Best Doorbell Cameras That Don't Require WiFi

WiFi-based doorbell cameras are more commonly seen in the market. However, not every household enjoys WiFi coverage, and using WiFi-connected visual doorbells poses a certain risk of being vulnerable to hackers and network intrusions. Therefore, it's necessary to find a trustworthy doorbell camera without WiFi. This article will show you the types of them and recommend 2 picks that may help you quickly get the product you need.


Is There a Doorbell Camera that Works Without WiFi?

Absolutely yes, there are video doorbells that don't require WiFi. Most doorbell cameras require WiFi because they need to be connected to the Internet to synchronize information and recorded video to cloud storage or the owner's mobile phone for remote monitoring. But if WiFi is not available in your home, you can sacrifice this feature and still use some doorbells without WiFi to monitor your home. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of them and you can check them out below.


3 Types of Non-WiFi Doorbell Cameras (With Pros & Cons)

Currently, there are 3 main popular types of doorbell cameras without WiFi you can mostly see on the marketplace.

  1. Doorbell Camera Working with Local Storage

Cloud-based doorbell cameras require a WiFi connection to upload data for storage. But if you choose a doorbell camera equipped with the local storage saving feature, you can get rid of the Internet to store and view doorbell videos. These cameras without WiFi connection work to store the recorded videos for you to access locally. Meanwhile, there are also some video doorbells without WiFi connection that will enable you to insert an external SD card for storage expansion as they would be overwritten over time.


  • Your data will be highly safeguarded as it is kept locally in the doorbell cameras and will not be uploaded and shared online automatically.
  • You can access the captured videos easily without the Internet.


  • The storage space of your doorbell cameras will easily run out, and regular device cleanup is needed.
  • It would be a risk to lose all your data once the doorbell cameras are damaged or stolen by others before you can access the data to back up.


  1. Doorbell Camera Working with Ethernet

When your doorbell cameras are not connected to the Internet, you might miss out on several essential functions. To ensure features like remote access and monitoring, consider opting for a PoE (Power over Ethernet) doorbell camera. PoE doorbell cameras provide a higher-speed data transmission and a more stable connection compared to WiFi-based models, resulting in smoother video streaming and enhanced performance. With Ethernet connectivity, you can experience seamless access and monitoring capabilities, making your doorbell camera even more reliable and efficient.


  • Ethernet-based doorbell cameras ensure high network connection stability without risking unstable WiFi signals that weaken the device's performance.
  • Ethernet connection improves greater security because hackers can't track you through WiFi and attack your doorbell cameras.


  • To use Ethernet, an oriented setup path is needed to be pre-installed in your house.
  • It takes a high learning curve to set up and connect with Ethernet to use if you haven't dealt with it before.


  1. Doorbell Camera Working with Cellular Data

Cellular data doorbell cameras are innovative devices that use cellular networks instead of WiFi for data transmission. They offer unique benefits and considerations over their WiFi-based counterparts, from extended coverage to high-resolution streaming and instant notifications. Essentially, these devices add a layer of security and convenience to your use cases.


  • You don't need to worry about data security as such Internet connection methods can stay away from some malicious attacks originating from WiFi.


  • Cellular data can be expensive. Using a SIM card for a video doorbell camera without WiFi may cost more expenses.

Doorbell Camera Without WiFi: Best Picks

Till now you've known that there are several types of doorbell cameras that can work without WiFi. However, the PoE doorbell camera is difficult to install and use for beginners, and the doorbell that works cellular will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, using a doorbell with local storage is the best idea. Just in case you don't have any idea which model to buy, here are the 2 best picks from us.

eufy 2K Wired Video Doorbell

The eufy 2K Wired Video Doorbell is a smart choice for those seeking a reliable doorbell camera even without WiFi. Equipped with a secure 4GB local storage space, this camera can function seamlessly without an internet connection. Whether there's WiFi signal coverage or not, it can efficiently store the captured videos locally.


With its lightweight design and impressive 2K resolution, you can enjoy clear and detailed images of your surroundings in real-time. Furthermore, this video doorbell utilizes cutting-edge AI technology, intelligently discerning human body shapes and facial patterns to provide exclusive notifications for human visitors, while ignoring other animals like stray cats. Its sturdy equipment is built to withstand various weather conditions, and it is conveniently powered through electrical wires, ensuring a stable and consistent monitoring experience. Plus, the best part is that this video doorbell is a one-time purchase, with no recurring monthly fees.




eufy S330 Wired Video Doorbell

The eufy S330 Wired Video Doorbell is an exceptional choice for those seeking a reliable doorbell camera even without WiFi. In fact, even if it originally comes with WiFi connectivity feature, it operates smoothly using its 8GB local storage to instantly and securely store high-definition video recordings. As a wired doorbell camera, it ensures a stable power connection, providing you with a seamless surveillance experience.


Moreover, not only is it equipped with Dual Cam technology with up to 2K quality while recording videos, but it also adopts HDR to enhance the dynamic range, and improves the details while dealing with video images.


Better yet, it can also be used as a Delivery Guard. The down-facing camera allows you to see the lower area of your doorstep. When a delivery person drops off a package, you can check to make sure they left it safely on your doorstep.



In conclusion, while the popularity of WiFi-enabled doorbell cameras continues to rise, there are viable alternatives for those seeking non-WiFi options. Our exploration of the three types of doorbell cameras without WiFi has shed light on their distinct advantages and limitations. Hope this article can help you choose the most suitable video doorbell for home security.

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