The Ultimate Guide to Door Security: How to Protect Your Home from Break-ins

Whenever we touch upon the topic of ‘security’, we immediately think of digitalization and technology. We are so engrossed in strengthening website security, passwords, and encryptions that we often overlook physical security requirements entirely. Contrary to popular belief, securing doors is of utmost importance.

With the rising incidents of burglaries and break-ins, it is vital to be proactive in protecting our loved ones and properties. Follow this post to learn how to utilize door security for better protection.

Understanding Door Security Basics

The term door security refers to any measures taken to strengthen doors against breaching, lock-picking, and preventing crimes such as home invasions and burglary. It is used in both government and commercial buildings as well as residential settings.

In order to ensure door security, several security devices are used. These devices may include locks, alarms, and other similar ones. The role of all such devices, as well as door strength and frame integrity, is of utmost importance. The strengthening of doors is significant because it ensures that they are made of strong materials such as wood or steel and are secured with glass panels.

Top Door Security Solutions for Your Home

When it comes to protecting our property, we must make the correct choices as homeowners, especially when looking at the security solutions for our homes.

A few door security devices and solutions, such as door reinforcement locks, security bars, and frame reinforcements, enhance home security. Let us take a look at each one of these separately.

Door Reinforcement Locks

When it comes to protecting your family, there should be no compromise on the quality standards of the door locks installed in your home. An upgrade to the typical door locks is known as a door reinforcement lock. These locks are specially designed to withstand external force (as much as 800 pounds) and prevent them from being kicked into.

Moreover, these locks are also durable and very solid. The door reinforcement locks are installed with a metal sleeve around the area of the doorknob, which provides increased strength to the door. When in a locked position, these locks effectively prevent unauthorized or unwanted entry.

Security Bars

Security bars are another great way of protecting your home against intruders. These are devices that help in protecting doors, windows, and other entry points into your home. The most common type used is the steel security bars, which are resistant to breaking and bending. They not only act as obvious deterrents for criminals but are also a convenient way of preventing non-permitted access.

There are several other types of security bars, such as wrought iron bars, aluminum bars, decorative bars, grille bars, retractable bars, and combination bars. The best part about using these security door stoppers is that they provide enhanced security at a very affordable price.

Frame Reinforcements

Window frame reinforcements are another great way of improving your overall home security. This involves fortification of the present frame structures to enhance their stability and durability. Reinforcing window frames is particularly beneficial in the case of older homes where windows are more likely to undergo wear and tear owing to prolonged exposure to such elements. This serves as an added layer of security, which makes it difficult for intruders to barge into your home.

DIY Door Security Enhancements

Most residential homes have doors that are quite ‘soft’ to being kicked in. When you understand the structure around the deadbolts and locks, you know why the doors are so vulnerable. Here are a few ways of enhancing your door security and how to install them yourself.

Installing a Strike Plate

The striking color is a very significant component of a door. A door with an efficient strike plate offers resistance and additional strength against intrusion. But what exactly is a strike plate? It allows the door to close or open in two distinct motions. So, how can you attach a strike plate to the door?

  1. Hold the plate over the door mortise and first draw its outline using a utility knife.
  2. Chisel out the mortise as deep as the plate is thick.
  3. For the plate’s screws, drill holes, then screw the plate in.

Upgrade Hinges

Another important aspect of door safety is ensuring that the hinges are regularly upgraded. Here is how you can replace door hinges:

  1. Expose the hinges by opening the door wide. Now, keep wood blocks under the door to ensure they remain steady.
  2. Measure your door to ensure that they are placed exactly 7 inches from the door frame top and 11 inches from the bottom of the frame.
  3. Slowly remove the screws that are holding the old hinges and pull the hinge away from the door.
  4. Place the new hinge in place of the old hinge, and now use a drill or screwdriver to secure both sides of the hinges.
  5. Repeat for the other hinge.
  6. Remove the blocks from under the door and open and close them several times to ensure they are easy and smooth.

Add Door Jammers

  1. Slide the door jammer against and under the door below where the handle is.
  2. Turn the screw in a clockwise motion until it is firm and the installation is complete.

The Importance of Material and Installation in Door Security

The material being used to make the door is of utmost importance to ensure security. There are three main materials used for building doors.

Composite and wooden doors are pretty much at the top of the market in terms of noise and thermal insulation. However, the difference between the two is that wooden doors are suited for climates that are moderate to mild.

A composite door, on the other hand, is more resistant to weather conditions than a wooden door and can even handle harsher weather conditions. Moreover, a wooden door will most likely lose its insulation over time and require a lot of maintenance compared to composite doors.

As far as metal doors are concerned, they are a little stronger by design as they come with a wider variety of security upgrades, such as thick steel. However, the cost of a steel door is more than that of a wooden door. If we compare steel, composite, and wooden doors, it is best to choose a steel door if you wish to select one that lasts for a lifetime.

High-Tech Security Additions for Your Door

Improving security for your door is vital to improving overall home security. Adding smart locks and doorbell cameras is the perfect way of enhancing your home security.

Doorbell cameras not only let you speak and see visitors at your doorstep but also record suspicious activity around your house. This footage proves to be especially significant when potential threats need to be identified, and evidence of a security breach has to be provided.

On the other hand, a smart lock allows homeowners to have a keyless entry to their homes. This is mainly managed through a phone app or a website, letting only the right people in. Doorbell cameras like eufy offer the best front door security at the right price and top features.

Preventing Door Kick-ins: Advanced Techniques and Materials

The first step towards preventing door-kick-ins is strengthening door frames and jambs.

How can you strengthen door security and frames? The strengthening of door frames is directly related to the strengthening of the door jambs. In order to reinforce door jambs, you must install a strike plate in the position of the old lip door strike plate in the lockset. Then attach it to three-in screws.

Another way of preventing door kick-ins is to use products and materials that are specifically designed for this purpose. Steel doors are among the best options for ensuring door security, as breaking them down is next to impossible, even if they are abused or kicked. They might face a dent, but breaking them down is much more difficult.

Door Security Bars: Not Just for Doors

Door security bars are a great way of improving door security. However, these security bars are not only used on doors. However, they can also be used on different entry points, such as windows. Security professionals recommend paying very close attention to securing entry points. Security bars come in a variety of styles and designs.

While some are fixed, others can be unlocked when required. Some security bars are installed internally (inside of the window) while externally (outside of the window).

Here are a few most top-rated security bars and their best features:

Master Lock

  • Adjustable – can be extended up to 42 inches
  • Made up of 20-gauge solid steel
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy installation, requiring no tools

Brinks Security Door Bar

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Adjustable height up to 43 inches
  • Easy removal and installation

SECURITYMAN Security Door Bar

  • Adjustable length that extends up to 47.50 inches
  • Durable due to high-quality iron construction
  • Rubber bottom for safe contact on distinct floors
  • Easy to utilize and remove, includes several accessories

Custom Solutions for Unique Doors

While there are several door options available in the market, each one comes with its challenges:

French Doors

While French doors offer several benefits to your home security, there are also some unique challenges associated with them. Since they typically have panes made of glass, they can be easily broken. This means that intruders and criminals can enter your house by simply breaking a pane and unlocking the door.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors also contain glass, and unless this glass is shatterproof and extremely strong, safety and security might be compromised.

Sliding Doors

Despite all their advantages, sliding doors are more expensive than other door options and are quite fragile due to the use of glass.

When everything else fails, you can always use custom solutions for unique doors robust enough to withstand kick-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Security

  1. What is the best security for doors?

There are several solutions for adding the best security to your doors. Some of these include security bars, smart locks, and multi-point locking systems. Moreover, choosing a suitable material for building doors is also necessary.

  1. How can the door security be maintained?

Inspect the locks, hinges, and frames on the doors regularly. Check if any fixes are required to prevent serious damage which can compromise your door’s performance. Tighten the loose screws and locks and replace them when their time is up.

  1. How do you inspect a door?
  2. Inspect the alignment of the door frame
  3. Test the door operation and swing
  4. Confirm proper door installation
  5. Lock for secure door
  6. Check the door lock engagement


Security doors come in a wide range of features and options. They can be sliding or swing fitted, hinged or self-closing, include one-sided vision, or be made of wood or steel. Whatever you use, ensure that you have made the best choice from all the available options.

High-security doors are now not only a preference but a mandatory choice for many homeowners. With options from steel to wooden and double to triple-glazed doors available, choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

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