Advanced Home Security Starts with HomeBase S380
Advanced Home
Security Starts with
HomeBase S380
Connect all of your devices, utilize fast local AI with BionicMind™, and unlock a world of innovative smart features.
BionicMind™ Makes Security, and Life, More Convenient
Cross-Cameras Tracking
Cross-Cameras Tracking offers the most advanced and easy-to-use method of reviewing an entire event, from every angle, without manually searching or switching devices. Powered by BionicMind™, it's smart enough to recognise a person and follow them across multiple devices. All of the relevant footage is combined and shared with you as a single event for simple reviewing.
Back Yard
Front Door
Front Door
Daily Security Reports
Combined event videos are included in your daily reports along with other events to review, such as your kids arriving home, strangers loitering, or anything else happening around your home, and they're all presented together for you to see in one comprehensive daily report.
Face Recognition Along with Human, Vehicle, Package, and Pet Detection
BionicMind™ can recognize faces, detect humans, packages, vehicles, and pets. It can see who's at the door and knows if they're trusted. Get instant notifications showing whether a known person or a stranger is at your door.
Recognition Accuracy Increases Over Time
Sometimes subjects aren't recognized correctly due to bad capture angles or insufficient clarity. The AI is always learning and improving its accuracy rate, and you can help by manually feeding in data that will assist the system in becoming more accurate, such as identifying an unrecognized guest.
Brand New Automations, Stronger Interconnectivity
Our updated automations facilitate enhanced inter-device connectivity. Leveraging HomeBase S380's capabilities as the center of the security network, devices can quickly interact and work together for an enhanced security experience.
Total Coverage
Cameras can be linked and will work together. When the first camera detects movement, it will activate a linked camera which can be instructed to turn and monitor the edge of the first camera's field of view. If a detected subject moves out of range, another camera is ready to take over the task of monitoring them. No matter the time, eufy Security's ecosystem is working to protect your home.
Privacy Mode
Activates when you return home. Indoor cameras stopmonitoring and sending alerts, or even turn to look away, making surre you don't feel watched within your home, while outdoor cameras keep operating to keep you safe.
Customize Your Own Modes
More modes can be created to suit your specific needs. With multi-device capabilities and triggers such as face recognition, human detection, and more, you can fine tune your security system to act and feel exactly the way you want. Your security should be yours, and now it is.
New Experiences
AI Tracking: Person Tracking with Automatic Zooming
Daily Door Events: Generate the Event Timeline with a single tap in the App.
Automation Guide: See how automated device behaviors can enhance your experience.
24/7 Monitoring and Dispatch Response within 10 seconds
*Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.