Home Security Cameras That Work with Google Home: Best Guide in 2024

 The integration of smart home technology with our daily lives has become more seamless and intuitive than ever. Central to this technological revolution is Google Home, a sophisticated and user-friendly system known for its voice-activated assistant and seamless integration with various smart devices. If you're a Google Home user considering an upgrade to your smart home system with the addition of security cameras, or if you're stepping into smart homes security for the first time, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we delve into the specifics of home security cameras that work with Google Home. We'll explore why choosing Google Home compatible cameras is a wise decision, analyze how these cameras integrate with Google Home, and provide a curated list of the best home security cameras available in the market. Join us to find out how you can make your home safer, smarter, and more connected.


Why Should You Choose Camera That Work with Google Home?

Opting for cameras that work with Google Home greatly enhances the efficiency and user-friendliness of your home security system. With Google Home compatibility, these cameras allow effortless voice control and seamless automation, making monitoring your home as simple as a voice command or a tap in the Google Home app. This integration also enables dynamic interactions with other smart devices in your home, creating a cohesive and smart ecosystem. You can set routines, like turning on lights when the camera detects motion at night, or sending alerts to your phone when unexpected activity is recorded, all without lifting a finger. In essence, choosing Google Home-compatible cameras is about embracing a secure, interconnected, and smarter home environment.

How Do Cameras Work with Google Home?

Security cameras that work with Google Home connect to your home network, either through Wi-Fi or a wired connection, and then can be easily added to your Google Home system via the Google Home app. Once connected, you gain the convenience of voice-controlled commands through Google Assistant, allowing you to view live feeds, adjust settings, and receive alerts hands-free.

These cameras also interact seamlessly with other smart devices, enhancing overall home security and efficiency. For example, if your camera detects motion, it could trigger a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature, reflecting the presence or absence of people in the room.

Customization is a breeze with the Google Home app, letting you set specific activity zones and control notification preferences. Importantly, this integration prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring your surveillance remains protected. Google Home compatible cameras offer a harmonious blend of advanced functionality, convenience, and security in your smart home setup.

Does Eufy Work with Google Home?

Yes, eufy is compatible with Google Home. This compatibility allows you to integrate eufy's range of security cameras seamlessly with your Google Home ecosystem. By linking a eufy security camera with Google Home, you can utilize the Google Home app or voice commands through Google Assistant to easily view camera feeds on your smart displays or smartphones, receive alerts, and control camera settings.

Best Camera for Google Home

Choosing the right camera for your Google Home setup can significantly enhance your home security and smart home experience. Here's a look at some top options:

  • eufy SoloCam S340 Outdoor Camera - Best Outdoor Camera


Whether you're looking to enhance your home security or need a reliable option for outdoor surveillance, the eufy SoloCam S340 Outdoor Camera is a top-tier choice. Its advanced features and seamless integration with Google Home make it a must-have for any smart home setup.

Key Features:

  • Dual Camera Lens: Equipped with dual camera lenses for enhanced clarity and depth.
  • 3K Resolution: This camera boasts dual-camera clarity in 3K resolution, capable of capturing detailed images up to 50 feet away.
  • 8× Zoom: The 8× zoom feature allows for closer inspection of any area.
  • 360° Coverage: Ensures there are no blind spots around your home, providing comprehensive surveillance.
  • Solar-Powered Design: Offers continuous operation without the hassle of frequent recharging or wiring.
  • Local Storage: Eliminates monthly fees with local storage options.
  • Wire-Free Installation: Its versatile, wire-free design makes installation a breeze.
  • eufy 4G Cam S330 - Best 4G/Wi-Fi Camera

eufy 4G Cam S330 stands out for its unique ability to connect to both 4G and WiFi, making it an excellent choice for areas with weak or unreliable WiFi signals.

Key Features:

  • 4G and WiFi Connectivity: Stay connected and secure even when your WiFi is down. 
  • Google Home Compatibility: Easily integrate the camera with your Google Home app for convenient voice control and smart home automation.
  • Wire-Free Installation: The wire-free design allows for quick and hassle-free installation anywhere in your home.
  • 4K Resolution: Experience crystal-clear video quality with 4K resolution, ensuring you capture every detail.
  • 360-Degree Coverage: With its panoramic view, you won't miss a thing. 
  • eufy Indoor Cam C120 - Best Indoor Camera


For indoor monitoring, the eufy Indoor Cam C120 stands out as one of the best cameras for Google Home. The camera provides 2K resolution imagery, ensuring that every detail is captured with clarity. It features AI technology to differentiate between humans and pets, ensuring precise alerts. With built-in two-way audio, you can communicate directly through the camera. It integrates smoothly with Google Assistant, offering comprehensive control over your indoor surveillance, and the advanced night vision capability ensures reliable performance, even in low-light conditions.

  • Google Nest Cam Outdoor Camera - Best Google Camera


The Google Nest Cam Outdoor Camera is designed for continuous outdoor monitoring. With a 130-degree field of view in 1080P HD, it keeps watch day and night. Weatherproof and equipped with night vision, this camera ensures clarity in all conditions. You'll get phone alerts for any detected activity, and its unique magnetic mount simplifies installation, requiring no hub.

  • Arlo Pro 4 - Best Wireless Camera


Arlo Pro 4 stands out with its 2K video quality enhanced by HDR, ensuring detailed and vibrant footage. The integrated spotlight and color night vision features significantly improve visibility in low-light conditions. The camera's rechargeable battery and direct Wi-Fi connection offer flexibility and ease in setup. Compatible with Google Home, the Arlo Pro 4 is a top choice for comprehensive outdoor security.

Is It Possible to Link Any Camera with Google Home?

Not every camera on the market can link seamlessly with Google Home or Google Assistant. However, many leading brands have designed their cameras to work well within the Google Home ecosystem. Below is a comparison sheet highlighting some popular camera brands and their compatibility with Google Home, along with some key features:

Camera Brand

Google Home Compatibility

Key Features



High-resolution, user-friendly, long battery life, advanced AI capabilities

Google Nest


Seamless integration, smart alerts, advanced AI capabilities


Yes (selected models only)

Wireless design, robust outdoor capabilities, spotlight feature



Affordable, compact design, motion detection



Wide-angle lens, two-way talk, motion-activated notifications



Long battery life, easy installation, cloud storage options

This table provides a quick reference to determine which camera brands are compatible with Google Home or Google Assistant, along with some of their key features. "Yes" indicates full compatibility, and "Limited" suggests partial compatibility or the need for additional setups.

How to Add a Security Camera to Google Home?

After selecting the perfect Google Home-compatible camera, the next step is integrating it into your smart home system. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Add Camera

  1. If you haven't already, follow the manufacturer's instructions to install and set up your camera.
  2. Connect your camera to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home device.
  3. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone and sign in to your Google account.
  4. Tap the "+" icon then select 'Set up device' followed by 'Works with Google.'
  5. Search and select your camera brand from the list.
  6. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

Add Google Voice Assistant

  1. Once your Google Assistant-enabled camera is added to Google Home, voice control should be automatically enabled.
  2. If the voice control isn't automatically enabled, go to the 'Assistant Settings' in the Google Home app to ensure your device is set up to recognize and respond to your voice commands.
  3. Try basic commands like, "Hey Google, show me the [Camera Name]" or "Hey Google, what's on my [Camera Name]?" to test.

By following these steps, you can effectively add and control your security camera using the Google Home app and the Google Voice Assistant, creating a more integrated and responsive smart home environment.


As we wrap up this guide, it's evident that choosing the right home security cameras that work with Google Home can significantly enhance your home's safety and your peace of mind. From the versatile eufy SoloCam S340 to the reliable Google Nest Cam Outdoor, each camera on our list offers unique features tailored to different needs and preferences. These cameras not only offer advanced surveillance features but also integrate seamlessly with Google Home, providing users with an effortless and efficient way to monitor their homes. By following our guide to add these cameras to your Google Home network, you can seamlessly integrate your chosen device with Google Voice Assistant, embracing a smarter, more secure and connected way of living.

Frequently Asked Questions about "cameras that work with Google Home"

Can Google Home show all cameras?

Yes, Google Home can show feeds from all compatible cameras linked to it. You need to ensure each camera is compatible with Google Home, connected to the same network, and properly set up in the Google Home app.

How many cameras can Google Home support?

Generally, Google Home can support multiple compatible cameras effectively at once. There isn't a strict limit imposed by Google Home itself, but the exact number and the performance of the cameras can vary depending on your Wi-Fi bandwidth and the specifications of your devices.

Is Google Home always listening and recording?

Google Home isn't constantly recording everything in the environment, but it is always listening for the "wake word" (like "Hey Google" or "Ok Google") to activate its functions. Users have the option to review and delete these voice recordings through their Google account settings.

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