Smart Scale P2 Pro


eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro, Digital Bathroom Scale with Wi-Fi Bluetooth, 16 Measurements Including Weight, Heart Rate, Body Fat, BMI, Muscle & Bone Mass, 3D Virtual Body Mode, 50 g/0.1 lb High Accuracy

  • Full Body Composition Analysis
  • Advanced Technology for High Accuracy
  • 3D Virtual Model
  • Third-Party App Syncing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Nutrition-Tracking
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    Why is my weight measurement inaccurate?
    What is the weight range of this scale?
    Can I switch from pounds to kilograms or stones via the scale?
    Why can't I measure my body fat rate?
    Why does the scale show my weight but not body fat percentage?
    Is the body fat % accurate or an approximation?
    I've had my body fat professional measured but the scale gives a very different measurement. Is the scale not calculated properly?
    Can I sync the data with my phone after I step off the scale and the scale has turned off?
    Are all measurements displayed on the scale?
    This scale says it can track unlimited users. If a smartphone is not detected during a weigh-in, how does it select who is using the scale?
    There is an issue with the Bluetooth connection. How do I reconnect the two devices?
    The Wi-Fi network configuration shows it failed. How do I reconfigure the network?
    Why isn't the data displayed in the EufyLife app after the network configuration is complete?
    After measuring, the scale keeps showing "Lo." What should I do?
    What kind of batteries does this scale use and how long do they last?
    Is this scale water resistant, i.e. can I safely put it near a shower in my bathroom?
    Can my child use this scale?

    Smart Scale P2 Pro

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Love it, gives clear accurate information

    Mike Adair

    I didn't have any problems with the scales, or the Eufy app. The scales seem well made and work well. My only issue is that they wouldn't sync with Google Fit and sadly this is a deal breaker for me. Eufy Customer Support was prompt and they confirmed that this is due to a change in privacy terms by Google however I need the data to sync to Google Fit so I can then sync it to other Android apps.