What is Spring Cleaning and When Does It Begin?

Spring cleaning has become almost a ritual in Western countries. This practice gives you an excellent excuse to clean the house and eliminate accumulated dust and debris. So, if you’re considering participating in this annual practice for the first time, this is the right place to start. We will discuss what it is about and some expert spring cleaning tips. You’ll also discover the best vacuum products for spring cleaning to enjoy the warmer days in a sparkling space. Let’s get started!

Part 1: What is spring cleaning and when does the festival begin?

As the name hints, this is the practice of thoroughly cleaning your home during springtime. Spring is one of the four temperate seasons, coming after winter and before summer. In most Western cultures, this season ushers in a time of rejuvenation, rebirth, and renewal.

Some researchers say this practice originates from the Persian New Year (Nowruz). It often coincides with the first day of spring, with Iranians continuing to participate in “shaking the house” practice. Other studies have linked it to the Jewish Pesach (Passover), an ancient ritual that involves thoroughly cleansing the house.

This custom is practiced in North America and Europe because of the wet climates. March provides the best time to dust the house because it’s warm enough to open the doors and windows. For some reason, modern homes in these regions use March for their cleaning projects. This could be due to higher energy levels during spring when the days become longer.

Part 2: What to do during spring cleaning


It’s okay to deep clean almost anything around your home as you welcome the warmer weather. Besides tidying up specific areas, this practice allows you to rearrange and declutter your home. In return, this can make your house feel homely and refreshing.

However, you must not waste your precious energy and resources cleaning everything. So, in this handy guide, we want to break down some must-do chores for interior and exterior spring cleaning.

Here is our quick checklist:

  • Clean your glass windows and doors using water, alcohol, vinegar, and microfiber cloth.
  • Deep clean and dry your carpets and outdoor/indoor doormats.
  • Clean under furniture like sofas and chairs. Don’t forget to roll up all area rugs.
  • Dust light fixtures and bulbs you can easily reach. You can skip the ladder and get an extendable duster.
  • Clean often overlooked surfaces such as baseboards and doorframes.
  • Refresh wooden furniture with all-natural cleaner and polish.

Part 3: Best spring cleaning products you should try

Now that you know what spring cleaning is all about, let’s dive deeper to find the products to keep your house neat. But before choosing a product from this list, consider the little spaces around the house you rarely clean and what products will be best for such duties.

1. eufy X10 Pro Omni

eufy x10 pro omni robovac


  • AI mapping supporting 100+ objects.
  • All-in-one station for hands-free cleaning.
  • 5-liter dust bag.
  • 3-liter clean water tank.
  • Multi-directional floating roller brush.
  • High-speed 180 RPM rotating mops.

A robotic vacuum cleaner, or Robovac, uses programmed controllers to perform cleaning routines as you go about other businesses. eufy X10 Pro Omni is among the most advanced robot vacuums you can get. It uses the powerful iPath Laser Navigation technology to create efficient cleaning routines with a mere command on your smartphone. Impressively, it supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands for voice-controlled spring cleaning. X10 Pro Omni also delivers an insane 8,000 PA suction power, dwarfing most vacuums in the market.

Because it’s a Robovac, this tool does almost everything by itself. For instance, it can empty the dustbin automatically or wash and dry the mop pad. So, you basically only need to schedule your cleaning cycle, and this tool will do the dirty work. Don’t forget that it uses AI technology to auto-detect and avoid 100+ objects around the house.

Considering its advanced specs and features, all for under $1,000, this is undoubtedly one of the best robot vacuums in terms of value for the money. Most robot vacuum cleaners with the same suction power and features are nearly twice as expensive as the X10 Pro Omni. Go for it!

2. HomeVac H11

eufy homevac h11


  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Immense 5,500 PA suction power.
  • Convenient USB charging.
  • Weighs just 1.2 lbs.
  • 13-minute suction time on a full charge.

HomeVac products are known for offering practical daily home cleaning solutions. With HomeVac H11, you’ll get a lightweight and cordless vacuum for convenient spring cleaning duties. Its mobile and seamless design ensures it can easily fit into any room and hidden/higher spaces like drawers, cabinets, air vents, electronics, etc. It also has an extension nozzle for reaching the furthest corners of your sofas or cabinets.

At less than $60, this handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to use and store anywhere. It’s perfect for sucking up any crumbs, surface debris, hair, and dust. Beside the “Power” button, you’ll see three LED lights to indicate the charge level, ensuring you never run out of power while cleaning. You’ll get up to 13 minutes of maximum suction cleaning with a full charge.

But although HomeVac H11 is an extremely handy vacuum cleaner to have around, it’s not meant to be a replacement for a larger, standalone vacuum. The thing is that it cannot efficiently suck out dust and grime on carpets and extended floors. Nevertheless, it will be handy for tidying up those tight spaces during your spring cleaning schedule.

3. MACH V1 Ultra

eufy mach v1 ultra stickvac


  • 82 minutes of battery life.
  • Eco-Clean Ozone for killing bacteria.
  • Triple self-cleaning system.
  • JetBlade quick drying technology.
  • Weighs 12.57lbs.
  • 16,800 PA suction power.
  • 820ml clean water tank volume.

Cordless stickvacs give you more control when vacuuming surfaces. That’s precisely what you’ll get with MACH V1 Ultra, which has an all-in-one design for the ultimate floor cleaning sessions. It delivers 16,800 PA of suction power to remove sticky dirt and hair from carpets and floor surfaces. It boasts up to 82 minutes of runtime, enough to complete your spring cleaning chores.

One of the main selling features of this stickvac is the cordless Steam Wave technology that creates 100 °C steam to sterilize surfaces and kill bacteria. It also has an Eco-Clean Ozone to disinfect your floors and surfaces. Moreover, the Jetblade technology ensures dry floors as you mop. That and many more are a ton of technology for around $700.

We highly recommend MACH V1 Ultra because it mops and vacuums concurrently. This saves you the time it takes to vacuum the surface and mop it. When done, it uses the ozone cleaning technology to clean itself and drain the dirty water before turning on the hot air drying cycle until fully dry. You should get this one if you want to always leave the floor cleaner and sanitized.

The Summing Up

After reading this guide, you should be ready to roll up your sleeves for some thorough spring cleaning. With the recommended spring cleaning products, you’ll clean your home more effectively and efficiently without spending over the top. Whether you buy a stickvack or robovac, the convenient HomeVac H11 should feature highly on your shopping list. You can carry it around in your bag if you want!

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