Business Standard Bundle


Perfect for when you want to protect your business space but don't want to break the bank. This bundle respects your budget while bringing you a full suite of safety and surveillance devices.

  • eufyCam E330 (Professional) 2-Cam Kit ×1: Capture every moment with 24/7 recording and see every detail with 4K clarity, making it easier to identify faces and specific details. The ultra-sensitive sensor and color night vision lets you see clear details even in low light conditions, ensuring your business is protected at all times.
    Enjoy the convenience of plug-in power and enjoy uninterrupted 24/7 recording. No power worries, just seamless security at your fingertips.
  • Indoor Cam E220 ×1: AI tracking with 360° pan and tilt records every event, from every angle. 2K resolution ensures you see exactly what is happening.
  • Video Doorbell E340 ×1: Dual cameras with delivery guard, 2K FHD viewing and color night vision. The quick-release battery pack helps avoid downtime due to charging. You can also wire it to your doorbell system for constant power.
  • Wired Wall Light Cam S100 ×1: 2K HD camera, 1,200 lumens of light output, and AI smart features give you comprehensive home security. Motion detection, two-way audio, and voice control provide real-time alerts and communication.
  • Entry Sensors ×1: 2-year battery life door or window sensor. Simple installation and setup, plus a built-in 100-decibel siren. The compact design easily fits onto any door or window frame.
  • Motions Sensors ×1: Large coverage motion sensor with 2-year battery life. Detects motion within a 100° radius and at up to 30 feet away. Notifies you when motion is detected and sends a message to your phone via the eufy Security app.

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      Business Standard Bundle
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      Business Premium Bundle
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      Outdoor Area Business Bundle
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      Entryway Business Bundle
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      Indoor Business Bundle
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    Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
    Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
    Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
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    No Blind Spots, Anytime, Anywhere

    eufyCam E330 (Professional)

    No Blind Spots, Anytime, Anywhere

    eufyCam E330 (Professional)

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    eufy Wired Wall Light Cam
    All-in-One Wall Light and Camera

    Day-and-night protection with eufy Wired Wall Light Cam. Monitor your home anytime and illuminate your spaces at night.

    Control via eufy Security App

    Control eufy Wired Wall Light Cam via the app. Turn lights on or off, get notifications, use 2-way audio, and more, from anywhere.

    Alexa and the Google Assistant

    Compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant for hands-free lighting and monitoring.

    Customizable Detection Zones

    Set up to 2 activity zones to cover the most vital areas of your home. And only receive the alerts which matter.

    IP65 Weather Resistance

    eufy Wired Wall Light Cam S100 works even in rain, snow, and fog with IP65 weather resistance.