Where to Put Baby Monitor: Important Tips for You

Baby monitors play a significant role in childcare, especially for new parents. When using a baby monitor for the first time, proper positioning is very important, as it ensures clear vision and a safe distance from the baby.


In this blog, we focus on providing valuable guidance to all parents, offering insights on where to put a baby monitor. By following our practical tips, you can enhance the effectiveness of your baby monitoring setup and gain the confidence to embrace parenthood. Let’s get started!



When You Need to Place a Baby Monitor: Factors to Consider

Properly placing a baby monitor requires careful consideration of several factors, including viewing angle, safety, and distance.

Viewing Angle

For effective monitoring, a wide viewing angle is a crucial factor to consider when deciding where to place baby monitor. Choose a position where you can get a full view of the area where your baby will stay or move around.


Besides, most baby monitors nowadays are equipped with features for better viewing such as panning, tilting, and zooming. Depending on the specific baby monitor model you have purchased, the accessible angle may vary. Therefore, it is also essential to test the viewing ranges while placing the monitor in the baby's room.

Safety and Distance

While you may prefer a closer distance to capture every detail about your little ones, safety should be the primary concern. Keeping a proper distance between your baby and the security monitor is recommended to prevent any accidental harm. 

Additionally, electronic devices emit optical radiation while running, so it is also advisable to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet / 1.8 meters from the baby monitor to your baby. 

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Best Locations to Put a Baby Monitor

Taking the above factors into consideration and from our experience, the following locations are the best places to put your baby monitor.

Wall-Mounted Near the Ceiling

Mounting the baby monitors high near the ceiling is usually the preferred choice. This ensures a wide and well-defined view while maintaining a reasonable distance from your baby. If your baby monitor comes with remote pan, tilt, or zoom features, this location is ideal as it allows the monitor to cover almost all areas in the room for effective monitoring.


To position your baby monitors in this manner more conveniently, it’s recommended that you opt for models that support wall-mounted installation and offer related accessories, for example, eufy E210 Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor is an excellent choice. After deciding where to mount baby monitor, remember to ensure it is securely mounted to avoid any unexpected falls in the future.

Place on a Shelf

Another good option for placing baby monitors is on a tall shelf. Generally, this ensures a wide and expansive monitoring view while keeping the devices out of the baby's reach, providing a higher level of safety. If your shelf is not tall enough (at least 5-6 feet), you can use additional boxes or books as supportive tools to elevate it (but ensure stability). This positioning method offers more flexibility compared to wall-mounted setups. It is especially suitable if your monitor lacks features like zooming or remote tilting.



Other Locations

In addition to the above-mentioned places, there are several other locations to consider based on the layout of your room:

  • On other furniture higher than the baby bed:This ensures the best view to monitor your baby's behavior consistently.
  • In high places at the corners of the room:The baby camera's view can cover the entire room, allowing you to keep a close eye on your baby's movements.
  • Outside the door or in the corridor:This can help you know when your baby is leaving the room, allowing continuous monitoring (if your baby can walk on his/her own).


Regardless of the chosen location, always ensure that your baby monitor is securely mounted/placed to avoid any accidental falls. Also, avoid putting it within the baby's reach to ensure their safety.



Locations to Avoid While Placing a Baby Monitor

Now that you have learned about the ideal locations for placing a baby monitor, don’t forget to check some places you need to avoid at the same time, which include:


  • Inside the baby bed where your baby sleeps:It could pose hidden dangers as the baby may accidentally hit the monitor.
  • Too high on the wall:This may not cover wider areas in the room or provide a good view of the baby.
  • Hanging over the baby bed:The device may easily fall down and potentially hurt your baby.
  • Near water sources:This could lead to the device falling into water and getting damaged.
  • Exposed to direct sunlight:This can shorten the lifespan of the baby monitor and may result in unclear views on the screen.



In conclusion, when deciding where to put baby monitors, always follow two principles: one is to keep the baby monitors out of baby’s reach or at any location that may affect the baby’s movements; second, ensure that the monitors can provide the best views, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby from the screens at all times. 


Finding the right location for a baby monitor can be a challenging task, as it requires balancing safety and ensuring a good view. By taking these factors into account, you can explore more suitable options for mounting baby monitors, beyond the ones mentioned earlier.


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