Best Indoor Camera Without Subscription

eufy indoor cameraPeople want good quality indoor cameras for their homes for better security. This need has grown with the increase in smart homes that use these cameras. Many customers are looking for a good, affordable, and easy-to-use way to keep their houses safe.

A popular choice now is to use cameras inside your home that don't need a subscription. This article will explore the best indoor camera without subscription that offers robust features and reliable performance, all without the added burden of monthly fees. This approach not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also guarantees that users have full control over their home security footage, providing peace of mind and simplicity in use.

Does Indoor Camera Need Subscription?

Interestingly, an indoor camera does not necessarily need a subscription. Many top-rated models offer local storage options, which allow users to avoid monthly fees and maintain more control over their recordings. These cameras store video locally, usually on a microSD card or their internal memory.

But keep in mind, these cameras don't cost a monthly fee. However, they might not have the latest features. Still, there are many best indoor security cameras without subscriptions that give smart features for free.

Best Fee-Free Security Cameras

When it comes to home security, subscription fees can quickly add up. However, several high-quality cameras on the market don’t require a monthly fee. Here are the top 4 indoor cameras without subscription.

eufy Indoor Cam C120

eufy Indoor Cam C120

The eufy Indoor Cam C120 is a budget-friendly choice that offers plenty of features. It provides clear 2K video, voice control, and intelligent motion alerts. Also, it allows both local storage and online cloud storage. This gives you choices on where to keep your video recordings.

Blink Indoor (3rd Gen)

The Blink Indoor 3rd Gen is an affordable safety camera that gives clear HD video, motion detection, and saves video both locally and in the cloud. It also warns about temperatures, and it has a long-lasting battery. Its compatibility with Alexa and IFTTT makes it a versatile choice for smart homes.

Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera

The Arlo Pro 4 is a wireless security camera. It gives great video quality with 2K resolution. It has a built-in light, can see in color at night, and works well with your smart home gadgets.


eufy Indoor Cam E220

eufy Indoor Cam E220

The eufy Indoor Cam E220 is a smart camera that gives clear 2K video, two-way audio and supports storing locally or in the cloud. It also has Human and pet AI detection, making it a good choice for people with pets.


Comparison Sheet






Field of View

Local Storage


Blink Indoor (3rd Gen)



110 degrees



eufy Indoor Cam C120



105 degrees



Arlo Pro 4



160 degrees



eufy Indoor Cam E220



125 degrees



Pro Tips: Features to Look for in a Non-Subscription Indoor Camera

If you’re opting for an indoor security camera without a subscription, here are some features to look for:

  • Local Storage: Some cameras provide storage choices like SD cards or Network Recorders (NVRs) when there isn't a subscription needed. These don't require cloud storage services.
  • Wide Angle: A wide-angle lens can cover a larger area, making it great for indoor use.
  • Dual Cam: Some cameras come equipped with two lenses which can be switched between different viewing modes. This makes them great for use inside homes.
  • PTZ: Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are great for big areas because they can rotate and zoom., which makes them ideally suited to indoor settings.
  • AI Recognition: Some cameras have AI for recognizing pets and people, giving them more accurate alerts.

The best indoor security camera with no subscription depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Consider these features and choose a camera that best fits your requirements.


DIY Options: Turn Your Phone to a Security Camera

Turning your old smartphone into a security camera is a cost-effective way to monitor your home when you’re not there. You can use free apps like AlfredCamera2 or AirDroid Personal3 to transform your old phone into a security camera. However, this option may lack the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) feature. If PTZ is important to you, consider our eufy indoor cam e220.


Bonus Tips: What Is the Subscription Service Required for the Camera Used For?

Subscription services for security cameras are typically used for:

  • Cloud Storage: This allows you to store and access your video footage from anywhere.
  • Motion Detection: This feature sends you alerts when the camera detects movement.
  • Real-Time Monitor: This allows you to view the camera feed in real-time.



Picking the best indoor camera without subscription can give you peace of mind and avoid monthly charges linked to subscriptions. When you pick a camera, look at its video quality and field of view. Additionally, consider where the videos will be stored and the type of storage. Also, think about if the camera works well with your existing smart home devices.


Is There an Indoor Security Camera with No Monthly Fee?

Yes, you can find indoor security cameras that don't need a monthly payment. These cameras have options to store information locally, so you don't need a monthly payment and can keep better control over your videos. Some of the best indoor cameras without subscription come from companies such as eufy.


How Much Should I Spend on an Indoor Camera?

The price of an indoor camera can change a lot because of the features and brand. On average, indoor cameras cost between $100 to $800. But, think about what you really need and how much money you can spend when picking an indoor camera with no subscription.


Are Indoor Security Cameras Worth It?

Absolutely, it is a good idea to use indoor security cameras. They give you comfort by letting you look after your house, watch over those you care about, and stop people who might try to break in. Modern home cameras have many features, making them important to any house.

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