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Discover eufy's expansive product range tailored for partners, from advanced security solutions to smart home essentials.

Floodlight Cameras

Protect large areas with up to 3,000 lumens of brightness and 360° pan and tilt.
Light up every angle throughout any season.

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Indoor Cameras

Advanced on-device intelligence.
Up to 4K resolution secures every corner inside the house.
See all around with 360° of pan and tilt.

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Outdoor Cameras

Notice every detail up to 4K. Long-lasting with solar power, worry-free total security.

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Video Doorbells

Front door protection in up to 2K, hear and speak from anywhere.

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HomeBase 3

Empowered security with BionicMind™ AI and up to 16 TB of local storage*.

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Alarm Systems

A complete and easy-to-install security system—all in a single box.

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Wall Light Cameras

Motion-activated light and 2K camera.
Monitor and light the porch, yard, garage, garden, and more.

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Smart Boxes

An epic size accommodating 99% of packages, compatibility with all couriers, and multiple ways to open.

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Robovacs and Homevacs

Revolutionize cleaning with eufy vacuum cleaners.
Leave no dust behind.

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Smart Locks

A smart integration for one-stop protection.
3-in-1 triple security.

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Baby Monitor

Easier care, always there. Never miss a tiny beat.

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Smart Track

Never lose track again.

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A Smart Ecosystem
with Intelligent Software Solutions
Smarter with AI

BionicMind™ detection can detect, recognize, determine, act, and self-learn.
With these capabilities, it can see who's at the door, know if they're trusted, and greet them with a gentle light, all with virtually no errors at up to 99.9% accuracy.

Grow Your Storage

Usually, more devices and more footage means more fees. Edge Security keeps recordings locally on built-in storage without any monthly payments. Expandable storage up to 16 TB allows you to save decades of recordings or a whole year of continuous footage.

Advanced Privacy

Recordings are encrypted with RSA 1024 and AES 128 combined encryption before being sent to HomeBase 3. Each recording is encrypted separately with its own unique encryption key for maximum protection.

Unify Your Security

Edge Security empowers our entire ecosystem with BionicMind™ recognition. Devices work together to protect you. With advanced encryption techniques and expandable by adding a hard drive up to 16 TB.

Smart Home Brand
eufy became the leading security brand in the UK, German, French,
Netherlands, Australian, and US markets.
  • Million
    Satisfied Users
    Our brand has
    over 10 million users.
  • Countries
    Available in 100 countries.
  • Years of Innovation
    Pioneering security
    technology for 7 years.

eufy Milestones:
A Journey Through Time

The Benefits of Partnering with eufy

Seamless Integration for Innovation
  • Open API—Simplified cloud integration for versatile business applications.
  • MobileSDK—Android and iOS compatibility for seamless integration into third-party apps, enhancing market opportunities with innovative solutions.
  • Customized Solutions by 500+ R&D Experts
  • Leverage our 500+ strong R&D team for tailored solutions, delivering excellence for your enterprise needs.
  • Your Business Can Save Big
  • Buy more, save more. Get business-exclusive discounts now, contact our team here.
  • Global Warehouses, Fast and Free Shipping
  • 13 warehouses around the world for faster shipping from a nearby location.
  • Free shipping and easy returns.
  • Comprehensive Pre-Sales Training and After-Sales Service
  • Free sample applications.
  • Detailed product introductions.
  • Pre-sales training and after-sales support.
  • First-Hand Industry Information and Market Insights Sharing
  • Strong marketing team support.
  • Sharing of the latest industry information.
  • Existing Partners

    Alder is a U.S.-based provider of home security services. Their users control their security devices through touchscreen panels and a mobile app.

    With our Cloud + MobileSDK solution, ALDER has successfully integrated eufy loT devices into their loT ecosystem, such as security cameras, interactive doorbells, and more. Providing users with richer security features.

    Two collaboration models for integrators:

    Cloud API + SDK
    Cloud to Cloud

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    eufy at Exhibitions

    eufy Security Introduces the First Cross-Camera Tracking Security Camera

    This proprietary technology automatically splices together videos of the same event and person, in order of occurrence, across the multiple eufyCam E330 cameras mounted in different locations on the user's residential or business property.

    Anker Innovations Introduces New Range of Innovative Solutions at GITEX Global 2023

    eufy Appliances is also set to introduce the eufy Clean X9 Pro, an intelligent and thorough cleaning solution designed to make home maintenance as effortless and efficient as possible.

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