drawback of panoramic cameras is that the wide angles often lower the image quality at the sides, depending on the technology used.

2.PTZ Camera

A Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is ideal for actively monitoring moving objects and focusing on specific details. It can move horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and change the zoom level. A PTZ camera is an excellent choice for a construction site since it can zoom in on specific regions and thoroughly inspect ongoing work, security regulations, or potential danger. The PTZ camera's rear point is that it's slightly more expensive than fixed cameras.  

3.Dome Camera

It is most advisable when fixed or if it is a PTZ dome camera type. It comes in dome housing, meaning you can hardly notice it and the camera is shielded from external interference and physical damage. The major plus of a dome camera is that it can be fitted with some form of infrared light to give a vision at night. However, the design of its casing is dome-like, and depending on this may slightly cause you a hard time installing.

4.Wireless Camera

A wireless camera transmits video and audio signals over a wireless network. It eliminates the need for cables between the camera and the recording device. These cameras are easier to install and can easily be replaced according to the needs and requirements of construction site security monitoring. Wireless cameras are advantageous for construction sites where flexibility and quick deployment are essential. With the ease of installation, these cameras depend on a network connection and require frequent battery changes.

5. Night Vision Camera

There are cameras whose surveillance is handy, especially at poor lighting and night's onset. These cameras use IR (Invisible Rays), emitting light even without regular light. It is common for many thefts to occur at night, especially at construction sites, and thanks to these night vision cameras, no high-voltage bulbs are necessary. They increase the safety and supervision for night work, contributing to employees’ safety and performance.

3-Steps Buying Guide for Construction Site Security Camera

choose construction site security cameras

Selection of the right security camera for a construction site can be a nerve-wracking process. There are several features to consider that should meet your specific need for security. Let’s look at the buying guide for construction site security cameras to ensure the safety and security of your construction site.

1.Evaluate your Construction site.

Firstly, you must look at your construction and access where high-security monitoring is needed. It can be at the entrance, back of the construction site, equipment storage site, and the corner areas of your construction site. Evaluate the size and the number of cameras recruitment according to your site. Look out for what type of camera will be best suited for monitoring your construction site.

2.Key Feature

After evaluating the construction site size and how many cameras are needed. There are numerous key features to consider according to the requirements and needs of your construction area.

● Water-Proof and Durability

Since the construction site is exposed to harsh environments, consider buying durable and waterproof cameras. It will ensure high functioning in all environmental and weather situations.

● 4G Connectivity

Short-term construction sites typically do not set up Wi-Fi connections, and most security cameras require Wi-Fi to function. In this case, a 4G camera is more practical, as it can transmit footage over cellular networks when Wi-Fi or wired networks are unavailable.

● High Resolution

The high-resolution cameras ensure a more precise image and video footage, essential for identifying details. Consider opting for at least 1080p resolution; 4K for critical areas.

● Access Control and Camera

Adding the access control system can help monitor personnel entry and exits. If we add an access control system along with the camera at the entry and exit points, the security system will tighten even more.

● Remote Monitoring

Select camera systems with remote access capabilities so site administrators can access live video footage via mobile devices or the internet from any location at any time. These real-time monitoring capabilities make rapid reactions to emergencies and security concerns possible.

● Night Vision

Night vision cameras should be your go-to option since construction sites require day and night monitoring. Since their illumination by infrared technology helps capture more precise images and video footage even when no visible lighting is present.

● Easy Installation

Since construction sites are dynamic settings, camera positions frequently must be adjusted as the project develops. Installing and moving security cameras should be simple, providing flexibility and adaptability as the site changes.

3.Costing and Budgeting

When planning your construction expenses, add some of the expenses to the security system. You can start by evaluating the costs of camera purchasing, installation, and the accessories required, such as mounts and wires. Then, consider your budget's critical features, such as high resolution, a night vision camera, and remote monitoring. These advanced features can be costly, but consider them a long-term investment, and a well-planned budget can help you select the best option for your security needs within the budget. 

Top 4 Construction Site Security Cameras

1.eufy 4G LTE Cam S330

You may say goodbye to your construction site security tensions. eufy 4G LTE Cam S330 is an excellent construction site security choice. This wireless security camera protects your valuable equipment and machinery safely and securely. It offers advanced features that align with your construction site security requirements.  

eufy 4G LTE Cam S330

Key Features

Ultimate Power Supply

Upgraded solar panels with powerful 9400 mAh batteries allow you to enjoy construction site monitoring without electricity.

No Cables Problem

With Wi-Fi and 4G auto-switching, you can have uninterrupted access to the video recordings and ultimate usage.

Automatic Network Switch

The 3-in-1 SIM card feature is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon; it automatically chooses a stable network and ensures uninterrupted viewing.  

4K Color

The 4K colour camera lets you spot a license plate from 30 feet away. With a 100-lumen spotlight, you see vibrant details up to 26 feet, even at night.

AI Tracking and 360° View

Enjoy all-around viewing with pan and tilt capabilities. The AI detects and tracks people and vehicles with a wide range of motion.

2.eufy SoloCam S340

Are you worried that you'll miss the corner spots? eufy SoloCam S340 got you! Its 360-degree rotating views are essential for the construction site. It will assist you in monitoring every construction site area and ensuring your assets' sound and safety. A combination of essential functions offered by this gadget can ease your anxiety about security monitoring.  

Key Features 

Dual Camera Solution

Experience ultimate surveillance with dual views, allowing you to see the big picture and zoom in on crucial details simultaneously.

Endless Power Supply

Isn't it amazing that it supplies all-day electricity to the cameras with only two hours of sunshine?

Easy Installation

With its small size and wire-free construction, you can install it in 5 minutes or less.

High Resolution

Capture every moment around your home in stunning 3K resolution. With 8× zoom, see precisely who is approaching.


Two Way Audio

Its two-way audio capability facilitates communication without the need to meet in person, maintaining excellent safety.

3.Soliom S600

Are you concerned about monitoring security in faraway places? Ideally, the Soliom S600 meets your needs. Anywhere in the US you wish to keep an eye on your construction site, the 4G LTE cellular coverage solution eliminates all your concerns. With the Soliom+ App, you can remotely monitor every aspect, offering nearly total coverage with no blind spots. Sounds incredible, doesn't it?  

Soliom S600

 Key features

Nationwide 4G Cellular Coverage

The Soliom S600 is ideal for remote places without power, provides smooth security across the US with 4G LTE and offers flexible data rates at $14.90 monthly.

Solar Powered Energy

Solar electricity delivers long-lasting power, avoiding the need for frequent recharging and the occurrence of dead batteries.

Comprehensive Pan and Tilt

Rotate your site 90° vertically and 320° horizontally to observe it precisely. In addition to the 3X digital zoom, its broad pan-tilt functionality provides a versatile and comprehensive vision without missing blindspots.

Instant Motion Detection Alert

The S600's susceptible PIR motion sensor keeps you informed by minimising false alarms and accurately detecting all human movements.

Effortless Setup

Set up the Soliom S600 easily by mounting it, inserting the SIM and SD cards, and scanning the QR code with the Soliom+ App.

4.Ebitcam 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

Are you worried about security in places with no WiFi or power? Ebitcam 4G LTE cellular security camera at your service. It works effortlessly nationwide with 4G LTE coverage. Its 100% wire-free design and robust battery with a 5W solar panel ensure you never run out of power, even in the most isolated spots. Sounds like a hit!

Ebitcam 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

Key Features

Perfect for Remote Locations

This 100% wire-free camera, designed for regions without WiFi or power, works perfectly with 4G LTE and is excellent for construction sites. Its IP65 rating means it can withstand any weather conditions.

 SIM card Included

It has a prepaid 4G LTE SIM card offering 300MB of free trial data. After activation, choose data plans starting at $14.90/month through the UBox app.

Continuous Solar Power

With a 10,400 mAh rechargeable battery and a 5W solar panel, this camera provides continuous power with only 3 hours of sunlight, reducing the need for regular recharging.


Remote Access with 2K Video

Capture 2K resolution photos and videos day or night. The 355° pan, 100° tilt, and 4x digital zoom allow for comprehensive remote monitoring via your phone.

Motion Detection Alert

It features a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor that reduces false alarms and sends alerts to your phone. Store motion-detected videos locally on a 128GB micro SD card or back them to the cloud.

eufy Business Bundle Offers

Compared to households, construction sites require several cameras, which can complicate and increase the cost of setting up a security system. eufy understands these challenges and has introduced smart business bundles to simplify the process.

If you feel overwhelmed by the bundle options, you can also contact us directly. We are happy to help you find the cameras that best suit your needs.  eufy’s bundle offer will help you stay within your security budget without buying each device individually. Isn’t it a budget-saving option?  


So that is it. These were our top travel security camera recommendations to free you from the anxiety of construction site vandalism and theft. With advanced AI technology, a long-lasting battery, no wiring hassle, and weather resistance. These eufy security cameras are perfect, durable, and easy to install for construction site security monitoring.

These security camera systems will ensure safety and security throughout construction. They will also play a significant role in securing you from any losses. Also, plan your security funds strategically, and eufy’s bundle offer will help you stay within your budget with a maximum number of devices.

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