Commercial Security Cameras

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  • Boost Business Protection with eufy Commercial Security Cameras

    Commercial security cameras provide enhanced surveillance and protection for businesses by deterring theft, monitoring premises, ensuring employee safety, and promoting a secure environment, thereby safeguarding assets and fostering peace of mind. eufy's commercial security camera systems offer cutting-edge features tailored to maximize your security experience.

    With a choice of up to 2K clarity, our industrial camera systems ensure you get crystal-clear visuals of your surroundings and don't miss any crucial details. Meanwhile, the advanced night vision capabilities, facilitated by the F2.0 aperture lens and high photo sensitivity sensor, enhance image quality during nighttime recordings. Furthermore, our commercial surveillance systems employ human detection technology to discern body shapes and facial patterns, preventing false alerts triggered by non-human activity. This ensures that you're only notified when there's a genuine security concern, enhancing the system's efficiency. Beyond this, the extended battery life grants up to a year's worth of security from a single charge, minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements. Moreover, no matter the weather, our commercial outdoor security cameras with IP67 weatherproof rating are prepared to perform without compromising any effectiveness. And, you need only a single purchase for these professional security cameras without any further hidden costs or subscription fees.

    In essence, our commercial wireless security cameras blend technological innovation, practicality, and robustness to provide comprehensive and reliable security coverage for your property. Browse our commercial video surveillance systems and shop now to enjoy limitless convenience and peace of mind from business security camera surveillance.

  • FAQ

    What is the best commercial security camera system?

    For top-notch commercial security, eufy's commercial grade security cameras stand out. With up to 2K or 4K clarity, advanced night vision, human detection, long battery life, and more cutting-edge features, these industrial security cameras provide comprehensive protection for businesses even without further hidden costs.

    How many security cameras do I need for my business?

    The number of security cameras needed for your business depends on factors like the size of the premises, layout, and specific security goals. Generally, you may need 16 to 64 office building security camera monitoring to cover all key entry points, high-traffic areas, and critical zones. eufy's office building video camera systems offer customizable options to ensure effective surveillance tailored to your business needs.

    How long do commercial security cameras record?

    The recording duration varies based on factors like camera settings, storage capacity, and motion activity. eufy's commercial security camera systems offer flexible recording options, including 24/7 continuous recording or event-triggered recording for several months. With ample storage and customizable settings, you can ensure the desired recording duration to meet your business security requirements.

    How much do commercial security cameras cost?

    The cost of commercial security cameras can vary from $20 to $300 or higher, depending on the number of cameras, features, brand, installation requirements, etc. Check out the range of eufy commercial security camera options tailored to different budgets, providing cost-effective and reliable surveillance for businesses with different security needs.