Dual Cameras

Unlock Multi-Dimensional Protection

Dual Camera Family

SoloCam S340

360° Detailed Coverage, Solar-Powered

Floodlight Cam E340

See Further, See 360°, See Always

Video Doorbell E340

Package Protection at All Angles

Indoor Cam S350

See 4K Housewide and Details at 8×

Have You Encountered a Situation Like This?

  • Even though I have 2K resolution security cameras, I can only see details close up. I can't make out key details such as faces and license plates at a distance. The area where packages are left is in a surveillance blind spot.

Our Family of Dual-Camera Products Provide a Comprehensive Security Solution

  • Telephoto Viewing to See Details Clearly—Hybrid zoom, see clearly at a distance.
  • Wide-Angle View Shows More—Reduce blind spots and cover more area in a single view.
  • Dual Viewing—See the wide-angle and telephoto feeds together.

Note: Different products have different parameters. See the product description for specific details.

Dual Cameras Show More

The multi-dimensional perspective of dual cameras lets you experience enhanced protection while always being there to capture family moments.

Which Dual Camera Suits You?

360° Outdoor Protection Powered by the Sun

SoloCam S340

Dual Cameras, 360° Detailed Coverage, Solar-Powered

360° Outdoor Protection with Smart Illumination

Floodlight Cam E340

Dual Cameras, See Further, See 360°, See Always

See What Matters from Door to Floor

Video Doorbell E340

Dual Cameras, Package Protection at All Angles

Indoor Protection with 4K Details

Indoor Cam S350

Dual Cameras, See 4K Housewide and Details at 8×

Cross Camera* Tracking

Automatically splice together videos of the same event or person, in order of occurrence, across cameras*. Creates a coherent event video allowing you to quickly and comprehensively understand events completely.

*This feature requires HomeBase S380. A free 3-month trial will be provided, after which continued use will have associated charges.

Highly Anticipated
New Products for Everyone

Caleb S.

I loved being a part of the testing process and seeing the camera change from a new design to a well rounded device that works great. It was very rewarding to be a part of the improvements made.

Bryce F.

This little robot looks amazing and works even better! The audio quality on this camera far surpasses all other cameras I've used to-date. The person detection is outstanding.

Christopher B.

I have been very impressed with the quality of both the hardware and software.

Steve K.

Lots of features that I'd never looked and will definitely use now that I've discovered them.

No Monthly Subscription Fee

Don't pay a monthly fee to receive notifications** or record videos. Use direct storage, or connect to HomeBase S380 and store years of recordings on its expandable storage.

HomeBase S380 Centralizes Your Security

Manage most eufy Security devices from one location with HomeBase S380, and watch them become empowered with BionicMind™.
Latest device compatibility can be seen on the eufy support page.

*According to laboratory data recorded in direct sunlight. Actual charging time may vary depending on installation location and lighting conditions.
**Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.