4 Best Doorbell Cameras Without Subscription: Buyers Guide

With the desire to provide additional advanced features, many doorbell camera brands offer subscription services with monthly fees. These cumulative costs can be quite expensive, posing a financial burden for some households. As a result, more and more consumers are seeking the best doorbell cameras without a subscription as an alternative.


In this article, we will recommend the 4 best video doorbell cameras that don't require a subscription and provide a plethora of functionalities. These cameras offer not only great value for money but also boast high-definition video quality, intelligent motion detection, two-way audio communication, and more, ensuring optimal home security without the hassle of costly subscription fees.



Possible Differences Between Doorbell Cameras with or Without Subscription

When considering a doorbell camera, there may be differences between subscription-based and non-subscription options. In most cases, subscription models offer slightly more comprehensive features but require a monthly payment, while non-subscription models do not require any ongoing fees but some of them may come with certain limitations on features, storage, and personalized settings.


To make a well-informed purchase decision that meets your specific needs, it is crucial to grasp the potentially significant differences. Read on to find out.

H3: Functionality

Subscribed doorbell cameras provide a range of advanced features, including cloud storage for video recordings, higher video resolutions, intelligent motion detection with facial recognition, and customizable alerts. With these added benefits, you can securely access and review footage from anywhere.

On the other hand, non-subscribed doorbell cameras typically offer more basic features, such as real-time video monitoring and two-way audio communication. While still valuable for home security, these cameras may not provide the same level of enhanced functionality as their subscribed counterparts.

Cloud Storage and Video Playback

Doorbell cameras with a subscription generally provide cloud storage for video recordings. This allows users to access and review past footage from anywhere, even if the camera is stolen or damaged.


Some doorbell cameras without subscriptions may still offer video recording, but the storage might be limited to local options, such as an SD card, which may have space restrictions.

Ownership and Privacy

For subscription-based doorbell cameras, some manufacturers may claim ownership of the video data stored on their cloud servers, which may raise concerns among users about the possible sharing or sale of their personal data.


On the other hand, some non-subscription doorbell cameras tend to give users more control over their video data because recordings are typically stored locally on the device, avoiding the involvement of third-party cloud storage.

4 Best Doorbell Cameras Without Subscription and Restriction Recommended

Now that you are familiar with the differences mentioned above, you have come to the right place if you still think that no subscription-required doorbell cameras are for you.


In the following sections, we'll introduce you to 4 of the best doorbell camera without subscription that meet your needs and provide superior home security features without recurring costs.

eufy Dual Cam Video Doorbell (Delivery Guard)

As one of the best wired doorbell camera without subscription, eufy S330 Video Doorbell (Wired) features Dual Cam technology, which greatly expands the doorbell's field of view, allowing you to clearly see the lower area of your doorstep clearly. Additionally, a remarkable feature called Delivery Guard is equipped, which provides you with a notification when a package is being delivered. This camera can also utilize its dual cameras to identify whether the person picking up the package at the door is a member of your family, ensuring the security of your deliveries.


It also stands out with other exceptional features, including 2K resolution that delivers crisp and detailed images, HDR technology that enhances image quality in various lighting conditions, two-Way Audio that enables real-time communication with visitors, etc. Besides, with 8GB of local storage and no monthly fees, it allows you to securely store up to 90 days of recorded footage.




  • Dual Cam Technology
  • Delivery Guard
  • 3-Second Preview Videos
  • 2K with HDR
  • No Monthly Fee


  • Wired Installation
  • Limited Local Storage

Pricing: $199.99

H3: eufy Wireless Video Doorbell (Expanded Field of View)

The eufy S220 Wireless Video Doorbell is one of the best wireless doorbell camera without subscription.


With its expanded field of view, 2K resolution, and human body and face detection, you'll enjoy comprehensive coverage and sharp video quality. Meanwhile, the two-way audio facilitates seamless communication with visitors. It allows you to choose between battery-powered or wired installation for flexible power options. You can easily set it up yourself for hassle-free integration. Moreover, the 16GB local storage on HomeBase ensures ample recording capacity without the need for cloud subscriptions.


Additionally, the eufy S220 Wireless Video Doorbell offers multiple chime options, including using the HomeBase speaker, an Alexa Echo device, or compatibility with a mechanical chime (not a digital chime), providing a personalized and versatile experience.




  • 5x the Clarity
  • Dual Power Options
  • Expanded Field of View
  • Next-Level Detection


  • Limited Remote Access
  • Internet Dependence for Certain Features

Pricing: $199.99

Reolink Wired WiFi Video Doorbell (Easy to Install)

Reolink Wired WiFi Video Doorbell is a top-notch smart home security solution designed to enhance doorstep safety and convenience.


It stands out with its 5MP camera resolution, two-way audio, intelligent detection system, and expansive 256GB SD card storage, offering exceptional video clarity, seamless communication, and enhanced security.


One excellent feature of the Reolink Video Doorbell is its easy installation process. With user-friendly setup instructions and included installation accessories, you can effortlessly install the doorbell, making it a hassle-free addition to your home security system.




  • 2K+ (5MP) HD Video
  • 4/5GHz WiFi
  • Person Detection
  • Works with Reolink NVRs



  • Internet Dependency
  • Limited Local Storage

Pricing: $ 109.99

Lorex LNWDB1 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell (Best Budget)

Lorex LNWDB1 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell is an advanced and cost-effective home security solution.


With its high-definition video resolution, motion detection, and two-way audio, it offers sharp and detailed visuals while enabling real-time communication with visitors. The doorbell's night vision ensures clear footage even in low-light conditions, and the wide-angle lens provides full coverage of your property. Its wireless connectivity simplifies installation, and the cloud storage option allows secure access to your recordings.


With the Lorex LNWDB1, you get exceptional features at a budget-friendly price, making it a cost-effective choice for anyone seeking reliable and advanced home security.




  • Cost-effective price
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Wireless Connectivity


  • Internet Dependency
  • Limited Local Storage
  • Limited Compatibility

Pricing: $89.00


Now you have learned the 4 best doorbell camera without subscription. Whether you prioritize advanced AI-powered detection, expanded field of view, easy installation, or cost-effectiveness, there is a perfect choice for you among these top-notch options.


So, start your selection process now and bring peace of mind to your doorstep with the ideal doorbell camera tailored to your needs!

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