Best Budget Baby Monitors of 2024: Big Protection for Small Budgets

Baby monitors have become indispensable tools for many families, not only to ease the stress of parenting, but also to ensure the safety of their children. Today's baby monitors have evolved into multifunctional devices, offering features such as remote access, nighttime monitoring, two-way communication, and even smart features such as cry detection and growth tracking.

As more features become available, many expensive baby monitors have come on the market. But, is it necessary to invest in a more costly model with additional features?  Actually, that is not the case. We should consider cost-effectiveness. This article will review the best budget baby monitors of 2024, and compare their prices and features to help you choose the perfect baby monitor within your budget.



Reviews of Best Budget Baby Monitors

Let's get right to the point and dive right in with our picks for the 4 best budget baby monitors in 2024.

eufy Baby Monitor E110

Pricing: $159.99

eufy Baby Monitor E110 is a budget-friendly option that effortlessly blends essential features with affordability, providing a comprehensive solution for parents in search of reliable monitoring.

With a crystal-clear 720p display and an impressive range of 1000 feet, this monitor ensures that not a single moment will be missed. Moreover, the lens included expands the viewing angle to 110 degrees, with a 360-degree pan and a 110-degree tilt, granting complete coverage of your entire home. The E110's features allow for expanded functionality, including two-way audio, the ability to monitor in low light, and customized alerts, allowing for seamless communication with your child, and ensuring the safety of your little one even in dim environments.

As the most reasonably-priced baby monitor on the market, the eufy Baby Monitor E110 stands out for its clear display, wide coverage, two-way communication, and budget-friendly pricing, making it the ultimate pick for parents who prioritize both superior quality and affordability.


Baby Monitor E210

Pricing: $169.99

Baby Monitor E210 by eufy is a versatile and affordable monitoring solution for parents to keep an eye on their little babies and ensure their well-being.

E210's large 5-inch HD display offers clear visuals of your baby's surroundings, while its long-range coverage of up to 1,000 feet allows you to move around your home while staying connected. Additionally, it offers a selection of soothing lullabies to help your baby relax and enjoy peaceful sleep. Notably, one of E210's outstanding features is that it doesn't require Wi-Fi, addressing privacy concerns for users.

This best affordable baby monitor stands out with high security without Wi-Fi concerns, an easy setup process, strong battery life, and versatile features. It is an excellent choice for parents who seek a reliable monitoring solution without the need for Wi-Fi, making it particularly suitable for those with privacy concerns.


Chillax Giraffe Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Pricing: $159.99

Chillax Giraffe Pro Smart Baby Monitor offers a convenient remote viewing feature through a mobile app, allowing you to monitor your baby from anywhere using your smartphone. Additionally, it provides sleep analysis and keeps a baby tracking journal for valuable insights.

Moreover, the Giraffe Pro stands out with its impressive 1080p camera resolution and a wide range of up to 1200 feet for clear and extensive monitoring. Its motion detection technology enhances safety by alerting you to any movement in your baby's room.

In summary, the Chillax Giraffe Pro Smart Baby Monitor provides remote monitoring, high-quality visuals, an extended range, safety features, and data tracking – making it an advanced and user-friendly monitoring solution designed for modern parents.

See what eufy can help if you're still looking for more smart baby monitor to keep your baby safe.



Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Pricing: $199.00

Featuring advanced artificial intelligence technology, the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is a cutting-edge and innovative option for comprehensive baby monitoring.

What sets the Cubo Ai Plus apart is its AI technology, which can alert parents when their baby rolls over or covers their face to sleep. It's great at capturing pictures and videos, and can automatically save photos to the Moment Wall. You can also conveniently playback nighttime events with the 18-hour video playback feature. Plus, it's shaped like a charming little bird that blends effortlessly into any nursery, avoiding the typical security camera vibe.

With a variety of great features, including AI technology, attractive design, and excellent photo and video capture capabilities, this best inexpensive baby monitor provides parents with up-to-date and all-encompassing baby monitoring.


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How to Choose a Cheap Baby Monitor?

Having introduced the top 4 best cheap baby monitors, you may be wondering how to choose the perfect one to suit your specific needs. To help you make the right decision, consider these key factors:

  • Determine Your Budget and Must-Have Features:Begin by setting your budget and listing the essential features you need, like audio or video monitoring, night vision, two-way communication, and temperature or humidity monitoring.
  • Consider Range and Power Source:Think about the size of your home and where you intend to use the monitor. Make sure it has adequate range for signal coverage. Additionally, decide if you prefer a rechargeable battery or a monitor that requires constant power.
  • Read Reviews and Compare Brands: Make an informed choice by reading user reviews and comparing different baby monitor brands. This research will help you select the most suitable and budget-friendly option.


In summary, we've explored 4 cheap but good monitors, each designed to meet various parenting needs. By thoughtfully evaluating your budget, monitoring requirements, brand reputation, and other specific criteria, you can confidently choose the ideal baby monitor. This choice not only ensures your baby's safety but also provides you with peace of mind while staying within your budget.

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