Smart Night Lights

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  • Discover the Convenience of Eufy Smart Night Lights

    Smart night lights are invaluable in real life for providing gentle, automatic lighting in your home. They are perfect for nighttime navigation without being too harsh or disturbing sleep, offering a balance of comfort and functionality. These lights are particularly helpful in hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms, ensuring safety and comfort during the night, especially for children and the elderly.

    Eufy offers two innovative types of smart night lights: plug-in and stick-on models. The plug-in night light adjusts its brightness automatically based on the surrounding light, making it incredibly energy-efficient—it costs only 30 cents per year to operate. The popular stick-on night light can be placed anywhere it's needed and features motion detection to conserve energy and enhance convenience. It runs on batteries that last up to a year, ensuring reliable, long-term illumination wherever you choose to place it.

    Both types of Eufy smart night lights are designed with eye-friendly lighting, making them ideal for use throughout your home. Explore Eufy's smart night lights to find the perfect option for enhancing nighttime safety and comfort in your home.

  • FAQ

    What are smart night lights used for?

    Smart night time lights, one kind of the most common and popular smart home security appliances, serve as an intelligent lighting solution designed to enhance safety and convenience during nighttime hours. They are mainly used for:
    1. Illumination: The smart home lighting automatically illuminates when motion is detected or when the ambient light levels are low, helping individuals navigate in the dark.
    2. Aesthetics: Bathroom night lights, hallway night lights, night lights for bedrooms, and more outdoor and indoor night lights are also commonly used to add a touch of aesthetic appeal to the environment.
    3. Customization & Energy-efficiency: With features like adjustable brightness, color-changing options, and scheduling capabilities, automatic night lighting offers a customizable and energy-efficient way to create a comfortable and secure nighttime environment.

    Can you put a night light in the bathroom?

    Yes, using a battery operated night light in the bathroom is a practical and beneficial choice that can avoid any disruption to sleep patterns and help prevent accidents by providing gentle illumination during nighttime visits, reducing the risk of trips or falls.

    Additionally, many modern electric night lights offer motion-sensing capabilities, automatically activating when someone enters the bathroom and turning off when they leave, further enhancing convenience and energy efficiency. So whether it's for kids, guests, or yourself, a well-placed LED night light plug in can make navigating the bathroom safer and more comfortable, especially in the dark.