eufy Handheld Vacuum Mops

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  • Double up the Cleanliness With eufy Vacuum Mops

    A vacuum mop is a hybrid cleaning device that combines the functions of a handheld vacuum cleaner and a mop. It is designed to effectively remove dust, debris, and spills from floors by using suction power to capture dirt while simultaneously mopping the surface. This vacuum and mop in one design streamlines the cleaning process to a great extent.
    Specializing in cleaning products for homes, eufy is leading the cleaning industry again with a range of highly regarded mop vacuum combos. With an impressive suction power of up to 120AW, these vacuum mops effortlessly tackle dust, debris, pet hair, and any other mess. Moreover, with the inclusion of numerous cleaning tools and modules like crevice tools, hard floor tools, pipe tools, extension hoses, etc, you are ensured that every surface and spot, even hard-to-reach spaces, is cleaned with utmost efficiency. But our feature-packed mop vacuum cleaners are excellent in far more ways. With an ultra-lightweight design of less than 2 lbs, our cordless vacuum mops are the model of maneuverability and eliminate any physical strains associated with cleaning. Furthermore, our 2500mAh batteries and the TriPower System boost the energy efficiency of the battery by 40% more, resulting in 20 min or longer runtime for our smart mop and vacuum cleaners. In short, eufy’s vacuum mops are the ultimate cleaning solution that offers an unparalleled cleaning experience. Embrace spotlessness with eufy’s best mop vacuums today!

  • FAQ

    Are vacuum mop combos worth it?

    Yes, vacuum mop combos are definitely worth it. Vacuum mops are the literal game-changer for domestic cleaning tasks. Here are some of their advantages:
    Outstanding cleaning effect: Floor mop and vacuum combos provide a remarkable cleaning effect by seamlessly combining the functions of vacuuming and mopping, leaving your floors as well as other surfaces impeccably clean.
    Time-saving: With a vacuum cleaner with mop, you can say goodbye to the traditional process of first vacuuming and then mopping, allowing you to accomplish both tasks in a single sweep.
    Cost-efficiency: By eliminating the need for two separate devices, you not only save money but also reduce the maintenance costs associated with maintaining multiple appliances.
    Suitable for most floor types: From carpet to hardwood floors, eufy 2-in-1 vacuum and mop work on most of the floor, even the hard surfaces.

    Is a traditional mop better than a vacuum mop?

    Not exactly. Traditional mops may have some advantages in the short term, such as lower prices, but vacuum mops are always the winner in the long run. This is because vacuum mops are designed to excel in cleaning: they have huge suction power and various attachments for different surfaces that enable them to tackle any mess in any area. Moreover, the two-in-one design also saves you a significant amount of cleaning time.

    What is the best mop and vacuum?

    eufy’s line of smart vacuums and mops like the HomeVac S11 Go and HomeVac H30 Mate could be the best vacuums that mop at the same time. Our mopping vacuums boast impressive suction power of as high as 120AW, extensive attachments for assorted surfaces and areas, and lightweight designs, making cleaning easy and efficient.