eufy Security Siren (105 dB Wireless Alarm)


  • Scare off would-be intruders and alert the neighborhood with this wireless 105 dB indoor/outdoor siren.
  • Loud 105 dB siren makes sure the alarm is heard when a security risk is detected.
  • IP65 weather-resistant design, so the siren can be used indoors and in sheltered areas outdoors too.
  • Easy to install without the need for tools or professional installation. Requires homebase to operate. Compatible with HomeBase S380 and S280.
  • One App Controls All. Links to HomeBase and the eufy Security app. Easily get notifications and check the battery status.
  • Takes two CR123 batteries which last up to 2 years.
  • Water Sensor
    Water Sensor
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Listener
    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Listener
  • Security Siren
    Security Siren
  • Motion Sensor
    Motion Sensor
Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
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Quick Intro

Clear and Loud—Hear the Alarm Everywhere

The adjustable volume can reach 105 dB, ensuring alarms can be heard any time whether indoors or outdoors.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

IP65 Weather resistant for use both indoors and outdoors

Instant Alerts* When an Alarm is Heard

Through Sub-1G connectivity, HomeBase can be reached all throughout your home, allowing alerts to reach you on your phone in real time.

Connects with HomeBase S380 and S280

HomeBase makes sure you get instant notices* about your home via the app.

Home Monitoring Service with No Monthly Fee


Technical Details


Is HomeBase necessary to receive notifications?
Is the volume of the siren adjustable?
What is the maximum operating distance from the siren to HomeBase?
What's included in the box?
Does Siren have adjustable volume?
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