Best Indoor Camera for Pets, Tested & Reviewed

Pet cameras have changed how we care for our pets. These modern tools give us an easy way to look after our furry friends when we can't be there in person. Pet cameras not only make it easy to watch and talk from far away, but they also let us see what our pets do every day.

Those devices are more than just tools to monitor animals. They are strong tools for boosting mental activity, body movement, and emotional health. Owners can play with them from afar, do training exercises, and give them treats as a reward.

In this guide, we’ll lead you to discover the best indoor cameras that your pets deserve.

eufy pet camera

How Does Indoor Camera for Pets Work?

Pet cameras inside the house usually work using a Wi-Fi signal. Each pet camera has movement sensors that are responsible for recording or transmitting data. A lot of cameras have two-way sound, which lets you talk to your pets right away. An indoor pet camera comes with treat dispensers, which make your interaction fun.

Top Pet Cameras of 2024


Discover the best indoor cameras for pets in 2024, each offering unique features to keep an eye on your furry friends with ease and reliability.

eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

The eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 comes with a 170° wide-angle lens, taking clear photos in high definition during daylight hours. It works well at night to help you see better. Its pet app enables you to watch all the cute moments. It can throw treats at three different distances and rotate 270 degrees. You may use its two-way sound to keep your pet on track. It also has 16GB of storage.

Wyze Cam v3

This Wyze Cam v3 gives 1080p color night vision to let you see clearly with full colors. Made for flexibility, it can be used indoors and outdoors. It has IP65 protection against weather to hold up in all types of conditions. This model comes with more power for processing and better frame rates. Furthermore, it has high-level person detection skills. You can enjoy its endless video storage and smart AI detection features.

Arlo Essentials Indoor Camera

The Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera will keep any part of your house safe. It works with Wi-Fi and gives clear HD video and audio chats. It also has a siren built right in. Moreover, it comes with an automatic camera privacy guard to keep your private moments safe.

eufy Indoor Cam C120

eufy Indoor Cam C120

This eufy Indoor Cam C120 has a built-in smart AI that gives very clear pictures, up to 2000 resolution for watching events, 1080 when put together with HomeKit. It has two-way sound built in to help you talk without using extra tools. Furthermore, the camera has good night vision tech to help you see well even in low-light places.

eufy Indoor Cam E220

eufy Indoor Cam E220

This smart camera with AI on it knows when a human or pet is around. It gives a better view through its 2K resolution, 1080P when used with HomeKit. The eufy Indoor Cam E220 can turn left or right 360 degrees horizontally, as well as raise to 96° straight ahead vertically to get total coverage inside a room. Its camera has a built-in two-way audio system.

Features of Pet Cameras

Discover the advanced capabilities of indoor cameras for pets, offering a blend of pet-friendly functionalities and cutting-edge technology. These devices not only provide peace of mind for pet owners but also enhance the interaction with your furry friends, even when you're away.


Pet Friendly Features

Modern best indoor pet cameras offer an array of features designed for the ultimate pet-friendly experience. Key among these is a wide-angle lens, allowing pet owners to view their furry friends in a broader scope, ensuring no corner is missed. Two-way audio is a standout feature, enabling interactive communication; you can hear your pet and offer reassuring words in return. For a treat-loving pet, treat dispensing capabilities add a fun twist, allowing owners to reward their pets remotely. The cameras often come with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) functionality, ensuring you can follow your pet’s movement closely. Additionally, night vision is essential for monitoring in low-light conditions, while motion detection alerts owners to any unusual activity, ensuring your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

Other Features

In addition to pet-specific features, these indoor camera pets boast several practical attributes for easy and efficient usage. Installation is typically straightforward, designed for hassle-free setup. When it comes to pricing, options range to suit various budgets, maintaining a balance between cost and quality. The video quality is paramount, with most cameras offering high-definition viewing to clearly monitor your pet's activities. Video recording capabilities ensure that no moment is missed, and footage can be stored for later viewing. Furthermore, integration with smart home systems enhances the overall convenience, allowing the cameras to work seamlessly with other smart devices in your home. This holistic approach to design and functionality makes pet cameras a valuable addition to any pet owner's home.

Difference between Pet Camera and Home Security Camera

Pet cameras are mostly made to watch and talk with pets. They come with features like treat machines, audio for talking back and forth, and special motion detection. On the other hand, home security cameras are meant to protect the whole house. They watch for intruders and make safety better all-around too. Home security cameras can watch pets, but their main job is to keep your house safe.

Pet Camera Alternatives


Turn Your Old Phone to a Pet Camera

Using your old phone to watch over pets is a cheap and environment-friendly choice. You can download a pet indoor camera app using your old phone. This app offers features like live video streaming. Through WiFi, you can use your phone to watch over and talk with your pet.

Attach GoPro to the Neck of Your Dog

Putting a GoPro camera on your dog's neck can give you an interesting and fun view of the world from what it sees. This setup helps you to record fun experiences, outdoor things, and even normal daily life from a dog's view. It's important to make sure that your best indoor camera for watching pets is fastened well and feels good on your dog's harness.


Indoor pet cameras allow you to keep a close eye on your pets even when you're away. To ensure top-notch performance, it's important to choose high-quality pet cameras with advanced features. By tailoring the device to your specific needs, you can create a comprehensive solution for monitoring your beloved pets.


Is a Pet Camera Worth It?

An indoor camera for pets can be a good buy if you worry about your pet's health while not at home. This allows you to monitor and play with them. However, the value of a pet camera can change based on your needs, your pet’s behavior, and your budget.

Where Should I Place My Pet Camera?

When choosing a place for your pet camera, think about spots that give you a wide view of where the animal spends most time. This could be in areas like the living room or kitchen. If your camera can move on its own, put it far from busy roads, so you don't get fake warnings.

Do Pet Cameras Help with Separation Anxiety?

Making use of pet cameras can be useful in handling pets' anxiety when they are alone. They let you watch and talk to your pets online from anywhere. However, it is not the prime solution for separation anxiety, but for monitoring.


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