Can Tenants Install Security Cameras Inside or Outside the Apartment

Life in an apartment is like a cozy nest in the midst of a city jungle. But sometimes, this cozy nest feels a little exposed. This is where security cameras come in handy. But hold on, tenants! Before turning your cozy nests into a secured fort, you must deal with some legalities woven around apartment security cameras.

Can tenants install a security camera inside or outside the apartment? This question echoes through every corridor of rented apartments. The answer to this question is quite complex. But don’t worry!

In this article, we will look at issues regarding installing a security camera in a rented apartment, how to handle them, and recommend some top security cameras perfect for your apartment.

Reasons Tenants Need Security Cameras after Renting Apartments

Before diving into details, let's look at some reasons why tenants need security cameras after renting apartments.

  1. Check on Landlord: The landlord often enters tenants' apartments to collect rent, maintenance, and repair work without prior notice. In this case, security cameras will let you know if the landlord unlocked your apartment when you weren’t home. Footage works wonders in case of any mishap.
  2. Suspicious Activity:People often worry about random knocks on their doors or creepy footsteps at odd hours around their apartment. Having a security camera can help you know who it is and help you take timely action.
  3. Break-ins: Security cameras act as a deterrent and help you identify the burglars in case of break-ins. One can use camera footage for insurance claims. This makes recovery from break-in easier.
  4. Missing Items:Security cameras can help you to find your missing items in case you drop them in common spaces.
  5. Safe Deliveries: Often, tenants are fed up with finding empty delivery boxes. Cameras can help you to catch such stuff on record to see who has been behind this. This ensures a safe and sound package delivery.
  6. General Sense of Security: Tenants usually have some vulnerable spots in their apartments, like an old window or an unsafe balcony. A security camera adds an extra layer of security and gives you peace of mind.

Is it Legal for a Tenant to Install a Security Camera?

Talking generally, the Supreme Court has permitted tenants to use the exterior and general parts of the rented building. Given that no damage is done to the building and all parties involved are mutually agreed. Laws and rules to install a security camera differ depending on whether you install it inside the apartment or outside.

Tenants usually have the right to install a security camera inside their apartment if they follow some rules. We have discussed them in the next section. However, tenants face great difficulty installing security cameras outside their apartments because these are considered common areas.

Can a Tenant Install Security Cameras Inside the Apartment?

All apartment occupants dream of the apartment they are living in to be safe and secure. Who wouldn’t want to catch any suspicious activity inside their apartment with a security camera? However, renters are often confused about whether they can install a security camera or not. The answer to this question is not simple. Let’s explore more about it and discover in which conditions it is allowed and in which not.

When It's a Yes: Occasions Tenants Can Install Security Cameras

For the following two security camera conditions, it’s most probable that your landlord will create no fuss about you installing a security camera. Let’s look at which security cameras are those.

  1. WiFi Security Camera

If you are planning to install those wireless security cameras that work wonders with your WiFi connection, then you’re in luck. These cameras are easy to install without drilling your apartment walls or remodeling any corner. You just need to stick it on any wall or door, and that’s it. It will keep an eye on all the happenings in your apartment. You just need to ensure that the location you are installing your camera doesn’t violate your roommate's (if) privacy.

  1. PoE Security Cameras

If you are looking for a little more coverage and less fuss, then you can consider PoE security cameras. These security cameras use existing ethernet cables in your apartment. This will make no wiring fuss, and no wall damage is required. You just need a little planning, and you can avoid drilling your landlord’s property entirely.

Our Recommendation

After knowing all the technicalities, you must wonder which camera is perfect for you. Considering the above conditions, we recommend checking Eufy indoor cam C120. This 2K security camera is small but has all the features to keep your apartment safe and secure. It is a very compact wireless model, making it easy to install without drilling any holes in your walls. This gives this camera an edge to get an easy permit from your landlord to install in your apartment.


It has an integrated AI technology, which helps differentiate between humans and pets, avoiding false alarms. It also has two-way audio and smart home integration; you can see, hear, and even talk through the camera from anywhere using your phone or voice assistant. Plus, its night vision doesn’t let low lighting compromise security by providing crystal-clear footage.

These features make this security camera a perfect fit for keeping an eye on your apartment. Check it out now!

When It's a No: Occasions Tenants May Not Be Allowed to Install Security Cameras

Permission Predicament

Hold your horses before you turn your apartment into a mini Big Brother set; you need a green light from your landlord. After all, he’s not just a rent collector but a property owner.

If you are opting for services like contract alarm systems, hard-wired security setups, or even the above-mentioned security cameras, you will need permission from your landlord.

Going for these services and installing these security cameras without any formal permission can cause you to face some serious consequences. You can be held accountable for the property damage, and your security deposits will be withheld. So, a permission is a MUST!

Once your landlord has given you permission, make sure to get it in writing. Make a written agreement between you and your landlord to avoid future headaches.

Can a Tenant Install Security Cameras Outside the Apartment?

Living in an apartment means sharing spaces and also potential concerns. One of the most burning questions is: can a tenant install a security camera outside their apartment, like in hallways or common areas? It is a controversial topic with varying answers regarding safety and privacy concerns. Let’s solve this mystery question and see what it is all about.

The idea of mounting a security camera outside your apartment arises from those tenants who crave extra security. They probably live alone or have young children at home. In these circumstances, a security camera outside your apartment gives one peace of mind and a sense of security. It can even help you catch a package thief or any suspicious activity.

But this is not as easy as it seems. Most common areas in apartments, such as stairwells, hallways, and lobbies, are considered shared spaces, not your personal territory. Often, installing a security camera in such spaces raises security concerns for other residents of the apartments. They feel like they are under a constant watch.

In these circumstances, one must wonder, what’s the solution? The solution to this issue is about finding a sweet spot between individual safety and communal privacy. Following are a few things that you should consider.

  1. Discuss with Neighbours: Before installing your security camera outside your apartment, discuss it with your neighbors. Talk to them and ask if they share the same security concerns and if they are okay with the idea of installing a security camera outside your apartment. Maybe they can suggest a better alternative security measure than you thought.
  2. Permission from Landlord: Even if your neighbors are okay with installing a security camera outside your apartment, you can not go without asking your landlord. Ask for their permission and get it written. Ask if they have any specific rules or limitations that you need to follow.
  3. Strategic Placement: If your neighbors have allowed you to mount a security camera outside your apartment, it doesn’t mean you can record any area you want. Ensure you place your camera without pointing at other apartments or entrances. Strategically place your security camera to capture only the immediate area around your apartment.

Our Recommendation

If you are wondering which camera you need to keep a watch on your apartments’ parameters, we suggest looking at EufyCam S210. This weatherproof camera has a 1080p resolution, making sure to provide you with crystal-clear security. It provides you with a panoramic view with its 135° field, ensuring no blindspot is left to catch anything suspicious.

A benefit of opting for this camera is its completely wireless, battery-powered security camera. This leaves you with no worries about the landlord making a fuss about damaging buildings’ walls while installing. It has an extremely long battery life, running for a whopping 180 days on a single charge.

Another feature that sets this camera apart is its smart human detection technology. It only sends alerts when someone strolls by, saving you from extra notifications of every fluttering leaf. With eufyCam S210, bid farewell to security anxiety and say hello to peace of mind.


Beyond the Lens - Alternative Security Solutions


The importance of security cameras is undeniable, but cameras are not for everyone. Often, tenants are worried about neighbors' privacy, tangled wires, drilling or nailing the walls, etc. They are looking for a simple approach. Let’s look at the other alternate options than security cameras:

  1. Motion Sensor Gadgets: These smart gadgets come in different forms, such as motion-sensing lights, alarms, doorbells, etc. They are a smart alternative to go for.
  2. Alarm Bells: Sometimes, a good old-fashioned alarm is all you need to secure your apartment. You can go for window and door alarms. Have a look at the Eufy home alarm kit.
  3. Smart Lock: You can opt for a smart lock rather than using the existing traditional door lock. Ask your landlord to install a smart lock and secure your apartment. Check out Eufy video smart lock S330. It offers some great features at a very reasonable price.
  4. Community: You can start a WhatsApp group, arrange watch patrols, or simply chat with your neighbors. A united front, at times, can do wonders to deter a potential intruder.


It is the right of tenants to feel safe and secure. It makes the tenants their duty to take necessary safety measures. Security cameras, indoor or outdoor, in your apartment provide a solution for surveillance. However, selecting the right security camera goes beyond choosing the right lens. It is important to consider respect for shared spaces, maintaining good relationships with neighbors, and exploring other security options.  It is important to communicate clearly with your landlord to avoid any inconvenience.

We hope this article helped you clear your confusion about tenants Installing security cameras inside or outside the apartment and all the legalities revolving around this matter.


  1. What if my landlord prevents me from installing a security camera outside my apartment?

You can explore alternative security measures such as motion-sensor lights, alarms, etc. Additionally, you can discuss other options with your landlord, such as smart doorbells with video chat capabilities. We’ve discussed some common alternatives to security cameras in the article above.

  1. Is there a need to let my neighbors know of my security cameras?

It's important to let your neighbors know if your camera may capture footage of them, even if it's unintentional. Open communication can help avoid privacy concerns.

  1. What should I do if my neighbor’s security camera invades my privacy?

If you believe a neighbor's camera violates your privacy, try discussing the matter with them. If that doesn't help, you can turn to your landlord for assistance, and in rare circumstances, you may need to seek legal advice.

  1. What do I do with the footage from my camera?

It's important to store surveillance footage securely, preferably on a password-protected device or cloud storage. Only access or share footage when necessary, and avoid sharing it with anyone without their consent.

  1. Could you please suggest any additional tips for improving apartment security?

It's important to invest in strong door locks and keep windows secured while also considering the installation of smart home devices for added protection. Be mindful of who you grant access to your apartment, and stay vigilant for suspicious activity.

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