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eufy Wearable Breast Pump S1 Pro

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Pump with eufy,
Pump Warm
for A Better Flow
It's safe, durable and more comfortable.
Thoughtfully designed with a temperature range from 95°F to 105°F, it feels as gentle as your baby's cheek. This warmth is especially comforting when you take it out of the fridge. In fact, 78%* of moms reported feeling more comforted by this gentle warmth.
Don’t fret about low-temperature burns—our built-in sensor monitors the temperature every 3 seconds and automatically shuts off after continuous heating for a maximum of 15 minutes. The half-circle design ensures that the milk in the bottle remains cool and unaffected by the heat.
You can boil it, sterilize it with steam, or store it in the fridge with total peace of mind. The heating part passed the test of being boiled for over 56 hours and bent over 1,000 times.

What moms love about heating

  • "I feel like I am getting
    better output with the
    heating feature"
  • "I like the warming setting.
    It make pumping less
    uncomfortable for someone with sensitive breast."
  • "When I do get the
    heating feature to work I
    am definitely getting
    more output. It is
    anywhere from 1/2 ounce
    to 1 ounce more per
    breast than if I don't have
    the heating feature."
  • "The heating feature is
    amazing and I’m able to
    have an increase in
    output when the heating
    feature is used."
Industry-Leading Charging Case for Pumping Anywhere
A revolutionary portable charging case that keeps your breast pump charged and ready. Enjoy up to 5 days of power* with the magnetic case for hassle-free travel. Perfect for any journey or busy day.
*Based on 20-minute sessions, 3 times a day, without using the heat function.
*Based on 20-minute sessions, 3 times a day, without using the heat function.
Charge Your Pump

Simple magnetic connection for charging, providing up to 5 days of power on a single charge.

Use It Your Way

You can even charge the hub only while keeping the container in the fridge during emergencies.

Protect Your Pump

Protect your pumping freedom with the compact, easy-to-clean carry case you’ve all been asking for.

For Moms in Town
Sleek and compact design in soft colors complements your daily outfit, resembling a stylish handbag.
Optimal Comfort
Maximized Output
Achieve maximum milk output with up to 300 mmHg of safe, hospital-grade suction.
hospital-grade suction
3 cycle speeds
Attach Gently
and Fits Perfectly
Food-grade, soft silicone that molds to the breast. With a 105-degree ergonomic design, it provides a gentle and nurturing experience.
Fits all nipples with flange and inserts sizing from 17 mm to 24 mm, ensuring comfort for all moms.
Smart Pumping,
Tailored for You
Harness the eufy Baby app's smart features to fine-tune your pumping rhythm, suction strength, and speed for a personalized session. Control your pump remotely for a convenient experience.

Personalize with OptiRhythm™

Tailored to meet the needs of every mom, our pump offers a range of customizable features. Choose from four thoughtful pumping rhythms, adjust the suction intensity across seven levels, and set the cycle speed to one of three options for a truly personalized pumping experience.

Max Rhythm for moms who want the max milk output.

Navigate sessions effortlessly

Adjust settings with ease and maintain privacy. Customize pumping strength and cycle speeds to fit your unique needs.

Monitor Your Progress

Log your milk volume, track session details, and analyze your pumping patterns over time.

Plan Smartly

Tailor your pumping schedule seamlessly with our intelligent planner.

Time It Right

Define your preferred pumping duration effortlessly with the Smart Timer.

Whisper-Quiet Pumping
for Your Privacy
Operates at an ultra-quiet 46dB for discreet use.
Save Lots of Time With
Only Four Parts to Clean
Start / Pause
Charging Pin
Heat Function
Leakproof design with secure double seal and reinforced lower half.
5 oz. milk storage container.
Compact and Lightweight: Designed for easy in-bra use.
BPA-Free and Food-Grade Materials: For all skin and milk-contact components.
Open It And You Are All Set
Experience beyond your imagination! In addition to pumps and charging case, we provide a comprehensive set of accessories. Including multiple sizing inserts ranging from 17 mm to 21 mm, a customized cleaning brush, charging cable, two dust covers, an extra duckbill, nipple measurement card, and a quick start guide. For S1 and E10 models, you’ll also receive a stylish storage bag.
Experience beyond your imagination! In addition to pumps and charging case, we provide a comprehensive set of accessories.
A Special Reward
Special 20% Off for moms in education, healthcare,
military and other professions.
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