Chipolo vs AirTag: A Comprehensive Comparison

Since its release in 2021, AirTag has rapidly gained popularity as a brand of smart trackers. However, Chipolo remains a force to be reckoned with in the kingdom of smart trackers. So, Chipolo vs AirTag which is better? To settle this problem, we’ll compare these two smart tracker brands comprehensively in this blog, covering all aspects from tracking efficiency to price. In addition, we’ll give our suggestions on when you should choose Chipolo and when you should choose AirTag. By the end of this blog, you should have a clear idea of how to choose between these two rival brands. Get started now!

chipolo vs airtag

Introduction to Chipolo and AirTag

Before devoting ourselves to comparing Chipolo vs AirTag, let’s briefly introduce these two brands.


Chipolo, founded in 2013, has built a reputation for its innovative approach to Bluetooth tracking technology. Their devices are known for their durability, versatility, and user-friendly features. Chipolo offers a range of products, including the Chipolo ONE, Chipolo CARD, Chipolo PLUS, and more, each designed to fit different tracking needs. In addition, the Chipolo app provides a seamless experience, allowing users to locate their items with ease and even share access with trusted contacts.


AirTag, introduced by Apple in 2021, represents the tech giant's take on Bluetooth tracking. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Apple devices through the Find My app, AirTag offers a sleek and minimalist design paired with powerful tracking capabilities. Its precision finding feature, powered by the U1 chip, provides accurate location tracking, while the vast network of Apple devices helps in locating lost items quickly.

Comprehensive Comparison

Now it is time for a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of AirTag vs Chipolo smart trackers.


Smart trackers have to be efficient. In other words, they should allow their users to find their lost items in the shortest possible amount of time.

So how does Chipolo fare against Apple’s AirTags in this respect? The fact is, both Chipolo and AirTag can tap into the vast Find My network supported by Apple devices. There is one distinction though: AirTag has the Precision Finding feature. With this feature, Apple AirTag can achieve a higher locating accuracy and offer more precise instructions to guide you toward the lost item. This gives AirTag a slight advantage in terms of accuracy.

As objects can be hidden, it is important that trackers can make a sound to tell where they are. This is an area where Chipolo excels: Models like Chipolo CARD Spot can ring at a volume of 105dB, way louder than AirTag’s typical 60dB chime. In other words, what Chipolo lacks in precision, it has made up for in loudness.  

Design and Look

Apple has always been renowned for its sleek and polished design, which its AirTag duly shares. The AirTag features a circular, slim, and lightweight appearance with a silver covering on the front. However, there is one drawback of AirTag: it cannot be independently attached to everyday objects due to the lack of a keyring hole. To attach AirTags to objects, you have to use accessories.

Chipolo, on the other hand, outplays Apple in this respect. The Chipolo ONE Spot, for instance, features a minimalist disc-shaped design with a small keyring hole standing out, rendering accessories unneeded. In addition, the Chipolo CARD Spot has a much slimmer profile than AirTag, making it easier to slip into wallets and other personal belongings. The overall result is that Chipolo has slightly more diverse and convenient designs than AirTag.


The comparison of prices between models like Chipolo CARD Spot or Chipolo ONE Spot vs AirTag is quite straightforward; we only need to lay their price points side by side and the conclusion is automatic.

As of April 2024, you can get an AirTag at about $29 individually or $99 for a 4-pack. In comparison, Chipolo ONE Spot costs around $28 individually and $79 for a 4-pack, and the Chipolo CARD Spot price is $35 individually and $112 for a 4-pack. As we can see, AirTag and Chipolo products are largely on the same price level, and it is hard to favor one brand over the other based on such minor price differences.

When Should You Choose Chipolo?

Based on our comparison and additional information, there are a few key scenarios where you should choose the Chipolo CARD Spot over the Apple AirTag.

If You Use Android

This is quite straightforward because AirTag does not support Android systems, immediately putting it out of the question for Android users.

Wallet Tracking

Another scenario where Chipolo is the favored brand is wallet tracking. The Chipolo CARD Spot is specifically designed for tracking wallets, with a slim, credit card-like form factor that fits easily inside a wallet. In contrast, the AirTag is a more general-purpose tracker and needs additional accessories to be functional.

If You Need a Battery That Lasts Longer

The Chipolo CARD Spot has a replaceable battery that Chipolo estimates will last around 2 years. In contrast, AirTag’s replaceable battery lasts around only 1 year.

If You Don't Need Precision Finding

The AirTag has Apple's U1 chip that enables the "Precision Finding" feature, which Chipolo lacks. However, if you can put up with a lesser degree of precision, Chipolo can be the better choice for you.

When Should You Choose AirTag?

Now comes AirTag’s case. In the following scenarios, AirTag stands out as the better option.  

Precision Finding

If you value precision in smart trackers, choosing AirTag is a no-brainer. The AirTag has Apple's U1 chip and support for ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, enabling "Precision Finding" to pinpoint the exact location of the tracker. On the other hand, Chopolo lacks support for UWB technology and hence has lower precision levels than AirTag.

If You Need Water/Dust Resistance

The AirTag has a higher IP67 water and dust resistance rating, allowing it to survive submersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. In contrast, the Chipolo CARD Spot only has an IPX5 rating, making it less suitable for use in more rugged or wet environments.

chipolo card spot


Chipolo vs AirTag, which is better? While a universal answer seems elusive due to both brands’ distinct set of advantages, the answer for each individual is much easier to arrive at. By analyzing your individual needs and preferences and learning about Chipolo and AirTag in detail, you can make the option that suits you the most and thereafter go about your day anxiety-free.


Can AirTag Be Used to Track a Car?

Yes, AirTag can be used to track a car to some extent, but it has limitations. Since AirTag relies on Bluetooth technology and integration with the Find My app, its tracking range is limited to the proximity of Apple devices, making the tracking performance subject to uncontrollable factors.

Do Chipolo and AirTag Work without WiFi?

Yes, both Chipolo and AirTag can function without Wi-Fi. They utilize Bluetooth technology, rather than WiFi, for communication with nearby devices and the respective companion apps. However, note that both devices may need WiFi or cellular data to enable certain features such as updating their firmware.

Can Someone Track Me with Chipolo?

While it is possible that someone tries to track you with Chipolo, Chipolo’s anti-stalking features will prevent that from happening. For example, your iPhone will alert you in case an unwanted Chipolo tracker is found nearby, and the tracker will play a sound to notify its presence.

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