5 Best Pet Water Fountains for Cats and Dogs: 2024 List

If you are keeping a cat or dog, you would know that drinking enough water is necessary for your pet’s health. However, you may also notice that if you just put a normal bowl filled with water, your pet, especially a cat, sometimes has little interest in it, which causes low water intake. In fact, running water can be more attractive to the pet because it thinks the flowing water is fresher. Therefore, to encourage your cat or dog to drink water more frequently, you need the best pet water fountain to help you. In the post, we’ll introduce 5 best pet fountains to you, and you can select the one that suits you most.


How to Pick The Best Pet Water Fountain

Before you go to the 5 best pet fountains, you can check this part to learn how to pick the best pet fountain according to your needs. Just look through the following items:

  1. Low Noise

Since pet water fountains offer flowing water, they certainly make some noise. So, the best pet water fountain should cause lower noise, or it may bother you sometimes.

  1. Suitable Materials

The material of the pet fountain is also important because it can influence your pet’s health. Generally, ceramic and stainless steel are better than plastic.

  1. Large Capacity

The satisfying capacity of your pet water fountain won’t require you to add water from time to time, which can be a hassle, and you can go out without worrying about running out of water. But note that it doesn’t mean the larger, the better, because you may prepare too much water for once and your cat or dog cannot finish drinking for a long time. In the end, you may forget to replace the water that's gone bad.

  1. Good Filter

It’s better that the pet fountain is equipped with a filter that ensures the water is fresh and harmless to your pet.

The 5 Best Pet Water Fountains for Cats and Dogs

After reading the tips above, let’s now dive into the 5 best pet water fountains here. There will be the one that can satisfy you.

1. Best Overall Pest Fountain for Cats and Dogs - eufy Pet Water Fountain

Among the 5 choices, eufy Pet Water Fountain ranks first to be the best pet water fountain. It is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel which won’t do any harm to your cat or dog’s health. With an innovative filter design, your pet will enjoy fresh water without hair, dust, food residue, or other impurities. What’s more, because pets are sensitive to charged particles, the eufy Pet Water Fountain uses a SafeSip Pump that removes the charge from the water, providing your pets with an enjoyable drinking experience.


Aside from the considerate design for your cat or dog, it also gives you a pleasant experience, because the tiny and powerful rotor makes it a breeze to clean the fountain. Besides, with a capacity of 3L, your cat can drink for a week and your dog can drink for 4 days, which means you can go on a trip without worrying about your pet’s drinking.


  • Food-grade stainless steel with no harm to pets’ health
  • Carefully designed filter to separate the water and contaminants
  • Eliminate charge from the water for pets’ comfortable drinking
  • Easy to clean with no germs
  • Large capacity for pets to drink for nearly a week

Price: $45.99


2. Best Budget Water Fountain for Multiple Cats - GJEASE Cat Water Fountain

Some of you may keep more than one cat, so a pet fountain that can feed multiple cats is appropriate. Here, GJEASE Cat Water Fountain will be a good choice. Its unique patented 4-level design makes it easier for two or even three cats to drink at the same time, and your cats don’t even have to bend their neck, which offers a comfortable drinking experience.


The GJEASE Cat Water Fountain also features gentle LED lights that help your cats find the fountain in the dark, and the lights change to different colors to indicate the amount of water stored and tell you when it needs to be refilled.


  • 4-level design for multiple cats to drink water simultaneously
  • LED lights show you the amount of water and remind you toadd water
  • 6-layer recirculating filtration system to always keep water fresh
  • One of the most cost-effective pet water fountains

Price: $23.88



3. Best Pet Water Fountain for Kittens - McLovin's Gravity Pet Water Dispenser

If you are keeping kittens, McLovin's Gravity Pet Water Dispenser can be the one you like. The water plate is wide with low height, supporting kittens drinking water easily. What’s more, its chic design with beautiful pink/blue color can also be a satisfying decoration for your home, and the transparent water chamber lets you know about the water level just at a glance.


  • Low height for kittens to drink water
  • Good design and color to embellish your home
  • Transparent water chamber to know the water level easily

Price: $32.99


4. Best Pet Water Fountain for Large Dogs - Zeus Fresh & Clear Elevated Dog and Cat Water Dispenser

You may notice that the pet fountains mentioned above are more suitable for cats. Don’t worry. In this part, Zeus Fresh & Clear Elevated Dog and Cat Water Dispenser is a good choice for a dog water fountain. Its water plate is relatively higher, which suits the dog’s larger body and the dog won’t bend its neck much to reach the water. Also, with a larger water capacity of 5.9L, your dogs can drink for several days.


  • Suitable design for dogs drinking in a better position
  • Large capacity for multiple dogs drinking for days
  • Improved filtration to soften tap water, collect debris, and absorb odors

Price: $42.99


5. Best Outdoor Pet Water Fountain for Dogs - TrioGato Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain

Your dog may like to go outside and play with you and your children. Then, an outdoor water fountain is convenient for dogs to drink water and is also entertainment. TrioGato Dog Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain is a paw-activated water fountain that allows your dog to drink water by pressing it, which can also entertain your pet. And it’s really easy to train your dog to step on it because of the paw-design pedal.


  • Outdoor water fountain as well as entertainment for dogs
  • Made of heavy gauge steel to guarantee strength and durability
  • Easy to install

Price: $45.99



In a world where our beloved pets' well-being is paramount, our list of the 5 best pet water fountains for cats and dogs offers a comprehensive guide to enhancing their hydration experience. From considering factors like capacity and filtration to exploring diverse designs, this list empowers pet owners to make informed decisions, promoting the health and happiness of their cherished companions.

Ultimately, we believe that you have selected the best pet water fountain. Also, you can look through more pet water fountains and have a more detailed comparison. Hoping that you can find the pet fountain that suits you most!

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