First Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Your Wife

Although it is important to make an effort for the woman who gave you the honor to be a father, doing something extra special for Mother’s Day is mandatory. In our everyday hustle of being a new parent and managing jobs, we forget to express love to our partner.

Mother’s Day brings a phenomenal chance for you to shift focus to the woman who’s sharing your struggles, bearing so much more physically and emotionally. Especially when you have a newborn baby. Sharing your feelings, making small gestures, and putting minimal effort into it is enough to bring her to tears.

Let’s explore different ways to make your wife feel loved and appreciated on her first Mother’s Day.

Personalized Tokens of Love

Most women love it when the gifts you give are thoughtful and personalized, as these are one-of-a-kind and just made for them.

Following are a few recommendations that you can give as your token of love:

Customized Jewelry

If your wife is a jewelry fan, then you should give her a pendant or necklace with the baby’s name or initials engraved on it. You can even look up your baby’s birthstone and give a ring or minimal everyday wear jewelry set with that stone. When gifting jewelry, make sure to know her preferences, whether gold or silver and her allergies.

Digital Photo Frame

Another great option is to give her a digital photo frame that she can keep at her bedside. Nowadays, it is impossible to think that you haven’t captured a billion pictures throughout the pregnancy and your newborn child.

Display her happy moments, precious memories during pregnancy, and the first time she held the baby to slideshow in the frame that’ll make her fall for you more. Frames from Aura Mason are cost-effective and offer cloud storage to store her most precious memories.

Personalized Smartwatch

Popular brands are introducing many innovative, high-quality smartwatches. You can customize belts in your wife’s favorite color and write a heartfelt message on the watch’s face to show how much she means to you. Apple offers the Series 9 Smart Watch that you can customize for your wife. You can have the name engraved on it separately, but it is indeed a thoughtful gift.

Sentimental Surprises

Women prefer sentiments and gestures based on genuine feelings more than materialistic gifts. After entering motherhood, she must have become more sensitive and fragile; make sure to help with that. Here’s how:

Let Her Rest

On Mother’s Day, she definitely wanted to sleep in for a few hours while you took care of the baby. So take charge of the baby, prepare a bottle, or spend time with the baby somewhere outside so she can rest without any interruption.

Set a nice tray of her favorite breakfast items with a handwritten letter and let her know that she is the most special person in your life.

Dress Up the Baby

Since it’s a special occasion, your baby should be looking nice as well. Order a custom shirt for your baby saying “I have the Best Mom” or “My Mommy is Beautiful”, and make sure you dress your baby in them on Mother’s Day morning. When you bathe them, put on a clean diaper and dress your baby up in that cute shirt, it will bring an instant smile to her face.

Bring Exotic and Luxury Flowers

Carnations have become the unsaid symbol of Mother’s Day; trust me, they’re boring. Your wife, being a new mother, expects some trendy and colorful flowers. If you are confused about the flowers, just pick up orchids or lilies, as they are the safest choice.

Practical Innovations

This generation is all about making life easier and more efficient for themselves and their family. There are many practical gifts that you can give that can make chores simpler for the new mom. Some of them include:

Baby Monitor

Every new mom needs a baby monitor to make sure their kid is safe and sound in their cot while they manage chores around the house. It is recommended that a baby monitor with long battery hours be given, incorporating audio and video capabilities. eufy Baby Monitor E110 is the perfect device for new parents, having a 2900mAh rechargeable battery that can provide 15 hours of monitoring.

This device has 4 cameras; you can connect more than one camera at a time, and the monitor shifts the view in cycles. It even offers up to 16 feet of night vision so she can make sure that your child is sleeping without going to the other room.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another practical gift idea is to give smart home devices that can simplify her daily tasks like cleaning the house. You can check out the eufy RoboVac G20 Hybrid, a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop that automatically gathers dust and debris from carpets and wipes hard floors. It is affordable, quiet, and has a slim design, so it won’t get stuck under low-rise furniture. The RoboVac G20 Hybrid offers 90 minutes of maximum runtime, which is enough to cover the entire area of a large hall in a house and even smaller apartments.

Spa and Relaxation Retreats

If you’re looking for something unique and relaxing for Mother’s Day, you’ll rush to get spa gifts so that she can go herself. Following are a few serenity and self-care gifts you can buy:

Luxury Bathrobe

A spa day needs a luxurious robe that brings your wife to five-star resorts or spas. Pick cloud material with added padding that will feel soft on her body, and choose her favorite color to make her feel royal.

Body Scrub

Body scrubs are all over the self-care aisle, available in different flavors and different ingredients. You can even choose postpartum detox body scrubs or exfoliating range to treat her skin.

Calming Candles

Post-pregnancy and in the early maternal stage, women feel anxious and readily sensitive. You can help with that by gifting her calming and relaxing candles. Make sure to go for non-toxic double wick options with a clean burn so it won’t affect her respiratory system. High notes would be a risk, so keep it light with lavender, rose, or cherry blossom scents.

Soothing Tea

Now that you’ve prepped for a relaxing spa day, it should be completed with a soothing tea and a good book. Get a light and refreshing range of tea with vitamins and beneficial ingredients, preferably chamomile and hibiscus tea, that will help clean her mind and body.


Celebrate Mother’s Day with your wife by showing appreciation with a meaningful gift that reflects her love and devotion as a mom. From personalized gifts to practical presents, we have mentioned everything you can give this year.

However, the biggest gesture is your heartfelt efforts and your love towards her. Make her first Mother’s Day extra special by expressing how much she means to you and your family.

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