eufy WiFi Doorbell Cameras

Elevate your home's safety with eufy's WiFi Doorbell Cameras, featuring real-time monitoring, crystal-clear views, and no monthly fees for peace of mind.
  • Enhance Home Security with eufy Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras

    WiFi doorbell cameras provide real-time video monitoring and notifications for enhanced home security. They enable remote viewing and communication through smartphones, offering convenience and peace of mind. eufy security's range of WiFi doorbell cameras, like the C210, S220, and S330, offer crystal-clear HD or 2K resolution, ensuring precise detail capture with advanced WDR and a 4:3 aspect ratio for accurate images. They feature long-lasting power and local storage, avoiding monthly fees, with the C210 and S220 lasting up to 120 days on a single charge. Motion detection, smart human detection, and activity zones ensure prompt alerts. Sleek designs and hassle-free setup make them ideal, with some models compatible with Homebase 3 for better connectivity and storage. For top-notch security without hidden costs, eufy's WiFi doorbell cameras are the ultimate choice.

  • FAQ

    Do all video doorbell cameras use wifi?

    No, not all video doorbell cameras require Wi-Fi. While many cameras do offer Wi-Fi connectivity, there are alternative options available. Users can choose to use a mobile hotspot or opt for a wired connection, which can also provide reliability for all-around home security.

    How to connect the doorbell camera to WiFi?

    To connect a doorbell camera to Wi-Fi, follow these steps:
    1. Download the app: Install the accompanying app for your wifi door bell with a camera on your smartphone or tablet, and sign up for an account.
    2. Find the Wi-Fi Option: In the app, find the option to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.
    3. Scan the QR code: Use the app to scan the specific QR code on your camera or follow the on-screen instructions to enter your information and complete the setup process.
    4. Test the connection: Ensure the camera is connected to Wi-Fi by checking the live feed on the app.

    How do Wi-Fi doorbell cameras work?

    WiFi doorbell cameras work by connecting to your home's Wi-Fi network, allowing them to transmit video and audio data to your smartphone or other devices. When someone approaches your front door, the camera's motion sensors detect the movement and start recording. Then, the camera sends a notification to your device via the accompanying app, allowing you to see and hear the live video stream, and even communicate with the person.