Video Doorbell S330 Add-on + SoloCam S230 2-Pack


Due to high demand, orders placed after the 18th of July will be delayed and are expected to be shipped around the early of August.

Video Doorbell S330 Add-on + SoloCam S230 (2 packs)

  • Forever Power, Solar Style: Just 2 hours of direct sunlight each day is enough to continuously power SoloCam S230, so you never have to worry about changing the battery. And when the sun sets, the built-in battery keeps the juice flowing.
  • Light Up the Night: The ultra-bright 600 Lumens spotlight switches on as soon as motion is detected, shining a light on any unwanted guests, while the color night vision picks out details in the darkness up to 8 meters away.
  • The Key is in the Detail: Capture every event that occurs around your home in ultra-clear 2K resolution.
  • No Hidden Costs: SoloCam is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Everything is done on-device for complete security and transparency.
  • Relevant Recordings: The built-in AI ensures SoloCam S230 only records when a person is present, rather than an animal.
  • Dual Cam Technology
  • Dual Motion Detection
  • Delivery Guard™
  • 2K with HDR
Note: Add-on Unit requires HomeBase 2 to operate.

  • Bundle
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Simple to Set Up

No need to call a costly contractor. It takes just 10 minutes to install SoloCam S230. Screw in the mount absolutely anywhere thanks to its wire-free design, then just click the camera into place.

Instant Alerts

3 seconds*. That’s all the time it takes for SoloCam to alert you when it detects someone approaching your home.

*Note: Actual speed may vary depending on quality of available internet / Wi-Fi.

Adjustable Spotlight

Want to avoid waking up the whole neighbourhood? Adjust the color temperature and brightness of the 600 Lumens spotlight to find your ideal setup.