Apple AirTag Review: Is It Worth It?

Released in 2021, Apple’s AirTags have since taken the digital world by storm. These small, lightweight tracking devices serve as a layer of protection between your personal belongings and potential theft or loss. But amidst all the hype, the question remains for the prudent buyer: Are AirTags really worth it?

In this Apple AirTag review, we dive into the world of AirTag, exploring its pros and cons and inspecting its performance from various angles. By the end of this Airtag review, you should be armed with a comprehensive understanding of Apple AirTag and make purchase decisions accordingly. Get started now!

apple airtag review

Introduction to Apple AirTag

The AirTag is a smart tracker developed by Apple that allows users to keep track of their personal items like keys, wallets, backpacks, etc. It was released on April 30, 2021, and has gained wide and expanding popularity as of 2024.

AirTags functions by emitting Bluetooth signals to nearby Apple devices that are connected to Apple’s Find My network. After these devices receive the signal, they can calculate the position of the AirTag based on their individual locations and upload the position of your AirTag to iCloud, allowing you to see the location on your Find My app. In this manner, you can retrieve on your iPhone those lost items with AirTags on them.

Pros and Cons of Apple AirTag

Like any piece of technology, AirTag comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Let's explore the pros and cons of AirTag in this section.


AirTag boasts a compelling array of pros that justify their wide acclaim:

Seamless Integration: A notable aspect of the AirTag is its smooth compatibility with the Apple ecosystem. Through the Find My app, you can effortlessly find lost items using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, offering remarkable convenience for Apple device owners.

Precision Tracking: Leveraging a combination of Bluetooth, ultra-wideband technology, and the vast network of Apple devices, the AirTag offers pinpoint accuracy in locating lost items. This ensures that even the smallest of belongings can be found with ease.

Customization Options: With a variety of accessories and customization options available, users can personalize their AirTag to suit their style and preferences. From sleek leather keychains to vibrant silicone loops, there's something for everyone.


On the flip side, the cons of AirTag are:

Apple Ecosystem Dependency: While the seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem is a boon for Apple users, it poses a limitation for those who don't use Apple devices. Android users, for instance, may find themselves unable to fully utilize the features of the AirTag.

Necessity of Accessories: While the AirTag itself is a compact and elegantly designed tracking device, it can’t be attached to your personal items without accessories such as keychains or loops. You need accessories such as keychains or straps to ensure successful attachment.

Privacy Concerns: Privacy concerns have been raised regarding AirTag’s potential for misuse. For example, AirTags are small, easy to hide, and constantly update their location if there are Apple devices nearby. This lends them the potential to be used as stalking tools in some cases.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Apple AirTag

From the normest Airtag for wallets to Apple Airtag for dogs, Apple AirTag is widely used in our lives. However, to reveal its true colors, a comprehensive Apple Airtags review is required. For now, we’ll evaluate this tracking device from the following three angles.

Design and Features

The design of Apple AirTags is of unbeatable class. They boast a sleek and minimalist design with a circular form factor. The result is that they can be freely attached to any item without adding unnecessary bulk. AirTags do not lack features either. Aside from their tracking ability, AirTags are equipped with replaceable batteries that last around a year and an IP67 water resistance rating. Not to mention the built-in speaker that plays loud sound to help you locate the lost item. In summary, AirTags are feature-rich gadgets blessed with an appealing design.

Performance and Tracking

Utilizing a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband technology, the AirTag offers precise tracking capabilities, promising to pinpoint the exact location of lost items with accuracy. Through the Find My app on iOS devices, users can easily locate their belongings on a map and trigger audible alerts to help guide them to their items. Furthermore, the AirTag leverages the vast network of Apple devices to enable offline tracking, ensuring that even items out of Bluetooth range can still be located using nearby Apple devices. Again, AirTags showcase their flex with ease.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Despite its impressive features, the Apple AirTag has raised valid concerns regarding privacy and security. To understand where this concern stems from, we have to realize that the tracking ability of AirTags is a double-edged sword: if it can help users retrieve lost items, it can also help users keep tabs on items that are not their own. In other words, they can be misused for stalking purposes. So the security risk associated with AirTag is not completely eliminated. This is why security concerns regarding Apple AirTag still linger and are brought up from time to time. Admittedly, in this respect, AirTags doesn’t seem to be doing very well.

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Are AirTags worth it and are they as good as they are cracked up to be? By the end of our review of Apple AirTag for wallets, dogs, and more, it seems that the answer is both yes and no - yes because AirTags are indeed feature-packed marvels with formidable tracking capabilities, and no because the security concerns are real and must not be overlooked. Moreover, let’s not forget that AirTags is for Apple users only - meaning Android users can only seek alternatives. Ultimately, whether AirTags are worth it depends on your individual conditions and risk tolerance levels.


How Does Apple AirTag Work?

Apple AirTag operates by utilizing a combination of Bluetooth, ultra-wideband technology, and the vast network of Apple devices. Once attached to an item, it continuously emits a Bluetooth signal, which is picked up by nearby Apple devices. When the item is misplaced, users can use the Find My app on their Apple device to locate it.

Are There Any Limitations to Using Apple AirTag?

While Apple AirTag offers advanced tracking capabilities, it does have limitations:

Apple Ecosystem Dependency: AirTag's seamless integration is primarily optimized for Apple devices, potentially limiting its functionality for users of non-Apple devices like Android smartphones.

Battery Life: The AirTag relies on a replaceable battery, which requires periodic replacement. While this extends its lifespan, it also adds ongoing maintenance costs.

Privacy Concerns: Despite Apple's emphasis on privacy, there are concerns regarding the potential misuse of AirTag for tracking individuals without their consent.

How Far Can an Apple AirTag Track?

The tracking range of Apple AirTags depends on factors like the Bluetooth capability of the connected iPhone (or iPad, Mac, etc.) and environmental conditions. In general conditions, this range is 10 to 30 meters.

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