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Clear night vision and dual-cam tech in eufy doorbells ensure visitor and package safety.

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  • Secure Your Home with eufy Video Doorbell - No Monthly Fee

    Welcome to Eufy, where we understand your concerns about home security. In today's world, finding the perfect video doorbell is essential for peace of mind. Whether it's to keep an eye on deliveries, deter potential intruders, or simply ensure the safety of loved ones.

    At Eufy, we redefine home security with smart doorbells designed to meet your needs. Say goodbye to the stress of monthly subscription fees and hello to a world where your home security is in your hands. Imagine effortlessly checking who's at your door from anywhere, knowing your footage is securely stored on your own network.

    Introducing our lineup of doorbell cameras designed to fit your lifestyle. The wireless Video Doorbell S220 isn't just a camera — it's your guardian. Experience the clarity of 2K HD resolution and the reassurance of on-device AI detection, minimizing false alerts and maximizing security.

    For those seeking comprehensive protection, our Video Doorbell E340 is the ultimate choice. With dual 2K Full HD cameras and Color Night Vision, your home remains visible day and night. Rest easy knowing your packages are safe with Delivery Guard™ and your front door is monitored with precision.

    Explore our video doorbells and make your home smarter and safer with Eufy today.

  • FAQs about Doorbell Camera

    Does a video doorbell need wifi?

    Yes, most video doorbells need a Wi-Fi connection to work. For example, Eufy doorbell cameras connect to your home's Wi-Fi to function properly. They use this connection to send video and audio to your phone or other devices. This way, you can see and talk to visitors at your door from anywhere.

    Do doorbell cameras have a monthly fee?

    It depends. Most Eufy security doorbells don't have a monthly fee. You buy them once and use them without extra costs. Plus, your videos are stored on the device, so you don't need to pay for Cloud Backup and enjoy extra layers of privacy.

    How do I choose a good doorbell security camera?

    Choosing a good doorbell camera involves a few steps:
    Look for clear, high-definition video. Eufy offers cameras with 2K Full HD resolution.
    Advanced features like dual cam, motion detection, and family recognition can make your doorbell more useful.
    Opt for local storage to keep your videos secure at home, and consider features like package protection.
    If you use Google Assistant, find a doorbell that works with it.
    Decide if you need a wireless or wired doorbell camera.
    Keep your budget in mind and choose a camera that offers great value. The eufy Video Doorbell S220 is a good choice.
    By keeping these tips in mind, you can pick a doorbell camera that's just right for your security, convenience, and budget needs. Eufy has a variety of video doorbells designed to fit what you're looking for. Check them out now!

    What are the best camera doorbells?

    eufy Video Doorbell is one of the best camera doorbells due to its impressive combination of ease of use, excellent image quality, and local video clip storage. It offers 2K resolution for clear and detailed images, a wide 160-degree field of view, and does not require a subscription for storage, making it a standout choice for homeowners looking for reliable, high-quality home security without ongoing costs.

    Are video doorbells worth the money?

    A video doorbell helps keep an eye on your house. It can monitor cars on your drive, welcome friends, and help with deliveries. It also stops thieves from taking packages and makes your neighborhood safer. So, buying a video doorbell is a smart choice for both safety and convenience.