Solar Panel Chargers

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  • Enjoy Uninterrupted Vigilance With eufy Solar Panel Charger

    A solar panel charger for a security camera is a device equipped with photovoltaic cells that harness sunlight to generate electrical energy. This energy is used to power and charge the batteries of security cameras, ensuring their continuous operation throughout the day.
    eufy offers the most advanced solar panel battery chargers to power up your eufy security cameras. With a high efficiency of 2.6W, our certified solar panels power up your cameras around the clock with just a few hours of direct sunlight. Moreover, equipped with a cable of 13ft (4m), our solar panel chargers give you ample freedom of positioning, making sure they can get as much sunlight exposure as possible. But eufy’s solar panel chargers are advantageous in far more aspects. For example, with one single solar battery charger, you can charge all your eufy security cameras supporting solar charging, including eufyCam, eufyCam 2, eufyCam 2C, etc, making them truly universal solar panel chargers for eufy security cameras. Furthermore, being IP65 waterproof rated, our solar powered battery chargers make light work of withstanding extreme weather conditions and maintaining smooth performance at the same time. In short, eufy solar panel chargers are the perfect addition to your existing eufy security cameras and enhance your experience with eufy cameras drastically. Come shop eufy’s best solar panel chargers and embrace the solar advantage with eufy today!

  • FAQ

    Can I use any solar charger with eufyCam?

    Not necessarily. It is always recommended to use only eufy’s official certified eufyCam solar chargers to charge your eufy camera system. This is because these official solar panel chargers are tailor-made for charging eufy cameras and thus have the best compatibility with them. On the other hand, uncertified third-party solar panel chargers have the potential to damage the battery of eufyCam and thus should be avoided.

    How long is the eufy solar panel cord?

    The length of the eufy solar panel cord is 13ft (4m). Such a length ensures flexibility when choosing the location to install the solar panel as well as maximal sunlight exposure.

    Does eufy solar panel need direct sunlight?

    Yes, it's always advised to install these solar panels in places where they can receive as much direct sunlight as possible throughout the day for optimal performance. However, these eufy solar panel chargers can still function and generate some electricity in indirect or diffused light conditions even though the charging efficiency may drop.