Secure Your Home: 5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras Without Subscription

In today's world, outdoor security cameras are rapidly evolving, displaying increasingly intelligent features that are being put into practical use. These features encompass capabilities like cloud storage, AI facial recognition, real-time communication, and continuous monitoring, among others. However, it's important to acknowledge that these advancements also come with their fair share of drawbacks.

One notable drawback is the requirement for regular subscriptions to maintain access to these advanced services. To save money, we understand that many of you prefer to secure your homes with security cameras that don't involve subscriptions. Well, this article is especially for such users like you, offering 5 of the best outdoor security cameras without a subscription. Now, scroll down and browse through the page to access the information you need.


Can I Use a Security Camera Without a Subscription

Certainly, many security cameras allow you to make a one-time purchase of the product, which covers all the basics like live streaming, video recording to an SD card or hard drive, and even smart features like motion detection and AI facial recognition.

However, if you want to extend the camera's warranty, enable cloud storage, or access a longer video history, some manufacturers may ask you to subscribe for these services after a trial period. So, to get a security camera that doesn't require a subscription, it is advisable to figure out your specific needs and carefully check the camera's features and model. 

Overall, if you don't want to bother with an extensive selection, the most recommended option is still to invest in a full-payment security camera without hidden fees. In this case, you may as well check out the next section for a list of the best outdoor security. All of them are subscription-free.

Detailed Reviews on the 5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras Without Subscription

Choosing outdoor security cameras that don't require a subscription can be quite a challenge for newbies. If you're also looking for some product recommendations, this section is what you need. Let's get started exploring the 5 best security cameras without subscription.

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eufy S220 Video Doorbell - Best Home Security Camera Without Subscription

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Field of view: 160 degrees

Resolution: 2K HD

Storage: Local & Cloud

Intelligence: Yes


Here comes our pick for one of the best home security cameras without subscriptions. Unlike other picks, the eufy S220 Wireless Video Doorbell is a video doorbell that can be used as a home security camera. It boasts a 2K camera that delivers high-quality monitoring video in a 4:3 aspect ratio, ensuring that you can see all the details. With the support of its high intelligence feature, you can also customize the monitoring area to ensure the safety of your family. Additionally, its exterior features IP65 weatherproof, allowing it to safeguard your home in various extreme weather conditions and making it one of the best outdoor safety cameras on the market.

Not only that, all the advanced features and services mentioned above do not require additional subscription fees. Pay once, and enjoy it all. If you prefer a subscription-free home security camera with multiple powerful features, then the S220 Wireless Video Doorbell is what you need.



  • No monthly subscription required
  • Support 4:3 ratio at 2K resolution
  • 180 days battery life
  • Featured IP65 Weatherproof to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Cordless outdoor security camera
  • High intelligence to customize the monitor area



  • Occasional delays in voice and video chats may occur


Reolink RLC-811A - Best Wired Security Camera Without Subscription

Connectivity: Ethernet Cable

Field of view: 31 to 105 degrees

Resolution: 1080P to 4K

Storage: microSD card, Reolink NVR, or FTP server

Intelligence: Yes


Another outdoor security camera that does not require a subscription is the Reolink RLC-811A. This wired security camera, powered over Ethernet (PoE) technology, supports three video storage methods, including a microSD card, Reolink NVR, and FTP server. Right in these ways, you can use these external devices to store more and longer surveillance videos without using cloud storage.

Also, its camera performance is worth mentioning. It can provide a 4K camera lens with 5x optical zoom, which can ensure that you can easily monitor the environment of your house outdoors with stable and HD image in real time to avoid any potential dangers.

More importantly, none of these powerful features require a subscription. Once you purchase this outdoor security camera, you can immediately enjoy all its services. If you have relatively high requirements for camera lenses and do not prefer to use cloud storage, then this outdoor security camera is suitable for you.



  • No extra subscription fee
  • Capture up to 4K Ultra HD image quality
  • 5X flexible zoom in and out
  • Support IP66 certified Weatherproof
  • Support real-time monitoring



  • Glitchy for its provided monitoring app to set up
  • Basic monitoring feature is offered only



eufyCam 2 Pro - Best Wireless Security Camera Without Subscription

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Field of view: 140 degrees

Resolution: 2K HD

Storage: Local & Cloud

Intelligence: Yes


If you are looking for a wireless outdoor security camera that is easy and convenient to set up, then you can not miss the eufyCam 2 Pro Wireless Security Camera System. As one of the best value 2K home security camera kits on the market, it comes with a powerful AI function, which can clearly capture faces and objects to identify potential dangers. Also, it provides up to 16GB of local storage for saving the latest 3-month surveillance videos in the HomeBase station, requiring no additional subscription to cloud storage.

Another powerful feature of it is its long battery life. One charge can last for one year. And with the help of its night vision surveillance, you can monitor your home outdoors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that you don't miss any issues that could lead to dangerous situations.



  • No monthly fee
  • Capture every detail in 2K resolution
  • Wireless outdoor security camera to easily setup
  • Powerful battery life for 1 year from 1 charge
  • Offer built-in AI for Human Detection & Face Detection
  • Provide advanced night vision with an F2.0 aperture lens for clearer recordings



  • No colored night vision



S330 eufyCam - Best Overall Security Camera Without Subscription

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Field of view: 135 degrees

Resolution: 4K HD

Storage: Local & Cloud

Intelligence: Yes


If you're in search of an all-around security camera, the S330 eufyCam is a great option. As the best security camera without subscription considered by users, it is equipped with a 4K camera that can capture high-definition details day and night. Even in low light conditions, this camera can rely on its own Starlight photosensitive system to spot any sharp 4K detail in color as well. Additionally, with the help of its powerful BionicMind AI function, the S330 eufyCam is able to differentiate between family members and strangers by identifying faces, which can greatly improve your home security.

Not only that, it comes with a solar panel, requiring only two hours of sunlight every day for its permanent operation. This not only saves time on charging but also saves you a lot of electricity bills. As for its storage capacity, it is also impressive. It comes with 16GB of local memory that can save the surveillance video of the last 3 months for free. Furthermore, it can support up to 16TB of expandable local memory, ensuring you never run out of storage for your recordings. If you have a sufficient budget, the S330 eufyCam is surely your best choice.



  • No monthly fee
  • Capture every detail in sharp 4K resolution
  • Built-in solar panel for long-lasting battery life forever
  • Support expandable local storage for up to 16 TB
  • Offer color night vision with built-in spotlights for 24/7 monitoring
  • Powerful AI for face recognition for family



  • Powerful but on the high price side


Arlo Essential Spotlight - Most Affordable Security Camera Without Subscription

Connectivity:  Wi-Fi

Field of view: 130 degrees

Resolution: 1080p

Storage: Local & Cloud

Intelligence: Yes


For those who opt for a subscription-free security camera with a tight budget, our pick is the Arlo Essential Spotlight, which offers a clear monitoring experience at an affordable price of US $69.99. It is cheap, but it is very functional. Not only can it clearly record the surveillance content, but it can also provide a high-res quality of 1080P and a relatively wide field of view (130°), allowing you to capture the details of the surveillance. Moreover, it is compatible with various smart devices, such as Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and more to help you receive timely alerts and better manage your home security.

Also, its durability makes it an appealing choice if you are budget-conscious. It can last up to 6 months after one single charge. And thanks to its glossy white IP65 weather-resistant enclosure, you can use the security camera in extreme temperatures from -20° C to 45° C.



  • Easy to set up
  • 1080P capture resolution with clear details
  • Come with a bright spotlight for better home security
  • Support color night vision
  • Wide field of view to cover every corner of your home
  • Intelligence involved in 24/7 professional monitoring



  • No replaceable batteries, only charging is available 



In conclusion, while many outdoor security cameras offer subscription-based services for advanced features, it's important to recognize that not everyone requires these extras to ensure the safety of their property. The selection of the best wired or wireless security camera system without subscription above demonstrates that you can still enjoy high-quality video recording, motion detection, two-way communication, and local storage without being tied to ongoing subscription costs.

Remember, the best security camera is one that meets your needs and provides peace of mind without any unnecessary financial burdens.

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