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Discover the best eufy car vacuum for a pristine vehicle interior. Our range of powerful, portable vacuum cleaners is designed to tackle dirt and debris, ensuring a spotless ride every time.

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  • Restore the Beauty of Your Car With eufy Car Vacuums

    A car vacuum is a compact and specialized vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning the interior of vehicles. It is portable and lightweight, making them convenient tools for car owners. Vacuums to clean cars come in many types, including corded car vacuum cleaners, cordless car vacuum cleaners, car wash vacuum cleaners and so on.

    eufy has the best collection of deep cleaning vacuums for cars to keep your car clean and tidy. Featuring a suction power of 80 AW/16kPa or higher, our portable car vacuum cleaners can clean up any mess with unbeatable efficiency. We also offer a range of attachments like retractable tools or extension hoses to tackle any sort of crevice, ensuring every spot inside your car is thoroughly cleaned. But eufy’s car vacuums have more features worth mentioning. For example, our wireless handheld car vacuum cleaners support fast in-car charging via the car’s electric outlet in 1 hour, and each recharge provides another 30 minutes of runtime. In short, our car detailing vacuum cleaners are feature-packed cleaning solutions that can significantly streamline the cleaning task for car owners. Embrace tidiness with eufy’s best car vacuum cleaners today!

  • FAQ

    Is a car vacuum better than a regular vacuum?

    This depends. A car vacuum is designed specifically for cleaning the interior of vehicles, featuring a compact size and attachments suited for crevices. Some battery vacuum cleaners for cars like eufy Clean H20 also support fast in-car charging via the car’s outlet and provide various charging accessories. On the other hand, the regular vacuum is more versatile, designed for larger spaces. So they're excellent for different purposes. Please choose based on your needs: car vacuum for vehicles, or regular vacuum for larger cleaning tasks.

    What is the best car vacuum?

    The best vacuum to clean cars may depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, a recommendation is eufy’s small car vacuum cleaner - HomeVac H30 which is as small as a bottle but can be a mighty handheld vacuum with 80AW/16kPa suction power for deep cleaning of spots in the car or in the house.

    How to vacuum a car?

    Here's a step-by-step guide to vacuuming your car with a mini car vacuum:
    Gather supplies: Gather a vehicle vacuum cleaner, appropriate attachments, trash bags, and any cleaning products you'll need.
    Remove debris: Take out any large items and trash from the car's interior. This makes vacuuming easier and more efficient. Also, remove floor mats and give them a good shake.
    Start vacuuming: Vacuum first the top, then the car seats, and then the carpets and mats of your car. After this, clean the console, dashboard, cup holders, door panels, and compartments gently. Finally, clean air vents and any small openings.

    How often should you vacuum your car?

    The frequency of vacuuming your car depends on usage and cleanliness preference. Generally, vacuuming every 1-2 weeks (or at least once a month) is recommended to prevent dirt buildup. If you have pets, frequently transport passengers, or often eat in your car, more frequent vacuuming may be necessary. Regular vacuuming not only keeps your car clean but also maintains its interior's condition and value over time.