12 Safest Place to Hide a Spare Car Keys

Misplacing car keys is a common yet stressful occurrence. Having a spare key can be a lifesaver, but where you hide it is crucial. This article explores the safest places to hide a spare car key, both on your car and around your home. You'll learn about sneaky yet effective places where you can hide your key, keeping it safe from thieves. With these strategies, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your backup key is secure and ready for those unexpected moments when you need it most.

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Importance of Hiding a Spare Car Key

Hiding a spare car key is a proactive measure to avoid lockouts and ensure access to your vehicle in emergencies. Securely placing an extra key in a discreet, yet accessible location can save time and reduce the need for costly locksmith services. This practice is especially valuable for those with a busy lifestyle or in areas with limited assistance. Remember, the key to success is choosing a safe, hidden spot that only you know.

Where to Hide a Spare Key on Your Car?

Choosing the right hiding spot on your vehicle is crucial. It should be a place that is not easily noticeable to passersby but accessible to you in times of need. Here are some ingenious spots to consider:

  • Hitch Receiver Box: A hitch receiver box is an excellent option for those pondering hiding key on car. It’s secure and blends with the vehicle, making it less likely to be discovered by thieves.
  • Tire Well: Hiding a key in car's tire well offers a discreet and accessible solution. This area, often overlooked by thieves, provides a secure spot, ensuring you're never locked out of your vehicle.
  • Behind the Front License Plate: This spot is convenient and works well with a magnetic key holder for car.It's particularly useful for those who need an easily accessible yet secure location.
  • Behind the Bumper:Similar to a rock key hider, hiding a key behind the bumper is an unconventional choice but effective in eluding unwanted attention.
  • Under the Hood: Hiding a key under your car's hood offers a secure and less obvious location, ensuring easy access in case of lockouts while maintaining vehicle safety..
  • Inside the Gas Tank Flap: This spot is often overlooked and can be an ingenious place to hide a spare key, blending seamlessly with the car’s exterior.

Safest Place to Keep Car Keys at Home

At home, you have more control over your environment, allowing for creative and secure hiding spots for your spare car key.

  • Under the Dog House: Storing your car keys under the dog house offers a unique, secure location, deterring theft while ensuring easy accessibility for you and your family.
  • In the Potted Plant:Storing car keys in a potted plant at home is often considered the safest place to keep car keys at home. It provides a discreet and unexpected hiding spot, blending seamlessly with your decor while keeping keys accessible yet secure.
  • Inside the Power Meter Box: For a secure home key storage solution, consider placing your car keys inside the power meter box. This hidden spot adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your keys safe and accessible in a discreet location.
  • In a Dryer Vent: Opting for an outdoor key hide, such as a dryer vent. This hidden spot offers both accessibility and discretion, ensuring your keys stay safe and easily accessible within your home.
  • Consider a Combination Lock Box:For home use, a lockbox can be more secure than traditional hiding spots. Ensure it's anchored securely and not visible from the street.
  • With a Trusted Neighbor: Keeping your car keys with a trusted neighbor is a secure and practical option. It ensures accessibility while minimizing the risk of theft or misplacement.

Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Car Theft

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Reducing the risk of car theft involves more than just hiding your spare key. Here are some modern strategies:

Wrap Keys in Foil:

Why wrap car keys in foil? By wrapping your keys in foil, you minimize the risks posed by thieves who exploit keyless entry technology by blocking the key’s signal.

Put Key in RFID Bag:

An RFID bag is a modern solution to a modern problem. It blocks signals from being transmitted from your key, ensuring that thieves cannot use signal amplification devices to access your car.

Use Hide-a-Key:

A tried and true method, the hide-a-key solution is simple yet effective for emergency situations.

Use Smart Tracker Tags:

Technology offers new solutions like the SmartTrack Link from Eufy. These smart tracker tags can be attached to your car key or car, allowing you to track them using a smartphone app. For more security products, you can explore our security and smart tracker collections.

Use a Car Key for Unlocking/Locking:

Utilizing a car key that can only unlock or lock the car, but not start it, is a strategic way to ensure that even if someone finds your hidden key, they can’t drive away with your car.

Regularly Rotate Hiding Spots: 

To deter potential thieves, regularly change your spare key hiding spots to avoid predictable patterns. Stay vigilant and keep your home security strong.


Choosing the safest place to hide your spare car key is crucial, not only for convenience but also for maintaining the security of your vehicle. By thoughtfully selecting a hiding spot that balances accessibility with discretion, you can ensure that your car remains safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about "safest place to hide a spare car keys"

How Far Away Can Thieves Scan Car Keys?

Thieves can potentially scan car keys from around 100 meters (328 feet) away, using devices that intercept and amplify the key's signal. To protect your vehicle, store keys in a signal-blocking pouch or a secure, distant location.

Where Should I Keep My Car Keys at Night?

Store them in a secure, signal-blocking container like an RFID bag or a metal box.

What to Do If I Lost My Spare Car Key?

Immediately contact a locksmith or your car dealership for a replacement. It’s crucial for security reasons.

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