Best Breast Pump through Insurance: Top 10 Options

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way to nourish your baby, but it's not always possible to be present for every feeding. This is where a breast pump becomes invaluable. Many insurance plans cover the cost of a breast pump, making it accessible to more mothers than ever before.

In this article, we'll explore why a breast pump is essential for new mothers, and delve into the 10 best breast pumps covered by insurance. Read on to learn more!

Why Is a Breast Pump Essential for New Mothers?

Breast pumps offer numerous benefits for new mothers and their babies. Firstly, they provide flexibility and freedom by allowing mothers to express milk and store it for later use. This means you can maintain your milk supply while being away from your baby for work, appointments, or personal time.

Additionally, breast pumps can help alleviate engorgement and discomfort, especially in the early postpartum period when the milk supply is still regulated. They also enable partners or other caregivers to participate in feeding, fostering bonding and sharing the caregiving responsibilities. Moreover, for mothers who may have difficulty breastfeeding directly, such as those with latch issues or preterm babies, a breast pump allows them to provide their milk to their baby in an alternate way, promoting the numerous health benefits of breast milk.

Top 10 Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance

The following are the best breast pumps through insurance that we carefully selected:

1. Zomee Fit Wearable Hands-Free Breast Pump


The Zomee Fit Wearable Hands-Free Breast Pump offers moms the flexibility to pump discreetly while on the move. Designed to be worn inside a bra, it frees up the hands for multitasking. With a powerful motor similar to those used in hospitals, it ensures efficient pumping with three modes to choose from. Plus, it's rechargeable and doesn't require any app for operation. Its quiet operation lets moms pump without drawing attention, and it comes with soft silicone shields and inserts for comfort. The pump's containers can hold up to 5 ounces of milk, and its anti-backflow system prevents leaks, making sure every drop is collected. Easy to store and designed for convenience, this best breast pump covered by insurance makes hands-free pumping a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

2. Ardo Calypso-To-Go Breast Pump


The Ardo Calypso-To-Go Breast Pump is a highly adaptable and user-friendly device crafted to support breastfeeding mothers. Its standout features include its ability to function as a single pump, double pump, or manual pump, offering versatility for various pumping needs. With its straightforward controls, users can easily operate it without hassle. Additionally, the pump comes with a one-year guarantee, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for users. Its customizable settings allow individuals to adjust suction strength and frequency independently, tailored to their comfort and requirements. The inclusion of different breast flange sizes ensures a comfortable fit for diverse breast shapes. Furthermore, its Vacuum Seal technology provides comprehensive protection against contamination and ensures hygiene by preventing milk from entering tubes. Lastly, this best insurance breast pump includes a cleaning brush for convenient maintenance, enhancing ease of use and longevity.

3. Spectra S1 Hospital Strength Double Electric Breast Pump


As one of the best free breast pumps through insurance, the Spectra S1 Hospital Strength Double Electric Breast Pump is renowned for its powerful performance, quiet operation, and customizable features. Its notable attributes encompass adjustable suction levels, which allow users to personalize their pumping experience for optimal comfort and efficiency. The inclusion of a massage mode simulates natural suckling, enhancing milk flow and comfort during pumping sessions. Moreover, practical features such as a built-in night light and timer facilitate convenient use, especially during late-night pumping sessions. The pump's rechargeable internal battery ensures portability, enabling users to pump even when away from a power source.

4. BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump Kit


The BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump Kit is designed with ultimate portability in mind, making it an ideal choice for busy parents on the move. Its standout feature is its compact size, which is smaller than a smartphone, ensuring easy transportation and discreet use. Despite its small footprint, the pump remains powerful, providing efficient and effective expression of breast milk. The inclusion of a rechargeable battery further enhances its portability, allowing for convenient use even in situations where access to power sources may be limited. Overall, the BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump Kit offers a combination of portability, power, and convenience, catering to the needs of busy parents striving to maintain their breastfeeding routines while on the go.

5. Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow


The Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow epitomizes reliability, convenience, and efficiency for breastfeeding mothers. Its wearable design ensures ease of use, allowing mothers to pump discreetly and comfortably. Equipped with two-phase expression and MaxFlow micro-vibrations, it effectively stimulates milk production, ensuring optimal milk yield. The pump's secure seal prevents spills, guaranteeing a mess-free pumping experience. Additionally, its battery-powered operation enhances portability, enabling pumping sessions wherever and whenever needed. From its user-friendly interface to its innovative features, the Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow simplifies the pumping process, providing mothers with a reliable and effective solution to meet their breastfeeding needs.

6. Motif Luna Breast Pump with Battery Bundle


The Motif Luna Breast Pump with Battery Bundle is convenient and efficient. Its powerful suction ensures effective milk expression, while the rechargeable battery provides mobility for on-the-go pumping sessions. With a battery life of over 2 hours and quick recharge time, it's perfect for busy moms needing flexibility. The sleek and lightweight design enhances portability, and the inclusion of Milk Storage Bags and Pump to Bag Adapters simplifies storage and cleanup. This pump bundle is a must-have for modern moms, making the pumping journey easier and more manageable, whether at home or away.

7. Ameda Mya® Joy Hospital Strength Portable Electric Breast Pump

ameda breast-pump-through-insurance

Boasting hospital-grade strength, the Ameda Mya® Joy Hospital Strength Portable Electric Breast Pump features two modes of pumping to cater to individual preferences. Its lightweight and portable design, combined with the ability to clip onto various items, ensures seamless integration into daily life. Operating at less than 45dB, it provides quiet and discreet pumping sessions. The true closed system guarantees hygiene and prevents contamination. With up to 250 mmHg suction strength, it delivers efficient milk expression. The LCD display and timer make tracking pumping time effortless, while the smart auto power-off feature enhances safety and energy efficiency. Additionally, the pump offers 2-phase adjustable suction modes, adaptable for both single and double pumping. Whether powered by batteries or an AC adapter, this best insurance covered breast pump provides flexibility and reliability to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers.

8. Cimilre S6 Breast Pump


The Cimilre S6 Breast Pump is a versatile and efficient solution for breastfeeding mothers. Its ability to perform single or double pumping offers flexibility to suit individual needs. With two modes, massage and expression, it ensures a comfortable and effective pumping experience. The adjustable suction strength levels provide personalized comfort, while the hospital-strength suction guarantees optimal milk expression. Its quiet motor operation allows for discreet pumping sessions, complemented by the backlit LCD screen and timer display for easy monitoring. Moreover, its lightweight design makes it portable and convenient for use at home or on the go, making it a reliable companion for breastfeeding mothers.

9. Elvie Stride


The Elvie Stride breast pump epitomizes discreet and efficient pumping for modern mothers. Designed to be worn inside a bra, it operates silently, allowing seamless integration into daily activities such as virtual meetings or running errands. Its smart-enabled features include connectivity to a smartphone app, providing real-time monitoring of milk volume and tracking of pumping history. Additionally, the app enables remote operation of the pump, offering convenience and flexibility. With its innovative design, the Elvie Stride ensures a hassle-free and discreet pumping experience, empowering mothers to prioritize their breastfeeding journey without interruption.

10. Motif Twist Breast Pump


The Motif Twist Breast Pump is designed with the needs of breastfeeding moms in mind. Its Expression Mode efficiently extracts milk from the breast, while the Massage Mode helps stimulate let-down, mimicking a baby's nursing pattern. With a Closed System, it prevents contamination by keeping the motor and tubing clean. Offering both stationary and battery-powered options, it provides flexibility for pumping anywhere. Weighing less than half a pound, it's incredibly lightweight and portable. Plus, its quiet motor ensures discreet pumping without any disruptive noise, making it ideal for use in various settings.

These are just a few options for the best breast pump to get through insurance. It's essential to check with your insurance provider to see which models are available to you and any specific requirements or steps you need to follow to obtain one.


In conclusion, a breast pump is an essential tool for new mothers, offering convenience, flexibility, and numerous health benefits for both mother and baby. With many insurance plans covering the cost of breast pumps, access to this vital piece of equipment has never been easier. By exploring the options of the best breast pump through insurance available and finding the right pump for your needs, you can enjoy the many advantages of breastfeeding while still maintaining a vibrant lifestyle.


What breast pump can I get through insurance?

The specific breast pumps available through insurance may vary depending on your plan and provider. However, most insurance plans offer a selection of popular models from reputable brands such as Medela, Spectra, and Lansinoh.

What if the breast pump I want isn't covered by my insurance?

If the breast pump you desire isn't covered by your insurance, you still have options. You can explore purchasing the pump out-of-pocket or look into rental options for high-end hospital-grade pumps. Additionally, some manufacturers offer discounts or payment plans to make their pumps more accessible.

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