4 Best Steam Mops for Tile Picked by Home Cleaning Experts

Many of you may have encountered some stains sticking to the corner of your tile flooring and you could not see them at once. When you finally notice the stains, it’s hard to clean them with a broom or normal mop. That’s what we’d talk about in the post: You need a steam mop that has stronger cleaning power to deal with stains. Now, just keep reading to learn the best steam mop for tile in the following, and there are four choices for you to select the suitable one.


 Best Overall Steam Mop for Tite

Price: $699.99

The best steam mop for tile we introduce to you is MACH V1 Ultra Steam Vacuum and Mop, ranking top for its all-in-one design for tile floor cleaning. Working as a common mop, vacuum, and steam mop, it boasts amazing cleaning power to handle both wet and dry messes and stains with heated steams. In addition, the MACH V1 Ultra Steam Vacuum and Mop can remove 99.9% of common germs and odors with eco-clean ozone, which creates a pleasant environment.

Apart from the reliable cleaning ability, this best tile floor steam cleaner is also easy to use, ensuring you an effortless tile cleaning task. It generates steam in just 30 seconds to avoid long waiting times, and the large water tank volume is up to 820 ml, so there's no need to add water from time to time. You'll also love its triple self-cleaning system, which means you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort washing the steam mop after cleaning, just preparing some clean water. All in all, MACH V1 Ultra Steam Vacuum and Mop is tested to be the best steam mop for tile floors worth trying.



  • Powerful cleaning ability that also removes germs and odors
  • Equipped with a self-cleaningsystem to ease your washing task
  • 820 ml water capacity to ensure a fluent tile cleaning
  • Both dry and wet tile floors supported


  • A bit expensive compared to other steam mops

Best Value Steam Mop for Tile

Price: $59.99

The second one we’d show you is Shark S3501, one of the best cleaning mops for tile floors and also the most affordable. For only $59.99, you will have a steam mop to help you clean everyday grime and grease with water steam without any chemical additive that may harm your health. The Shark S3501 features 2 machine-washable microfiber pads that can lift and lock in dirt to clean the floor at once. Besides, not only tile floors, it also cleans other sealed hard floors well.

Pitifully, this steam mop only has 450 ml of water tank volume which may not be enough to clean all the floors in your house. In addition, while it's safe to use only water steam without chemical additives, it also means that some stubborn stains won’t be removed as smoothly as they will be with the MACH V1 Ultra Steam Vacuum and Mop reviewed above.



  • Fair price with good tile floor cleaning
  • Totally harmless with no chemicals
  • Supports tile floors and sealed hard floor cleaning


  • Relatively low water capacity
  • Hard to deal with some stubborn stains

Best Lightweight Steam Mop for Tile

Price: $59.99

Another best mop for cleaning floor tiles here is Shark S1000 Steam Mop, which is much similar to Shark S3501 in the second part. The highlight is that it only weighs no more than 5 lbs, and you can easily carry it and mop the tile floor without effort. Another considerate design is that the water tank is removable, so if you run out of water but haven't finished mopping, just take the water tank away to refill it, but don’t have to move the entire steam mop.

Since it is similar to the Shark S3501, the Shark S1000 Steam Mop supports only water steam to clean the stains on the tile floor, and it may not be able to deal with stubborn ones. It also offers fewer attachments compared to other steam mops.



  • Lightweight for easy carrying and cleaning
  • Removable water tank to easily fill the water


  • Fewer attachments that may not be cost-effective

Best Steam Mop for Tile with Multiple Attachments

Price: $127.99

As the last recommendation on our list, Black+Decker 7-in-1 Steam Mop is also one of the best steam cleaners for tile floors. It features a SmartSelect control system to handle different cleaning tasks for tile flooring, and it even offers other cleaning accessories including a pair of steam gloves to clean vertical surfaces. It supports not only tile floors, but also cleans sealed hardwood floors and surfaces like glass, stainless steel, etc.



  • Multiple attachments for various cleaning modes
  • Steam gloves to clean vertical surfaces easily


  • May fail to remove some stubborn stains with no chemicals
  • A bit expensive compared to similar steam mops

How We Picked These Best Steam Mops for Tile?

Looking through these four steam mops, you may still be a bit confused about how to pick the suitable one. After all, they boast different features that work in different situations. So here, we will give you some tips to select the best steam mop.

  1. Powerful Cleaning Ability

The most important item is that the steam mop can remove stains on your tile floor well. So, if the steam mop can generate steams at higher temperature and even has chemicals that help clean more stains, it’s absolutely a bonus.

  1. Generate Steams Fast

The steam mop that can generate steam in a flash will save you much time in tile floor cleaning.

  1. Large Water Capacity

A larger water capacity means longer cleaning sessions without frequent refills. Opt for a steam mop with a substantial water tank to cover larger areas before needing to replenish the water supply.

  1. Cordless Steam Mop

To ensure a smooth tile floor cleaning task, a cordless steam mop will be a good choice, because you don’t have to worry about the cord isn’t long enough and you can’t reach some areas.


Above all, to keep your tile floor shining, a reliable steam mop will help you a lot. After reading the passage, we believe that you have had your choice of the best steam mop for tile now. Whatever you decide, these mops will make sure your floors are looking their best with minimal effort from you.

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