Smart Scale P1


  • HOLISTIC HEALTH: Instantly learn 14 insightful measurements of your body's health, such as Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and more.
  • USE WITH 3RD-PARTY APPS: Track your measurements on Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.
  • ACCURACY IMPROVED BY 10%: Two pairs of super-sensitive G-shaped sensors ensure more precise measurements compared to other sensor types.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Track the health trends of up to 16 users from one account, and the large LED display is easy to read for all ages.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Smart Scale P1, AAA batteries x3, Quick Start Guide, User Manual, and our worry-free 15-month warranty.

    • Black
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    No Sharp Corners

    The rounded-glass top plate safeguards you from bumping into pointed edges.

    Form and Function

    The anti-slip top plate and low, stable design ensure stability when you step on.

    Hassle-Free Conversions

    Switch from pounds to kilograms and back in one second.

    No Second Guessing

    An ITO coating is layered on the surface of Smart Scale to ensure precise measurements every time you step on.

    Instant Bluetooth Connection

    Fast wireless data transfer means you can view your measurements in seconds.

    Note: According to system requirements for Android 6.0 and above, access to your location is required to enable Bluetooth.

    Know Your Body

    See all the historical data of your progress and health trends with ease.

    Note: Do not use this device if you are wearing a pacemaker or other medical devices inside your body.

    Unique Users

    eufy Smart Scale P1 is intelligent enough to match measurements to the correct user profile, automatically.

    Note: Do not use this device if you are pregnant.

    Easy to Set Up

    Just connect pair Smart Scale with the EufyHome app on your smartphone, step on, and see your results.

    Your data is encrypted before being transmitted via Bluetooth from Smart Scale to your smartphone to ensure security and privacy in the EufyLife app; it is only used to calculate your physical parameters and will never be used for other purposes.


    Can I sync the data with my phone after I step off the scale and the scale has turned off?
    Why is my weight measurement inaccurate?
    My family and I want to use this scale with different phones and accounts. Is it possible that the measurement syncs to the correct phone and account automatically?
    I have added several family members under my account. Is it possible for the measurement to sync to the correct member automatically?
    How do I switch between several eufy scales?
    Are all measurements displayed on the scale?
    This scale says it can track up to 16 users. If a smartphone is not detected during a weigh-in,how does it select who is using the scale?
    There is an issue with the Bluetooth connection. How do I reconnect the two devices?
    What kind of batteries does this scale use and how long do they last?
    I've had my body fat professional measured but the scale gives a very different measurement. Is the scale not calculated properly?
    Is the body fat % accurate or an approximation?
    What is the weight range of this scale?
    Which versions of iOS and Android is this device compatible with?
    Can I switch from Pounds to Kilograms on the scale?
    Is this scale water resistant, i.e. can I safely put it near a shower in my bathroom?
    Can my child use this scale?
    Is it possible to sync data with other apps like Apple Health, Google Fit,FitBit,etc..?

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