Choosing the Best Doorbell Camera with Monitor for 2024

The use of a doorbell camera with monitor has become more and more popular as technology continues to advance in the home security industry. This surge in demand has sparked interest amongst homeowners and tech enthusiasts alike, who seek to better understand the appeal, potential benefits, drawbacks, selection criteria, alternatives, and leading recommendations for these innovative devices. As the world continues to seek advancements in home security, the door camera with monitor has emerged as a critical player, offering a combination of convenience, safety, and technological sophistication.

eufy video doorbell

The Appeal of Doorbell Cameras with Monitors: Understanding Consumer Interest

The surge in consumer interest towards video doorbells with monitor can be explained by many reasons. The main ones would be safety and security. It ranks high on homeowners' priorities and these devices offer a modern and technologically advanced means to monitor entrances. They let homeowners visually verify the identity of visitors before unlocking, adding an extra layer of security. Another reason is the "immediacy" offered by a front door security camera with monitor (built-in), which eliminates the need to check a phone or other device and adds a layer of convenience that is attractive to many. This is especially beneficial for non-tech-savvy individuals or the elderly who may struggle with mobile apps.

Pros and Cons of Doorbell Cameras with Monitors

While doorbell cameras with monitors offer several benefits, it's important to weigh both their advantages and limitations. This section will delve into the various aspects to consider, helping you make an informed decision about whether these devices are right for your home security needs.


Enhanced User-Friendliness

The biggest advantage of a doorbell with camera and monitor is its enhanced user-friendliness. This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, who may struggle with the advanced technological features offered by traditional doorbell cameras. The monitor offers the convenience of immediate visual identification, reducing confusion and adding an extra level of safety.

Live View Convenience

With a dedicated monitor, homeowners enjoy the live view convenience, getting access to real-time visual information once someone is at their doorstep. This immediate confirmation eliminates guesswork and false alarms, particularly when utilized with motion detection.

Phone-Free Operation

Another compelling benefit of a front door camera with monitor is the ability to monitor one's doorstep without being tied to a mobile device. The standalone monitor means even in scenarios where one's smartphone isn't accessible or its battery has died, the monitor can still provide a visual status of who is at the door.


Limited Big Brand Options

One downside to wireless doorbell camera with monitor lies in their limited availability from big-name companies. Brands like eufy tend to focus more on conventional doorbell cameras, leaving consumers reliant on less-established companies. This could raise concerns about product quality, after-sales support, or long-term reliability.

Smart Home System Compatibility

Integration into existing smart home systems may also pose a challenge. Given their unique hardware requirements, wireless door camera with monitor may not always mesh well with broader smart home ecosystems, potentially resulting in a fragmented or less streamlined user experience.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Doorbell Camera with Monitor

When choosing a doorbell camera with a monitor, there are some important factors to consider.

Resolution Quality

When choosing the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor, the video resolution quality is crucial. You want to be able to clearly identify faces and objects on your doorstep at any time of the day. High-definition (HD) resolution is the benchmark at this time, preferably 1080p or even sharper.

Compatibility with Existing Smart Home Systems

eufy wireless doorbell camera

It's crucial to select a doorbell camera that integrates seamlessly with your current smart home system. Whether you use Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or another platform, your doorbell camera should enhance that system. The integration ensures cohesive interaction between all your connected devices.

Touch Screen vs. Non-Touch Screen Options

Touch screen front door monitor offers intuitive controls and easier navigation, which benefits many users. However, non-touch models may be more durable and less prone to smudges or scratches. But then again, your personal preference and the specific context of your home will dictate this choice.

Two-Way Talk Feature

A two-way talk feature is invaluable. This allows you not only to hear what's happening outside your door but also to communicate with the person at the door. This means you can convey instructions to a delivery person, for instance, without having to open the door.

Power Source

Battery-powered doorbell cameras are portable and easy to install, not needing any wired connection. However, a wireless doorbell monitor with camera requires frequent charging or battery replacements. Wired options offer continuous power but need more effort to set up.

Ease of Installation

Some doorbell cameras can be installed with just a screwdriver and a little time. Others might need professional installation or even electrical rewiring. Consider your DIY proficiency and whether or not you want to pay for a professional setup.

Alternative Solutions to Doorbell Cameras with Monitors

While traditional doorbell cameras with monitors are popular, there are several alternative solutions worth considering. These alternatives can offer different features and integrations, making them suitable for various user preferences and home setups. In this section, we will explore some innovative options that might align better with your specific needs and lifestyle.

Battery-Powered Doorbell Camera with Amazon Echo Show/Google Hub Integration

This set up provides the advantage of connecting your doorbell camera to a voice-controlled smart device. Commands can be given to either display the front door video on the Echo Show or Google Hub, thus eliminating the need for a separate monitor.

Battery-Powered Doorbell Camera Connected to Used iPad/Tablet

A more cost-efficient and sustainable option is to repurpose an old iPad or tablet as the monitor for your doorbell camera. You can integrate with ecosystems like Apple TV for live viewing, transforming your used device into a dedicated home security monitor.

Utilizing Smartphones for Door Monitoring

Smartphones offer a significant benefit—convenience. Most doorbell cameras are compatible with smartphone apps, providing portable real-time video surveillance. You can check who is at your door, wherever you are in the house or even away.

Top Doorbell Camera Recommendations

Selecting the best doorbell camera for your home is essential for enhancing security and convenience. This section focuses on the top doorbell camera models of 2024, ensuring you find a product that meets your specific needs and preferences.

1.eufy Video Doorbell E340

eufy Video Doorbell E340

Imagine you've recently moved into a new neighborhood and are looking to enhance your home's security and convenience. You're particularly concerned about monitoring your front door, especially for package deliveries and unexpected visitors. With safety and ease of use in mind, you decide to explore smart doorbell options. The eufy Video Doorbell E340 can be an ideal choice for you.

This battery-powered device stands out due to its dual-camera system combined with 2K Full HD resolution, providing an unmatched level of detail and coverage. The front-facing camera monitors visitors with high clarity, while the downward-facing camera captures a detailed view of the ground, ensuring no aspect is missed. This integration of dual cameras with superior resolution guarantees you a comprehensive and crystal-clear view of your entire doorstep area, whether it's capturing a detailed image of a visitor or spotting a package left at your door.

The eufy Video Doorbell E340 also boasts color night vision, a feature that sets it apart from many other doorbells. With its industry-first dual-light system and advanced processing algorithm, it offers clear, less blurry images at night up to a distance of 16ft (5m). This means you can identify visitors and monitor your doorstep even in low-light conditions.

It is equipped with a suite of advanced features enhancing its functionality and user experience. The eufy E340 includes local storage of 8 GB, allowing you to securely save video footage directly on the device. The quick-release battery pack facilitates easy swapping, minimizing downtime during charging. Instant notifications keep you updated in real-time when someone is at your door. The two-way audio feature enables clear communication with visitors. Smart AI technology is adept at recognizing faces and alerting you to package deliveries. Additionally, its compatibility with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant offers convenient, hands-free control.

2.eufy Video Doorbell S330

eufy Video Doorbell S330

Imagine you are a small business owner operating a boutique store in a bustling neighborhood. Security and customer interaction are paramount for your business, but you often find yourself away from the storefront, attending meetings or sourcing new products. To stay connected and ensure the security of your store, you realize the need for a smart, interactive security solution.

Enter the eufy Video Doorbell S330, a device that perfectly aligns with your business needs. The S330's standout feature is its Dual Cam Technology, which includes a front camera with a 160° view and a package camera with a 97° view. The 2K resolution of the front camera, combined with 1080p quality of the package camera, ensures every detail is captured in high definition.

For a business like yours, where package deliveries and customer interactions are frequent, the Smart AI Support is invaluable. This wireless doorbell camera includes package detection, waiting detection, and human detection, ensuring you're alerted to any activity at your storefront. Dual Motion Detection, utilizing both radar and PIR (passive infrared) technologies, offers enhanced accuracy in detecting movement, reducing false alarms, and keeping you informed of genuine events.

The eufy Video Doorbell S330's two-way audio feature allows you to communicate directly with customers or delivery personnel from wherever you are, adding a personal touch even when you're not physically present. The motion-activated event recording stores footage locally on the HomeBase 2, which has a 16GB capacity, ensuring you don't miss any important activity.

The device's power efficiency is notable, with a battery life ranging from 3-6 months, depending on usage. This long battery life is particularly beneficial for your business, reducing maintenance and ensuring continuous operation. Lastly, the eufy Video Doorbell S330's compatibility with Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa, although not with HomeKit, offers convenient voice control options, aligning well with other smart devices you might use in your business.


In conclusion, the selection of doorbell camera with monitor depends on individual circumstances, preferences, and existing home automation system. Yet, as a general recommendation, eufy's video doorbells present a balanced bundle of features suited to most homeowners' needs. These cameras’ high resolution and durability, coupled with easy integration with home systems and two-way communication, make them a robust choice. Nonetheless, always carefully consider if the chosen solution sufficiently meets specific security requirements and seamlessly fits into the existing home ecosystem.


Here are some commonly asked questions about doorbell camera with monitor.

Do Doorbell Cameras Record Continuously?

Most doorbell cameras do not continuously record because it would consume a large amount of internet bandwidth and storage space. Instead, it usually records video when there is motion or when the doorbell is rung. However, some high-end models offer continuous recording features, but these usually require a cloud storage subscription.

Choosing Between a Video Doorbell and a Security Camera System

The choice between a video doorbell and a security camera system largely depends on your individual security needs. Video doorbells primarily focus on the entrance and offer features like two-way communication and motion detection, making it perfect for monitoring deliveries, guests, or potential intruders. On the other hand, a security camera system covers a broader area with multiple cameras and offers comprehensive surveillance of your property but may lack interactive features. Therefore, assess your specific security goals and choose a system that aligns best with those.

Is a WiFi Connection Necessary for Doorbell Cameras?

Yes, a WiFi connection is highly necessary for doorbell cameras. WiFi enables the camera to transmit its recordings to either a cloud storage or a specific device like your smartphone. Without WiFi, users cannot receive real-time alerts, engage in two-way talk, or remotely view the recorded footage, which are key features of modern doorbell cameras.

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