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Stay In Care with eufy

  • Lynx chillin at the cabin. Eufycam 2 Pro #SpringScene.

    Anders Granat

  • No more needing to wait in for deliveries, happy days & no need to bug my neighbours

    G McLaren

  • I have been looking for the perfect solution to receiving packages whilst I’m out and now I’ve found it

    Mark B

  • Rare Albino Squirrel captured via eufy floodlight.

    Anil Swain

  • What does the fox say? Nom nom nom, that's what.

    Mantej Singh (NJ)

  • caught this bear trying to break into our trash cans late at night.

    Austin Bone

  • the camera captured him on the front of the truck so he had to had crossed from that way from the neighbors house/cars

    Abraham M

  • my 7 year old son walks up to the front door & immediately started singing Star Spangled Banner when he sees the flag!


  • This is my favorite Eufy moment from a while back. Recycling truck ate too much at our house.

    Scott Wise